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Showing how to Ponder upon The Verses of The Quran Zaid Ghazzawi Website:

Allah (God) Almighty states in the Noble Qur’an (55: 14): Allah (God) has created humans from clay like that of pottery

If a person ponders upon this Qur’anic verse, he or she would conclude the following:

Bone is the framework that carries the weight of various body tissue, and Allah (God) states that He has created this framework from a ceramic material

Thus Allah (God) teaches us that the optimal material for the construction of a framework that carries loads is a ceramic material. Such that a ceramic material has so many advantageous characteristics such as light weight to minimize self loading and high stiffness to reduce displacements upon loading which is a main requirement in load bearing structures

Figure 1: The framework which bears the weight of various body tissue.

Figure 2: The perfect match between the response of a ceramic material and that of bone

Thus we notice how Allah (God) teaches a believer all branches of knowledge from the Noble Qur’an, such that a believer should teach others that the best material for the construction of a framework is a ceramic material and a believer should not be the one on the receiving end

How to ponder upon The Verses of The Quran?

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