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Inglish A challenge to build Rural India

DESIGN copyright Š by ZAINAB RUPAWALLA I greatly appreciate all the encouragement and the support given to me by my family, professors and friends to help me accomplish and complete my project. PUBLISHED IN 2010 BY Z PRESS ZAINAB RUPAWALLA 925 330 6890 3602 Springer court, Walnut creek, CA 94598 TYPEFACE: Meta and Eames

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Inglish A challenge to build Rural India ZAINAB RUPAWALLA








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Three Habits For A Successful


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India has a huge population of 1.2 billion people, of which 74% reside in underdeveloped regions. They face daily challenges of health and poor eduction. On the other hand English which dominates the business world today only benefits those living in the city. Most people in the villages do not gain access to new found opportunities with the country due to the lack of English education. Higher English education and access to information leads to opportunities which means a chance for a stable future for many people in Rural India.

In the rural regions people understand the value of English Education but the limited skilled educators and resources is a huge on going challenge.

For my thesis I will create a program that will seek volunteers from cities and different countries who are very well educated and can teach teenagers and young adults from the underdeveloped regions. A fund raiser to get resources like text books and other materials for the program.

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“Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource” —John F. Kennedy

(1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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11 India has an estimated population of 1.2 billion people, of which 74% reside in the rural regions. The schools in these areas have a low level of English education as compared to the major cities. This creates vast differences in income between the urban and rural regions and is a major impediment to the progress of the nation. Improving the standard of living can be achieved through the development of English education within villages. Equipping the work force with English language skills is the key to the progress of the Nation.

debate by various economists. At the national and state level, income disparities between the rural and the urban sectors have increased due to the lack of education in English language. In the past, many rural areas attracted industries that required a reliable source of low-wage workers. However today, a low-educated labor force poses a challenge for many of the rural areas that are seeking greater economic development. Many rural jobs held by workers with limited English education are being lost to rapid improvements in production technology or


changing consumer demand. In today’s fast moving

After independence in 1947, India’s economic policy went through many changes. Today the focus of economic policy is marketed towards privatization and globalization. This new policy has an excessive dependence on market force which leads to the increase in regional, rural-urban income and consumption differences. Nearly 63 years later, this issue is still under

economy, regardless of where they live and work, an unprecedented level of English equipped workers will be needed to compete in the global market which is dominated by English language.


04. OGST Breakdown OBJECTIVE To Build Rural India through English Education

GOAL Setting up English teaching programs

STRATEGY Borrowing form existing English teaching sources

Getting English Major students to Volunteer

ESL support groups Rosetta Stone British Council

Paring with a Non Profit Organization Teach for India Pratham

TACTICS Course book Online training sites < Interactive learning < Collecting used books from schools

Public Campaign Lectures in universities ( Extra Credits )

Rebranding Website < Event Promotional < Catalogs < Annual Report







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Village Development

Technology Development

School environment

Raising funds

and roads

Campaign Direct mailer to company directors < Catalogs with village stories < <

Government directed campaign < Community Projects (workshops) Instruction manuals, guides, catalogs <

Bilingual computer usage guide books. < Free internet Cafe < Availability of information to woman ( bilingual books on the laws and rights ) <





Books Stories and interviews from Rural and urban schools

CAMPAIGN To Seek Volunteers From Cities / Out Of Country

Interactive camps Setting up a small tent outside colleges


Website and Blog Campaign to collect course books and materials. Outdoor Transit Ads Kiosk


Stationary Ads

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Redesign the brand Festival Website Advertisement

Event Promotion Catalog and schedule


Redesigning course books

06. Timeline

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Three Habits



I believe in giving back what I have learnt to the society in some form or the other. Doing work for an NGO would give me that opportunity. It would interact with people from every walk of life and learn from their experience and create a personal connection which would be reflected in the designs. This work would reflect my social values.

To make something that grabs peoples attention and conveys your intent is a powerful tool in spreading your message across a wide audience. Art has many forms and faces and it has the power to create reaction and promote an action.

WORK WITH EMERGING TECHNOLOGY Using and adopting the current technology and how it works helps you use it as a tool to improve design and how it would reach people, rather than focusing on making the technology work. Adapting to the new technology would help create momentum for the designs and ideas to reach people and place, which otherwise seem difficult.



Possible future

20 WORKING FOR A DESIGN STUDIO Having acquired the skills from this program and worked on my thesis for year. I wish to work for a design studio that is not related to my thesis topic at all, but has given me the skills sets necessary to take on any challenge in my field. I wish to focus on Information design in particular and would like to build on that before I finish school so that I could work more on organizing and arranging information in a more compelling way.

SETTING AN ORGANIZATION OR WORK FOR ONE I am very interested in explore how design can bring about social change. My thesis topic also reflect the same and I wish to take in a direction that encourages me to combine design as a tool of education. I am inspired by Emily Pilloton of Project H and her rural Bertie County community transformation project. In the near future I could see myself working for an organization.

WORKING ON PUBLIC ART TO BRING AWARENESS I like to work with things that are more tactile and interactive. Things that keep me involved physically in its constructing it. I can see myself working with an artist who creates art and murals to generate public reaction or awareness.


09. Content Outline

BOOKS Content: Self, Anisa (English Teacher) and Non profit Organizations Photography: Self, Flickr ( With permission of owner), Alpa (Photographer) Info graphics: Self, Maharashtra State Government. Illustration: Self or collaborate with an illustrater.

WEB Content: Self, Anisa (English Teacher) and Non profit Organizations Photography: Self, Flickr ( With permission of owner), Alpa (Photographer) Coding: Work with a Web designer. Illustration: Self or collaborate with an illustrater.

OUT DOOR/ ADS Content: Self Photography: Self, Flickr ( With permission of owner) Illustration: Self or collaborate with an illustrater.

10. Resource PEOPLE I NEED TO TALK TO. ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA. Teach for India Reach-India. Smile Foundation Give India Aajivika

Amurae - Academy for Mobilising Urban Rural Action through Education

Asha Handicrafts Association

Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay Aarav Charitable Trust

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team

ARTICLES 10 Ways to Support English Language Learning With The New York Times Emily Pilloton: Teaching Design for change. Giving slums a human face. Times of India NDTV India Together

BOOKS Maharashtra Development Report By India. Planning Commission, Planning Commission Government of India

Rural Development and Poverty Eradication in India by N. Mukundan

Right to Information (RTI) and Rural Development in India by Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra

Role Of Elites And Citizens In Rural Development Of India by Sharada Rath, S.C. Jena, R.K. Sahoo

Rapid Rural Transformation Through Voluntary Action by Syed Noman Ahmad

Concept And Strategy Of Rural Industrial Development by Ajmer Singh Malik

Education For Sustainable Livelihoods In Rural Area by Yerroju Bhaskaracharyulu

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BOOKS ON THE ECONOMIC STRUCTURE IN INDIA Unleashing India: Powering The Nation by M. Veerappa Moily

Regional Economic Disparities in India by V. Nachimuthu

BOOKS ON EDUCATION India`S Struggle To Universalize Elementary Education by S.P. Ruhela

Education Planning And National Development :Some Crucial Aspects by M.R. Kolhatka

Education In Emerging Indian Society by Dr. Madhumita Sharma

Energy, Environment, Ecology and Society (RGPV-2010) by Raman Sivakumar,

VIDEO Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education on TED Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums on TED Sheryl WuDunn: Our centuryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s greatest injustice TED Stefan Wolff: The path to ending ethnic conflicts TED Subodh Gupta sculpture artist. Seed and Earth, a 36-minute award-winning documentary by Lina Fruzzetti and Akos Ostor, chronicles everyday life in the village of Janta in West Bengal, India Cycling to success, Bihar girl inspires documentary

11. Biography

I am a little designer from my home town Mumbai. After completing high school I was unsure in which direction to head. With amalgamation of different life ideas and career options, I finally decided to drop all and pick the Art field. This decision came easily to me but was a complex one, because being the elder child in the family it was expected off me to run my father’s business but his field was completely alien to me. Soon my father dropped all hopes after seeing my bad appetite for math. But he encouraged me to push forward towards my liking. With a strong determination I went on to pursue my interest by getting a degree in Applied Arts with a specialization in 3D graphics. Design was the only aspect I enjoyed the most. The urge to know more and study in a different place got me here at the Academy, where I have grown as a designer and a person.

EDUCATION Candidate MFA in Graphic Design Academy of Art University, San Francisco, U.S. Fall 2008–present. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Art Rachana Sansad College of Fine Arts and Crafts, Mumbai, India June 2004–March 2008.

EXPERIENCE Readers Digest Magazine Graphic Designer and Illustrator, May 2006

SKILLS Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Max, Maya and Microsoft Office.

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Inglish to build rural India  
Inglish to build rural India  

Developing and builing English education in Rural India to increase opportunities and provide a better life.