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‫االسم‪ /‬زكريا الحسن هيج‬ ‫‪1014564‬‬ ‫الواجب الثالث‬ ‫اشراف‬ ‫د‪/‬فاروق مفتي‬ ‫م ‪ /‬ا ح م د ف ال ت ه‬

Norman Foster Norman Robert Foster, Baron Foster , (born 1 June 1935) is a British architect whose company maintains an international design practice, Foster + Partners. Foster was raised in Manchester in a working-class family and was intrigued by design and engineering from a young age. His years observing Mancunian architecture subsequently influenced his works, and was inspired to pursue a career in architecture after a treasurer clerk noticed his sketches and interest in Manchester's buildings while he worked at Manchester Town Hall.[1] Foster gained an internship at a local architect's office before submitting a portfolio and winning a place at the University of Manchester School of Architecture. He subsequently won a scholarship to study at the Yale School of Architecture in the United States of America. Foster returned to the United Kingdom in 1963 and set up a practice, Team 4 which became Foster + Partners. His breakthrough building was arguably the Willis Building in Ipswich in 1975 and he has since designed landmark structures such as Wembley Stadium and 30 St Mary Axe. He is one of Britain's most prolific architects of his generation.[2] In 1999 he was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, often referred to as the Nobel Prize of architecture.[3] In 2009 Foster was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award in the Arts category. In 1994 he received the AIA Gold Medal.

geodesic dome A geodesic dome is a spherical or partial-spherical shell structure or ď‚— lattice shell based on a network of great circles (geodesics) on the surface of a sphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements that have local ď‚— triangular rigidity and also distribute the stress across the structure. When completed to form a complete sphere, it is a geodesic sphere. A dome is enclosed, unlike open geodesic structures such as playground climbers

Getty Center

: ‫• مكونات المشروع‬

1 - The Auditorium. 2 - The North Building : The Getty Information Institute. The J. Paul Getty Trust. 3 - The East Building : The Getty Conservation Institute. The Getty Education Institute for the Arts. 4 - The J. Paul Getty Museum. 5 - The Getty Research Institute for the History of Art. 6 - Restaurant.

‫• بعض دراسات‬ . ‫ وتحليالت المشروع‬






External spaces

‫‪ ‬الموقع العام للمشروع ‪.‬‬


‫رسم ثالثي األبعاد يبين أجزاء للمشروع ‪.‬‬

‫• مساقط أفقية للمشروع‬

Entrance level

Upper level


‫صور مختلفة للمشروع توضح التداخل بين المشروع والبيئة المحيطة ‪.‬‬



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