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21/02/2014 Zak  Griffin   30’    

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Waves Coffee  House        

(Peaceful  music  playing  in  the  background…  or  whatever)   Announcer:   Listen,  I  get  it:  Coffee  is  important.  A  bad  cup  of  coffee  can  ruin  a  good  day  and  a  good  cup  can  be  that  one  thing  that   gets  you  through  the  day.  At  Waves,  we  want  every  coffee  we  serve  to  be  the  “Perfect  Cup.”  This  is  our  goal  and  we  seek   it  each  and  every  time  we  make  a  cup  of  coffee.  The  beans  we  use  are  100%  Specialty  Grade  Arabica  beans.  This  is  just   one  way  we  ensure  our  coffee  is  consistent,  smooth  and  delicious.  I’ll  spare  you  the  details,  but  trust  me,  the  making  of   each  cup  is  a  process  that  can  take  up  to  several  months.  But  when  you’re  pursuing  the  “Perfect  Cup,”  there  can  be  no   shortcuts!      


Evolution 1079  Creative

Waves Coffee House ad  

Another ad that I wrote at BCIT for Waves Coffee House

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