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The A320neo incorporates new more efficient engines and large wing tip devices called, "Sharklets" which together deliver up to 15 percent in fuel savings. This represents some 3,600 tonnes less CO2 per aircraft, per year. In addition, the A320neo provides a double-digit reduction in NOx emissions and reduced engine noise.

Strong endorsement for the industry‟s benchmark eco-efficient single-aisle aircraft The world‟s premier aircraft leasing company, ILFC, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for 100 A320neo Family aircraft, comprising 75 A320neo and 25 A321neo types. ILFC becomes the first customer for the A321neo, the largest member of the A320neo Family. In a separate agreement, Pratt & Whitney has been selected by ILFC to power at least 60 A320neo Family aircraft.

In parallel with this order for the A320neo, ILFC will terminate its purchase agreement for ten A380s. “With 104 wide bodies on order and fewer than a dozen single aisles it makes perfect sense to rebalance our order book and position ILFC strategically on the fuel-efficient neo ,” said Henri Courpron, ILFC Chief Executive Officer.

“We are delighted to welcome ILFC as the first lessor to order the A320neo,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “As an evolution of the highly successful A320, offering the latest in fuel saving technologies.


The A320neo is a natural choice for ILFC. Indeed the A320 Family will continue to be a great asset for both lessors and airlines for the decades to come.”

The A320 Family (A318, A319, A320 and A321) is recognised as the benchmark single-aisle aircraft family. Almost 7,000 Airbus A320 Family aircraft have been ordered and over 4,500 delivered to more than 320 customers and operators worldwide. The A320neo will have over 95 percent airframe commonality with the existing models making it an easy fit into existing fleets while offering up to 500 nautical miles (950 kilometres) more range or two tonnes more payload. Engines offered on the A320neo are CFM International‟s LEAP-X and Pratt & Whitney‟s PurePower PW1100G.

“The A380 is a long term programme. Over the next twenty years we see a market of over 1,300 passenger aircraft in the very large aircraft segment. The A380 continues to win new customers and many are coming back with repeat orders.” Mr. Leahy added. “This year we‟ve already won two new A380 customers and there are more queuing up.”



Project aims to commercialise bio-fuel made from Camelina an airline to spearhead the commercialisation of sustainable bio-fuel production,” said Paul Nash, Airbus Head of New Energies. The Romanian Camelina Value Chain will help us further verify the sustainability and economic viability of producing bio-kerosene.”

Airbus and TAROM Romanian Air Transport together with a consortium of key stakeholders have established one of Europe‟s first project aiming to establish a sustainable bio-kerosene jetfuel processing and production capability. The Romanian based project aims to provide a bio-fuel made from the camelina plant, as a renewable, sustainable substitute to fossil based jet fuel. The project is being overseen by a Romanian based Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and Airbus is acting as the catalyst in getting the Romanian value chain for a local bio-jet fuel solution up and running.

Airbus will support the fuel approval processes, and lead in assessing the effect on the aircraft systems and engines. The consortium will work together with the Bucharest University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine‟s Centre of Biotechnology (BIOTEHGEN) on the sustainable agricultural phase of the project regarding the camelina plantations, harvesting and oil production.

Once feasibility studies on agricultural, technological and aeronautical development and sustainability assessment are complete, the project will also assess the existing refining facilities in order to identify the Romanian production capability. Camelina is the chosen feedstock because of its energy potential, its rotational crop qualities, its green house gas reduction potential and its low water requirements. Camelina is also indigenous to Romania, and can be readily farmed and harvested by family farmers. It has a high quality animal feed by-product.

TAROM is leading the consortium which includes Honeywell‟s UOP, CCE (Camelina Company España), and Airbus. Honeywell‟s UOP is applying its aviation bio-fuel refining technology, CCE is contributing its knowledge on camelina agronomy, including technologies on camelina growth, agricultural monitoring networks and plant science. Airbus is providing technical and project management expertise and is sponsoring the sustainability assessment and life cycle analysis studies.

“This is the first European based value chain project bringing together farmers, oil-refiners and


blended up to 50 percent with regular jet fuel when used in commercial flights.

1. The project will use diverse biomass sources as feedstock, with a special interest in the camelina plant. CCE and BIOTEHGEN are implementing various „camelina placement trials‟ at different locations in Romania, with the purpose of assessing sustainability of different production models and soil types, including contaminated soil and uncultivated land, in order to identify the best techniques and genetic material.

Read more on Airbus‟ extensive efforts in applying alternative fuels to the air transport industry. Learn how alternative fuels play a key role in Airbus‟ eco-efficient initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of air transport.

2. A sustainability analysis will be conducted in order to prove the viability of the Romanian camelina value chain. 3. Airbus supports all industry wide efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Bio-kerosene is in the final stage of approval by ASTM in the US to be



BP announced today the intention of selling its interests in a number of operated oil and gas fields in the UK. The assets involved are the Wytch Farm onshore oilfield in Dorset and all of BP‟s operated gas fields in the Southern North Sea, including associated pipeline infrastructure and the Dimlington terminal.

BP and we are currently investing here at the highest level for more than ten years, with four major new field development projects underway in the UK and two in Norway. The assets we intend to divest are of high value but find it difficult to compete for capital and resource within our North Sea portfolio. We believe they will attract earlier investment and be of greater value to a new buyer.

BP anticipates that the staff currently working on these assets will transfer employment to the new buyer when the divestments are completed.

“Ensuring continued safe operation of these assets will continue to be our priority as we seek potential purchasers and support our staff through the transition process which will follow.”

These divestments will allow BP to focus resources and investment on its diverse central North Sea, northern North Sea, West of Shetland and Norway assets and on successful delivery of its new major projects. Trevor Garlick, Regional President, BP North Sea said: “The North Sea is a significant business for

BP aims to complete the divestments around the end of 2011, subject to receipt of suitable offers and regulatory and third party approvals.


BP worked with nationally-recognized wildlife groups to develop specific rescue and rehabilitation programmes for nesting turtles, migratory shore birds and other species

Rehabilitation efforts Throughout the response, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation teams worked closely with oil removal and operations teams to prevent and minimize oil reaching sensitive wildlife areas. The teams also worked to take precautions to minimize the impact of oil-removal operations in sensitive wildlife areas.

Experts from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Park Service, as well as state agencies, helped BP to identify the most sensitive wildlife habitats and prioritize appropriate spill countermeasures. These measures included booming wildlife refuges, state wildlife management areas and rookeries along the coast, as well as using methods to deter wildlife from entering oiled areas.

Once captured and transported to rehabilitation centers, injured wildlife were individually tagged and recorded, medically evaluated and assessed by trained wildlife specialists, given appropriate medication, water and food and then cleaned following certified guidelines for each species. Each animal was carefully monitored during the rehabilitation programme. BP worked with a number of wildlife agencies to determine appropriate locations for returning and releasing rehabilitated wildlife along the Gulf Coast.

Within days of the accident, BP established a hotline for the public to be able to report sightings of impacted wildlife. The wildlife reconnaissance and recovery teamâ€&#x;s goal was to respond as quickly as possible to reach and capture injured animals and take them to the nearest rehabilitation centre.




Addressing more than 1,100 channel partners at the HP Americas Partner Conference (APC), HP President and Chief Executive Officer Léo Apotheker expanded on the company‟s recently announced strategic vision for connectivity and how cloud computing and mobility will translate into new opportunities for the channel.

HP Defines Go-to-market Strategy for Connected World at Americas Partners Conference. HP CEO Léo Apotheker: Channel can capitalize on tremendous market opportunity. HP today outlined its channel strategy for the connected world to help partners increase profitability in high-growth markets such as cloud computing and commercial mobility.

As the convergence of cloud and connectivity continues to redefine the technology landscape, HP and our channel partners are well-positioned to capitalize on this tremendous market opportunity,” said Apotheker, who addressed partners in a keynote presentation today. “We will continue to arm our partners with complete, end-to-end solutions to meet customer demand today and tomorrow.” Apotheker also highlighted the importance of HP channel partners‟ involvement in the development and execution of HP‟s go-to-market strategy, as well as his personal commitment to working alongside partners to penetrate new markets and deliver solutions that optimize customers‟ business models and transform their infrastructure.


As part of the company‟s focus on mobility, HP announced new benefits and rewards for partners selling webOS solutions, enabling partners to drive growth in the $26.4 billion Americas commercial mobility market.(1) Throughout the conference, partners will hear about HP‟s connected offerings for the channel and how they can leverage these solutions – from the data center to the network edge – to grow their businesses. HP also will outline channel partner cloud programs as well as showcase a cloud experience demonstration featuring products and services from across its portfolio .

Beginning this summer, partners will be able to sell webOS solutions and tap into new HP PartnerONE program benefits. New webOS PartnerONE benefits include market development funds, volume programs, big deal registration and practice development for partners selling webOS products, such as the HP TouchPad. HP will work with partners to provide context-aware experiences for customers with secure information creation, digitization, transformation and consumption – anytime, anywhere.

HP also launched the HP SMB Central community network to help partners seize the $71 billion U.S. small and midsize business (SMB) market opportunity PartnerONE enhancements to streamline growth . Enhancements to the HP PartnerONE program are designed to drive growth around key market opportunities, including new offerings for connectivity and enterprise.

In November, HP plans to introduce an Elite program that integrates its webOS solutions, providing partners with the appropriate knowledge, training and resources to successfully deliver these solutions to the market. Further details regarding the Elite program will be announced later this year.

The company also announced an addition to its Deal-Registration programs. Effective May 1, the HP Personal Systems Group‟s “target offer” will reward partners with upfront benefits during the negotiation stages of a deal when targeting select enterprise customers.

We‟re aligning our industryleading PartnerONE program to help our partners take advantage of merging industry trends and grow their businesses,” said Stephen DiFranco, vice president and general manager, Solution Partners Organization – Americas, HP. “Throughout 2011, we plan to leverage our evolving portfolio, tailored programs and simple solutions to make it easy and more profitable for partners to work, and more importantly grow, with HP.”

HP SMB Central community Launched in the United States and Canada earlier this month, HP SMB Central – an initiative that offers channel partners one-stop access to SMB sales solutions, marketing and support – now includes an online community network. The HP SMB Central community offers HP channel partners a place to network, collaborate and share best practices for growth in the SMB market.


In addition to learning about HP and its SMB programs and solutions, the community network provides real-time collaboration and an ongoing

dialogue with peers and industry experts that will help partners understand how to seize more of this key market segment and grow their SMB business.

APC highlights and executive commitment More than 2,000 partners and HP leaders from across the Americas are attending APC, where, in addition to Apotheker and DiFranco, they will hear from HP executives such as Ann Livermore, executive vice president, Enterprise Business; Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group; and Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group. APC sets the stage for more than 700 executive meetings and roundtables with HP executives and partner attendees, designed to align strategies for profitable growth throughout the year. More details about APC are available on the conference website, with additional resources available in an online press kit. Follow HP on Twitter at @HP_US_Channel for live updates throughout APC. About HP

Inkjet Web Press prints up to 5,200 full-color, letter-size pages per minute – 44 percent more than the closest solution from competing vendors.

HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. The world‟s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems. More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at

HP unveiled the press at the offices of O‟Neil Data Systems, a Los Angeles-based data-driven marketing communication firm that now uses all four systems in the HP inkjet web press portfolio – the HP T200, T300, T350 and the new T400. HP also introduced several additional solutions, including an HP magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) system and third-party coated media, as well as workflow and finishing solutions from members of the HP Graphic Solutions Partner program. HP additionally is offering customers an option to upgrade HP T300 presses to the faster T350 platform.

HP Introduces World’s First 42-inch High-speed Digital Color Press HP T400 Color Inkjet Web Press‟s fully personalized, 5,200-ppm capabilities open new ground for books and documents HP today introduced the graphic arts industry‟s largest, most productive commercial digital color press, bringing the concept of mass customization to printing by combining the personalization features of digital printing with the efficiencies of high-volume production. With its unmatched width and its 600-foot/minute (183-meter/minute) speed, the HP T400 Color 11 11

“With more than 25 installations worldwide, our inkjet web press systems are changing the business dynamics of applications such as publishing, transpromo and direct mail,” said Christopher Morgan, senior vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, HP. “With the

significant throughput capacity the new HP T400 offers, customers can now break into a world of true mass personalization and customization and take advantage of substantial new growth opportunities.” HP Introduces World‟s First 42-inch High-speed Digital Color Press

HP T400 Color Inkjet Web Press‟s fully personalized, 5,200-ppm capabilities open new ground for books and documents.

true mass personalization and customization and take advantage of substantial new growth opportunities.” High-quality imaging with new inks and printheads

HP today introduced the graphic arts industry‟s largest, most productive commercial digital color press, bringing the concept of mass customization to printing by combining the personalization features of digital printing with the efficiencies of high-volume production.

The HP T400 offers high-quality imaging by reproducing sharp text and images, as well as uniform area fills. New HP A50 process-color inks work with new HP A10 printheads, which use HP Scalable Printing Technology in a compact, 1,200nozzles-per-inch printhead design. New, advanced web tension controls and dryer systems provide reliable, fast and consistent productivity.

With its unmatched width and its 600-foot/minute (183-meter/minute) speed, the HP T400 Color Inkjet Web Press prints up to 5,200 full-color, letter-size pages per minute – 44 percent more than the closest solution from competing vendors.

Users of standard-size (20.5-inch) digital web press finishing equipment can produce two jobs simultaneously on the HP T400, using an optional slitter at the end of the press to convert the roll into side-by-side webs. Scalable job impositioning tools for high-level prepress efficiency from Ultimate Technographics – a member of the HP Graphics Solutions Partner program – allow operators to impose separate variable-data jobs side by side on the web.

HP unveiled the press at the offices of O‟Neil Data Systems, a Los Angeles-based data-driven marketing communication firm that now uses all four systems in the HP inkjet web press portfolio – the HP T200, T300, T350 and the new T400. HP also introduced several additional solutions, including an HP magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) system and third-party coated media, as well as workflow and finishing solutions from members of the HP Graphic Solutions Partner program. HP additionally is offering customers an option to upgrade HP T300 presses to the faster T350 platform.

Digital Solutions, MBO and Muller Martini, are presenting solutions they offer to support the HP T400 platform. Additional industry suppliers, including CMC, Compart, GMC Software Technology, Hunkeler, Lasermax Roll Systems, Tecnau, Videk and WEKO, also are showcasing solutions for use with HP Inkjet Web Presses.

“With more than 25 installations worldwide, our inkjet web press systems are changing the business dynamics of applications such as publishing, transpromo and direct mail,” said Christopher Morgan, senior vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, HP. “With the significant throughput capacity the new HP T400 offers, customers can now break into a world of

12 12

Pitney Bowes is highlighting highvolume transactional/transpromotional uses for a new HP Inkjet Web Press technology. The HP T400 will become part of a new IntelliJet 42 solution for transactional/transpromotional markets, extending the range of IntelliJet size and speed configurations.“Pitney Bowes is delighted to be collaborating with HP to introduce this new solution to high-volume transactional mailers,” said Ramesh Ratan, president, Document Messaging Technologies, Pitney Bowes. “This is another example of how we are working together to create solutions that can help our customers deliver increased efficiency and productivity to generate more powerful and valuable customer communications.” Scheduled to be available later this year, the HP T400 is part of a broader production printing portfolio that includes HP Indigo liquid electrophotographic imaging presses. With a global install base in excess of 5,000 presses, HP Indigo is a market leader in high-value, offset- and photo-quality digital printing


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"In 33 out of the last 36 months, manufacturing has been declining. It's hard in our business, which is a sales-oriented business, to keep up that enthusiasm and drive when you're looking at so

ZIEGLER TOOLS With a storied past dating back more than a halfcentury, Ziegler Tools is poised for new growth and profitability. In the 55 years since Bill Ziegler Sr. started selling tools from the trunk of his car, Ziegler Tools has seen the best of times and the worst of times. What started as a one-man Atlanta operation with a single line of tools slowly grew into a multi-line industrial distribution company with nearly $30 million in annual sales and branches in Macon, Ga., and Greer, S.C. Major manufacturer customers included General Motors, Lockheed, Delta and Boeing. Business was so good, at one memorable banquet Ziegler Tools and its suppliers handed out more than $64,000 in cash awards to inside and outside salespeople. In short, life was good.As the century drew to a close, however, Ziegler Tools felt the pain caused by the manufacturing recession. Large manufacturer customers such as Lockheed, Ford, GM and Delta started eliminating jobs in Atlanta or

much business declining. The challenge is to keep people motivated and focused," says president Bill Ziegler Jr.

downsizing operations."We used to be able to survive on big business. But it's a different story today. It's hard to develop relationships in the large companies," says Bill Ziegler Sr.

Bill Jr. keeps people motivated by sending them notes and computer messages of thanks for a job well done, celebrating their years of service to the company with a cake or an extra day off, and holding annual employee outings to build team spirit and camaraderie. But the best way to keep employees motivated is for management to let them know how they're positioning the company for long-term survival and growth."Our philosophy has always been to do what's right, do the best that you can and treat other people as you'd like to be treated. It has been a struggle.

Manufacturing employment in Georgia peaked at about 551,400 in late 1998, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since then, the sector shrunk to about 451,000, losing jobs for 50 straight months.

14 12

While the long-running recession crippled lesser companies, thanks to prudent financial management, Ziegler managed to survive the downturn without major layoffs. Today, the outside sales staff averages 17 years of service, while the inside sales staff averages 15 years, demonstrating the loyalty employees and the Ziegler family feel toward each other.

Recent additions to the line card include safety products, janitorial supplies and more MRO products.

To help weather the storm, most employees took a pay cut of 5 percent in late 2001, while top managers reduced their pay by 10 percent.

"The reason was employees had to wand their badge. When employees found out it registered how many gloves they checked out, usage decreased sizably," says Gramling.

At one customer's location, Ziegler installed a bar code inventory system for gloves. The account's glove purchases decreased from $225,000 in one year to $85,000.

"When a person would leave for one reason or another, we would talk to the manager of that department and encourage the others to carry the load and split 50 percent of that person's salary among the remaining people in the department," says Bill Sr. "So, we saved 50 percent of the salary of the person that was lost, but the other 50 percent went to the group in that department to encourage them to pick up the slack."

The system generated a major cost saving for the customer and a new profit center for Ziegler Tools. A greater reliance on master distributors in select product groups will help Ziegler expand its line card without a huge investment in inventory. "We're using more master distributors. When you're trying to supply a customer every one of his needs, you have to find other avenues. You can't afford to bring it all into your own warehouse," says Gramling.

Improvements in technology led to the elimination of the customer service department. Inside salespeople now handle tasks previously assigned to customer service employees.

Ziegler also plans to expand its traditional customer base of metalworking, assembly plants and heavy manufacturing by soliciting new business from mid-market manufacturers, vocational-technical schools and government business.

"Our computer system gives inside salespeople access to more information, so they can answer a customer's questions without transferring them to someone else," says Benton Gramling, vice president of sales.

A move into a new 40,000-square-foot building in mid-2001 more than doubled warehouse space, enabling Ziegler Tools to add product lines. In order to keep total inventory costs down, however, the company also consolidated its existing supply base. For example, Ziegler once carried as many as 42 different hand tool lines. It reduced that total to about 20 hand tool manufacturers, with a key focus on preferred suppliers that belong to the Affiliated Distributors marketing and buying group.

Despite the difficult economic environment, morale remains high. After making the difficult choices needed to survive the longest recession the company has ever seen, Ziegler Tools is poised to enter a new era of growth and profitability. A Bright Future. With annual sales of about $25 million, Ziegler Tools plans to grow by expanding its product offering to existing accounts and branching into new market segments. The addition of the Craftsman hand tool line last year also opened new doors for salespeople. There are some major accounts where we couldn't get in the front door, and because we have Craftsman, our salesman now has a venue to get

in. Craftsman helped us do that. The name Craftsman sells," Bill Jr. says.

15 12

Joint Sales Calls

doing welding, how do I sell that product?" says Gramling.

Another strategy to grow sales is by working more closely with factory reps on joint sales call activity.

The final step in Ziegler Tools' revamped approach is to do a better job of documenting its value to customers. In the highly competitive Atlanta market, with every major catalog house and big box store competing for business, Ziegler Tools salespeople strive to demonstrate their superior product knowledge.

"We believe strongly in working with factory people. The more we can have local factory reps work with Benton and our outside sales guys, the more success we're going to have and the stronger our relationships will be," says Bill Jr. Part of the strategy involves better planning and training from manufacturers at monthly sales meetings. When it comes to newer product lines, such as gloves or wire rope slings, salespeople initially rely on factory reps to tell them the types of key decision-makers to contact. As the company

"If the customer doesn't understand our value and we don't document it, they might take us for granted;' Bill Jr. says. "Getting veteran salespeople to document the company's value has been a struggle, Gramling admits. That's why Bill Jr. closes every sales meeting by summarizing all of the cost savings that salespeople turned in since the last meeting. "Most salespeople hate to do paperwork. In this case we're trying to get them to understand that they've been doing cost savings, they just haven't been documenting it. By documenting it and giving it to your contact in purchasing or to the plant manager, they understand the value of what you do," Gramling says.

expands its breadth of products, salespeople must expand their contacts within customer accounts. Gramling also works closely with factory reps to be more focused in sales meetings. He doesn't want reps reading from a catalog or giving a presentation that's technical in nature and not teaching salespeople the key selling points of their product.

The documentation effort recently helped Ziegler Tools hold onto a major account that threatened to go to a competitor. "At one of our larger accounts last year, we thought we were going to lose the business," says Bill Jr. "Benton and I went over and met with him and he said, `I didn't know you were doing all of these cost savings for us. Please keep putting these down on paper so I can pass them on in our company."'

"I'm trying to get our factory guys to change their approach. I don't want them standing there telling me this is an aluminum oxide product that's better than what anyone else has. I want them to tell the guys where to sell this. We don't need to know all the technical details. What we need to know is when I go into a metalworking shop and they're

Part of the strategy involves better planning and training from manufacturers at monthly sales

16 12

meetings. When it comes to newer product lines, such as gloves or wire rope slings, salespeople initially rely on factory reps to tell them the types of key decision-makers to contact.

17 12

The faulty wiring is associated with the car's antitheft system and horn.

VW posts record and targets even better 2011 Published: 25 Feb 11 17:27 CET Online:

In very rare cases, using the horn can cause a converter box to short circuit, which would cut power to the engine, as well as the windshield wipers and the headlights.

Europe's biggest carmaker, Volkswagen, unveiled record 2010 results Friday and said it would do even better this year, sending its shares soaring.   

The affected cars were built from March 2010 through March 2011. No accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of the problem and the company was in the process of alerting owners, spokeswoman Sheriece Matias said.

VW unveils new 'Bulli' bus prototype (2 Mar 11) Adidas doubles earnings (2 Mar 11) Biofuel confusion strains super petrol supplies (1 Mar 11)

Matias said the company acknowledged the problem was a safety issue but called it "a fairly simple fix."

VW made a 2010 net profit of €7.2 billion ($9.9 billion), a statement said, dwarfing the 2009 figure of €911 million.

The recall is the latest bump in the road for the German automaker's rollout of the 2011 model.

Net profit got a boost from VW's strong presence in China and other emerging markets, financial investments and the value of options related to its holding in luxury sportscar maker Porsche, which VW wants to make its 10th brand.

VW tried to make the new Jetta appeal to a wider audience by lowering the car's price and cutting back on some of the options. Die-hard Jetta fans complained that the changes tarnished the brand's fun, sporty image.

Think small? More like "think stall."

Earlier today, German car manufacturer, Volkswagen launched their new Passat sedan in the Indian auto market. Available in 3 options, 2011 Passat is priced between Rs 20 – 26 lakhs. Following are the prices of the 3 Passat variants;

Volkswagen is recalling about 71,000 of its new Jettas due to a wiring problem that could cause the car to stop if the horn short circuts, the company announced Monday. • 2011 Passat 2.0L TDI Trendline @ Rs. 20.80 lakh • 2011 Passat 2.0L TDI Comfortline @ Rs. 23.80 lakh • 2011 Passat 2.0L TDI Highline (AT) @ Rs. 25.65 lakh

All the above prices are Mumbai, ex-showroom prices. To know the exact price of 2011 VW Passat in your city, give a call to the nearest VW dealer. VW has launched the new D segment sedan hoping that they can now garner some sales in the segment. Outgoing Passat variant, failed badly in the Indian auto industry. 2011 Passat‟s 2.0L TDI engine is not only powerful, but also very efficient as it features the BlueMotion technology. This diesel heart generates 170 bhp of raw power and 350 Nm of torque while giving you the complete control over itself. 2011 VW Passat‟s main competitor in India is Skoda Superb, ironically, VW owns Skoda Auto!

18 12

German car manufacturer, Volkswagen has reportedly announced to launch the new version of their luxury sedan, Passat in the Indian market by April this year. The new Passat will have new headlights, tail lamps and front grille.

features, VW has included some new features like ADCS - Automatic Distance Control System. The engine will be the same 2.0L diesel heart, pumping 140 bhp through a 6 speed DSG gearbox. VW is expected to price the 2011 Passat between Rs 2025 lakhs.

2011 Passat will also come with great features for your safety. Along with the currently available

No accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of th. Matias said the company acknowledged the problem was a safety issue but called it "a fairly simple fix."

VW tried to make the new Jetta appeal to a wider audience by lowering the car's price and cutting back on some of the options.

The recall is the latest bump in the road for the German automaker's rollout of the 2011 model.

Die-hard Jetta fans complained that the changes tarnished the brand's fun, sporty image.

VW tried to make the new Jetta appeal to a wider audience by lowering the car's price and cutting back on some of the options.

Earlier today, German car manufacturer, Volkswagen launched their new Passat sedan in the Indian auto market. Available in 3 options, 2011 Passat is priced between Rs 20 – 26 lakhs. Following are the prices of the 3 Passat variants;

The recall is the latest bump in the road for the German automaker's rollout of the 2011 model.

19 12

BAA SYSTEMS HUDSON, New Hampshire - BAE Systems will deliver an upgraded minehunting sonar system to the U.S. Navy for the detection and classification of bottom and moored sea mines. BAE Systems will provide four systems under a $14 million contract.

The AN/SQQ-32(V)4 minehunting sonar set with the high frequency wide band upgrade replaces the existing SQQ-32(V)3 detection sonar currently employed aboard the MCM-1 Avenger Class mine countermeasures ships. This upgrade improves detection performance in the littoral environment and against stealth mines.

modernized operator consoles implement a multiple computer server layout interfaced via a 10Gbit communications network. With the extensive use of COTs open system components within the consoles, life cycle costs are reduced and incorporate a means for rapid technology insertion. The initial base contract requires deliveries of four build-to-print production systems, with two options for an additional 10 systems and one battlespare. The base award value plus these options along with engineering services total $42 million. The AN/SQQ-32(V)4 system was designed by the teaming of the government laboratory Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City and the Applied Research Laboratory: University of Texas.

This is a key win for us and we now have a new customer, a new mission and a new product. We look forward to partnering with the Navy to deliver this improved minehunting capability to the fleet," said Howie Weinstein, director of Persistent Surveillance for BAE Systems. In addition to new detection sonar in the towed body, the upgrade replaces the operator consoles located in the Combat Information Center. In order to process the extensive data from new high speed optical channels within the system, these

20 12

BAA SYSTEMS NEW ARTICLE BAE Systems Engineers Support Global Project to Unlock Secrets of the Universe15 Mar 2011 | Ref. 049/2011 The SKA project will link thousands of radio telescopes Manchester, United Kingdom – BAE Systems has signed a two-year Statement of Mutual Interest (SoMI) to support the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) - the world's largest ever radio telescope network. The SKA is a €1.5 billion multinational science project which amongst many other research projects, will collect data released by gas clouds after the Big Bang, giving vital clues as to how the universe was formed and whether there might be life on other planets.

Amongst its functions, the SKA will be able to collect radio waves carrying signals from gas clouds emitted before the formation of the first stars – enabling it to look back billions of years to reveal how the universe formed immediately after the Big Bang. It will investigate the possibility of life on far off planets, and will even test Einstein‟s theory of general relativity. Les Gregory, BAE Systems Mission Systems‟ Radar Director in the UK, said: “The Square Kilometre Array is international „megascience‟ at its most innovative, and will be similar in scale and ambition to projects like CERN‟s (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) Large Hadron Collider or the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) nuclear fusion

BAE Systems‟ UK engineers based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight and Chelmsford, Essex are lending their project management skills to the SKA Program Development Office, (SPDO) currently based at the University of Manchester, to help plan the building of the SKA. In return BAE Systems‟ engineers will gain insights into complex research that is pioneering new radio signal processing techniques required to handle data rates that far exceed anything seen to date. At the same time, BAE Systems‟ engineers in South Africa and Australia are supporting their respective countries‟ bids to host the telescope. In South Africa, BAE Systems has supplied antennas to the MeerKAT project, and in Australia, BAE Systems is an active member of the Australasian SKA Industry Consortium. The SKA, which is expected to be fully operational by 2024, will seek to answer fundamental questions in physics and astrophysics. It will consist of thousands of radio telescope dishes and other antennas linked together across an area the size of a continent. The signals from all the radio wave receptors will be combined to create a giant virtual radio telescope larger than any other radio observatory built to date and 50 times more sensitive.

programme. With that ambition comes engineering and project management complexity. BAE Systems has direct experience of large, multinational engineering projects and under the terms of the SoMI, will offer advice and support to the SKA development team to ensure the project is on time and delivers its research goals.”

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SKA Project Director, Professor Richard Schilizzi said: “The SKA promises to be one of the top global science projects of the 21st century. Usin

will probe the origins of the universe. However the spin off technologies will have applications closer to home such as mega-data management, very

g innovative receptor technologies and one of the world‟s most powerful supercomputers, the SKA low-power Radio Frequency devices, and „system of systems‟ control software”. A team of international astronomers will decide the host site for the SKA next year. This will be followed by a construction planning phase, with execution commencing in 2016. In addition to producing groundbreaking science research on the foundations of the universe, the SKA will drive innovation in several technological fields, including information and communication technologies (ICT), wireless communication, sensor technology, and renewable energy.

,000 employees worldwide. The Company delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and customer support services. In 2009 BAE Systems reported sales of £22.4 billion (US $36.2 billion).

Amongst its functions, the SKA will be able to collect radio waves carrying signals from gas clouds emitted before the formation of the first stars – enabling it to look back billions of years to reveal how the universe formed immediately after the Big Bang. It will investigate the possibility of life on far off planets, and will even test Einstein‟s theory of general relativity.

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managing our business, both are intrinsic to our goal of customer satisfaction. We are committed to your success and the success of our employees, suppliers and shareholders'

LENNOX Lennox Chemicals was founded in 1923 by the coming together of four businessmen with a deep interest in the sciences, Robert Lennox, Charles Russell, Lionel Rosenthal and John Pride.The company came to bear the name of Robert Lennox who served as Managing Director from 1923 until this death in 1936. Originally located at Great Strand Street, Lennox moved to South Leinster Street in 1937 and on to John F. Kennedy Estate just off the Naas Road in 1983. The latter move was necessitated by the need to meet the expectations of customers in Industry, Education, Government and Regulatory Sectors for an individual supplier that could offer all their laboratory requirements from stock.

In an area of increasing specialisation, changing needs and advancing technology, Lennox has consolidated it's traditional product markets and offers technically sophisticated equipment for research and developement, quality control, process measurement and environmental monitoring. Through continuous training of our service engineers, Lennox offers full service & maintenance on a contract or individual basis for all products that we sell. Our fully-equipped repair workshop contains the latest state-of-the-art, specialist test equipment. It has dedicated employees working on the repair and refurbishment of a wide range of laboratory and process equipment providing a fast, efficient and quality repair. The objective is to add value for the customer by maintaining equipment in peak operational condition. Lennox offer on-site repair where practical or return to base repair.

Today, as in the early years, much emphasis is placed on satisfying customer needs through the provision of quality products and customer service at competitive prices. The company has grown considerably since 1923. A new showroom laboratory, sales office, trade counter, meeting rooms and reception were added in 1993. These enable the technical sales staff to provide demonstrations of products to suit customer requirements. Extensive stockholding and efficient purchasing mean that Lennox have the product range and volumes to supply laboratories of all sizes and disciplines. 'Product excellence and consistent delivery of exceptional service quality are the cornerstones for

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Lennox provides Certificates of Traceability to National Standards for a vast and varied range of products on a contract or individual basis. Calibrations are carried out by well-trained and highly skilled technicians who follow stringent procedures. The majority of calibrations are carried out here at Lennox in our temperature controlled calibration laboratory. A local service such as this allows us an average completion time of five working days at a very competitive rate.

available to enable the equipment to be operated and maintained safely, effectively, and consistently. Glassblowing Whatever your requirements may be, whether drawn as a rough sketch or detailed diagram, Lab Glass Services can make it. A special glassware design service and a repair service for all laboratory and pilot plant glassware is also available.

Lennox offer on-site calibration where practical or return to base calibration for the following types of equipment: IQ OQ Lennox offer IQ OQ as an added service to ensure that: Equipment components are installed and operate according to the manufacturers design specifications. Apropriate documentation is

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order monitoring system tracks every package that has been shipped in real-time and alerts us to shipping exceptions so that we can resolve issues before they become customer service problems. In addition, from sales order to product delivery, dWeb:// CRM dispatches communications to customers to pro-actively notify them via email as their order progresses through the fulfillment process and updates their online order tracking page online at the same time.

Technology Since 1999, we have developed one of the most visible and well-know network of websites in the industrial sector. Our network of web properties consists of over 15 highly specialized websites that generate over 120,000 visitors per month and over 1.5 million page views. That provides tremendous targeted visibility to the manufacturers whose products we market. Our website platform is built in-house by our fulltime Internet marketing & web technology team. We developed this platform (called dWeb:// Commerce) to support the marketing and communications goals of our company. The capabilities of this platform include support for both fixed & variable multi-currency, cross-selling/upselling of related items and accessories, automated bundle builder to increase transaction value, product comparison tables, customer reviews and ratings, editorial reviews, online order tracking, multimedia support and much more. In addition, we have also built an impressive webbased customer relationship management (“CRM”) product called dWeb:// CRM. This CRM allows us to manage our contacts and customers, rapidly develop, deploy and manage all of our websites from a single location, deploy products on multiple websites instantaneously, quoting/selling, pipeline management, management reports, customer database mining, email marketing campaigns, order management and much more.

We believe that developing and implementing this kind of sophisticated system is a first for business our size. Eliminating data entry has created a fast and accurate system for us to process orders more efficiently and accurately and better meet our customers‟ expectations.

dWeb:// CRM also helps to automate and streamline operations. We have integration with both our accounting system and our remote third party logistics company which allows us to process eCommerce and phone orders in just hours, with zero paper handling.

Optimum Energy Products Ltd. named 2008 distributor of the year by AccuEnergy Canada Inc. Calgary, AB March 25, 2009 – Optimum Energy Products Ltd. is proud to announce they have been named 2008 Distributor of the Year by Accuenergy Canada Inc.

To streamline fulfillment we have integrated dWeb:// CRM with both UPS and FEDEX – our


Optimum Energy Products Ltd. was the top distributor of Accuenergy products in all of North America in their first year carrying the Accuenergy

line, making the achievement all that more impressive.

“The Distributor of the Year award is a testament to the Optimum teams‟ outstanding commitment to Accuenergy as a strategic partner,” said Patrick McKee, Sales Manager for Accuenergy.

and increasingly prosperous relationship in the years to come. Founded in 1993 in Calgary, Canada, Optimum Energy Products Ltd. is a professional product distributor and solution provider in the utility, commercial and industrial markets. We serve North American and international markets with products for electrical test and measurement, energy conservation, electrical metering and personal safety products.

“I‟m proud of the effort of the entire team supporting the Accuenergy product line and I look forward to continued success in the coming years,” said Grant Meadows, President of Optimum Energy Products Ltd. Together Optimum Energy Products Ltd. markets Accuenergy complete line of three phase power and energy meters to commercial and industrial customers. Optimum also supplies the Current Transformers (CT‟s) and enclosures necessary to offer complete metering solutions to our customers.

Founded in 1998, Accuenergy is dedicated to providing the highest quality intelligent power measuring products and software. With operations in the United States, Canada and Asia, Accuenergy is an emerging global leader in power metering products.

Both Accuenergy Canada Inc. and Optimum Energy Products Ltd. look forward to an ongoing

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SAS International, manufacturer of interior building solutions, has launched a range of commodity products, available from stock, direct from its local depot in Dubai.

Airport Suppliers is the global airport industry‟s number one meeting place for buyers, vendors, specifiers, decision makers, architects, consultants and system integrators. The portal encompasses all aspects of airport equipment, technology, design and services.

Products now available include SAS International‟s popular International White T-grid, as well as SAS International‟s System 150 and 130 clip-in and layin metal ceiling systems.

We provide a comprehensive breakdown of products and services from leading industry contractors, with up-to-date news and press releases when exciting developments occur. With links to the most important airport related organisations and governing bodies in the world.

The development of these resources in Dubai will service SAS International‟s customer base even further to meet the needs of contractors coordinating interior fit-out projects for the Middle East market.


Contractors in the region will therefore be able to take advantage of specifying high quality metal ceiling systems at very competitive price points, with the reassurance that products come from SAS International manufacturing facilities accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Airport Metal Ceilings, Rafts and Discs, Column Casings, Wall Panelling, Architectural Metalwork SAS International launches commodity range in Dubai.

Since SAS International opened its dedicated office and warehouse in the Dubai Investment Park the company has made impressive progress and continues to invest and develop its operational facilities in the region. This commitment ensures

high quality product solutions are delivered on schedule, providing outstanding value to project teams and clients pursuing excellence for a range of interior schemes.



Our relationship with specifiers, contractors, developers and clients are based on trust, respect and understanding. Our approach to projects is different, our range of products are flexible resulting in solutions to meet any application requirements.

Having operated in the Middle East for over thirty years, SAS International is driven by core values of quality, innovation and value. SAS International has supplied many projects in the region including the new Aldar HQ; the main building at the Science & Technology Park, Doha; and The Souk, Abu Dhabiâ€&#x;s Central Market. The company also operates an office in Abu Dhabi.

We endeavour to ensure that our commitment to product quality delivers inspired innovative solutions to issues of performance, aesthetics and budget, resulting in customers and construction projects receiving maximum value.

Airport Metal Ceilings, Rafts and Discs, Column Casings, Wall Panelling, Architectural Metalwork SAS International is the world leader in the design and manufacture of performance based metal ceilings. Established in 1968, SAS has supplied a number of leading airports with a range of suspended ceilings, acoustic rafts, ceiling discs and architectural metalwork products.

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BEATRONIC SUPPLY. Who is Beatronic Supply The history:

clear that more offices were needed in order for us to maintain our customers. Offices in Slovak Republic, Poland, Greece, Ukraine and latest, Korea have been established during the last 10 years with more to come....

The Beatronic sales staff in the year 2009. Beatronic Supply ApS (Ltd.) is a trading and engineering company which was founded in 1985 by Mr. Bent Gothenborg. In the first years the main product was a dedicated power supply test equipment from INTEPRO in Ireland but after a couple of years in business and a lot of new products in the portfolio, four main product lines were formed:

The Danish Office is the main office. We hold all contracts with our suppliers and we are also the financial safety net for our subsidiaries. But all subsidiaries are in principle unique offices themselves and are viewed as profit centres. From Denmark we initiate new offices around the world just like we issue the policies and strategies.

Test, source and measuring equipment Environmental simulation equipment Sensor and control components Electro-mechanic components In the early 1990 we entered the Czech Republic, basically one man and his briefcase. Five years after, our office in Brno was a reality. From here we started to service the complete former Eastern Europe. It became

30 12

What are our objectives? The strategies: We take pride in getting to know our customers and the markets and branches in which they operate, and spend considerable resources in the achievement of this goal. We believe that all our customers are entitled to receive expert and attentive service - no matter what the size, no matter which branch they operate in, and no matter how complicated their problem might be. In pursuit of these objectives, we have selected a range of world leading manufacturers of.... SOURCE, TEST AND MEASURING EQUIPMENT.

insufficiently success, leaving the main office in Athens to do the business. The Greek office carries full range of products with a focus on Penny & Giles. For the time being the Greek office in Athens is undergoing a re-construction and for this reason phone conversation are rerouted to the Danish office. Beatronic Supply Hellas Ltd 44, Emm.Benaki Str. GR-10681 Athens

The Greece Office.


In August 2000 we established a subsidiary company in Greece, located in Athens and in September 2002 another office in Northern Greece is a reality. The second office in Northern Greece was however closed few years later due to

Tel.: +45 48 24 02 20 Fax: +45 48 24 13 14


APPLE As he seems to do every year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs not only made Barron‟s list of the world‟s most valuable CEOs… he was declared “without a doubt” the most valuable one.

Barron‟s list of most valuable CEOs isn‟t a popularity contest: it‟s based on the objective metric of stock performance, which has been on such an upward trajectory for the past few years that seemingly the only thing that can sink it is Jobs‟ retirement (and even then, given the talent and culture Jobs has put together over at Apple, only temporarily).

Taking his place amongst bigwigs like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathwawy), Reed Hastings (Netflix) and more, Steve Jobs is cited for racking up 100 million iPhones sold, the release of the iPad and Apple‟s incredible golden touch overall.

This isn‟t the first distinction Barron‟s has awarded Apple this year: back in February, Barron‟s handed Apple its second Most Respected Company award in as many years.

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RWE ENERGY Statement on the events in Japan We are very concerned about the major catastrophe unleashed by the hundred-year earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan. The resultant grave situation surrounding the nuclear power plants in the earthquake region fills us with great concern. We are taking the situation very seriously and are in close contact with the responsible international organisations. We sincerely hope they succeed in limiting the consequences to human life and the environment. All of the information we are receiving from Japan will be intensively analysed by our experts. However, until such time as we have enough robust, factual information about the nuclear events, it is too early to make a qualified assessment or draw any conclusions. German operators of nuclear power plants give their express assurance that – as in the past – they will make a qualified assessment as soon as the necessary information becomes available.

RWE brings energy efficiency to homes Energy supplier joins the growth market for lowcost home automation with "RWE SmartHome"

The cause of the events in Japan was a combination of two natural catastrophes. The strong earthquake destroyed the grid and almost the entire infrastructure. The ensuing tsunami led to an outage in the emergency power plant and the cooling system. The combination of such a severe earthquake and such a major tsunami is inconceivable in Germany. Reference was also made from official quarters yesterday to the fact that German nuclear power plants are designed in such a way that, even in severe earthquakes, the safety objectives will be upheld.

Apart from more comfort, this will allow a reduction of the private energy consumption by at least 10 percent With "RWE SmartHome" RWE offers an economically efficient and easy-to-operate control over electrical devices and heating. It is hoped that the technology will establish itself in the growth market for domestic energy efficiency. After all, more and more home owners want to organise the supplies of light and warmth to their homes per smartphone or PC. As a radio-based solution, "RWE SmartHome" can be installed quickly and is suitable for not just one's own home but also rented apartments. RWE thus offers customers a comfortable new way of taking control of energy

The operators of German nuclear power plants are in close contact with the German government and, if so desired, will provide all available technical assistance to help resolve the grave situation in the FUKUSHIMA nuclear power station.

33 12

efficiency at home into their own hands with little cost.

Dr. Norbert Verweyen, Dr. Rolf Martin Schmitz and Ingo AlphĂŠus present RWE SmartHome in Essen. RWE will initially be offering a SmartHome starter package. This contains an "energy saving package" with two radiator thermostats, an adapter and a wall transmitter as well as the central control unit. It will cost 379 euros. Door and window sensors, room and motion sensors as well as extra services and functions will be gradually added to the product assortment in the course of the year.

"Energy costs will continue to rise throughout the world. Dealing with energy efficiently will thus become increasingly important. This is a political demand, and something that more and more customers want", says Dr. Rolf Martin Schmitz, member of the Executive Board of RWE AG. "With RWE SmartHome we can offer our household customers an innovative solution that will stir up enthusiasm for energy saving within their own four walls."

household devices and lighting on and off as needed. Different applications can be linked flexibly: It doesn't take much to install a "master switch" next to the front door that controls not only the lighting and entertainment electronics but also switches the radiator thermostats to the right setting. Sensors report open windows and doors and turn the heating down. Smoke and motion sensors ensure a higher safety level. The SmartHome central control unit controls all terminal devices via encoded radio signals. It is connected to the DSL router so that customers can access the central control unit over the Internet.

Private households account for almost 30 percent of the final energy consumption in Germany. More than three quarters of this are for heating. This is why RWE SmartHome is primarily aimed at the selective control of room heat requirements. Ingo AlphĂŠus, Chairman of the Board of Management of RWE Effizienz GmbH, which specialises in energy efficiency infrastructure within the Group, has the following to say: "Energy remediation for existing buildings is quite costly and often does not pay off. Our home automation lets you cut energy costs quickly and cheaply without having to talk to your bank manager beforehand. Depending on the property and consumption behaviour, energy consumption for heat and electricity can be cut by on average more than ten percent. This corresponds to almost half a ton of CO2 emissions every year for each household."

"Our product closes the gap between DIY systems and luxury solutions. And it matches the lifestyle of an online generation who place whole new demands on living, mobility and ultimately on their energy supplier. It's like being at home wherever you are, either via laptop, tablet PC or smartphone, " says the Technical Managing Director of RWE Effizienz GmbH, Dr. Norbert Verweyen. The development partners for RWE Effizienz GmbH are Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, ELV/eQ-3 AG and designaffairs GmbH.

The heart of the system is the SmartHome central control unit that can be used to switch radiators,


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Robert Bosch died in Stuttgart on March 12, 1942, aged 80. Bosch does business through more than 300 subsidiaries and regional companies in over 60 countries, and has a workforce of a good 280,000 associates worldwide. An international network of sales companies and partners spans some 150 countries, ensuring that the company's products and services will continue to feature in important growth markets in the future.

BOSCH Stuttgart – The Bosch Group has a double cause for celebration in the year 2011, which marks the 125th anniversary of the company and the 150th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Robert Bosch. On November 15, 1886, Bosch established his “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart, laying the foundations for what has since become a leading global supplier of technology and services. Born on September 23, 1861, in Albeck near Ulm, Robert Bosch was a

Well positioned for the future With 3,800 patent applications filed each year and more than 3.5 billion euros invested annually in research and development, Bosch aims to maintain its focus on innovation in the future, and in this way to lay the foundations for further sustainable growth. The Bosch Group's three business sectors – Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, and Consumer Goods and Building Technology – develop their products in line with the corporate slogan “Invented for life.” Thus, Bosch has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of diesel and gasoline injection systems and vehicle safety systems such as the ABS antilock braking system and the ESP® electronic stability program. Bosch is also one of the largest suppliers of power tools, heating technology, household appliances, and security systems. The Bosch Industrial Technology business sector is a recognized specialist in drive and control technologies, such as large-scale gearboxes for wind turbines. The business sector also includes the Packaging Technology and Solar Energy divisions.

technology pioneer who propelled his company to international success during his own lifetime.

Major breakthrough with Bosch magneto ignition for motor vehicles To the present day, the key to Bosch products‟ success has been their high level of innovation and high quality. It was these properties that allowed the company founder Robert Bosch to gain a foothold in international markets as early as the 36 12

end of the 19th century. From the first workshop in Stuttgart, the company rapidly developed into an international business. The construction of a lowvoltage magneto ignition device for vehicle engines in 1897 is the start of a long list of Bosch

innovations. It was succeeded in 1902 by the Bosch high-voltage magneto ignition system. This was the decisive commercial breakthrough in the company‟s rise to a successful, leading automotive supplier.

International market leadership through innovation and quality

ready for series production: the diesel injection pump. Initially for trucks, it was installed in the first diesel-powered passenger cars in 1936. In 1951, Bosch introduced gasoline injection into the automotive market, initially for the two-stroke engine of the compact Gutbrod Superior car. This paved the way for the development of passengercar gasoline engines that combined higher performance with lower fuel consumption and emissions. Three years later, gasoline injection for four-stroke engines debuted in the legendary gullwing Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

From the very beginning, Bosch played a decisive part in shaping the automobile‟s evolution into the mass means of transport of the 20th century. The product range was steadily expanded. The year 1913 saw the launch of the Bosch automotive lighting system, with its own power supply from a generator and a battery. It was followed by innovations such as electric starters, horns, windshield wipers, power-assisted brakes, and direction indicators. These Bosch products made the cars of the time more suitable for everyday driving, and made a major contribution to more comfort and safety. With the establishment of the Bosch Service in 1921 and the development of its network of salesrooms and branch offices in other countries, Bosch created an extensive repair service for its customers. At the same time, it laid the foundations for an internationally comprehensive automotive aftermarket business. In 1927, a groundbreaking technology was finally Bosch also steadily expanded its portfolio in the field of automotive electrics. In the latter half of the 20th century, semiconductors became the key components of new electronic systems, featuring in everything from engine management systems to driver assistance systems. The first Bosch product to feature electronic components manufactured inhouse was the Bosch alternator regulator introduced in 1958. It was followed in 1967 by the Bosch Jetronic fuel-injection system, the first-ever electronic fuel-injection system to be manufactured on an industrial scale. With automotive electronics playing an ever more important role, Bosch opened a new plant in Reutlingen near Stuttgart in 1970. This facility was exclusively devoted to semiconductor manufacturing. Without Bosch's innovative semiconductor technology, the lambda sensor (1976), which allowed a catalytic converter to be used to make exhaust cleaner, would not

have been conceivable. Nor would the ABS antilock braking system (1978) or the ESP® electronic stability program (1995) have been possible. Since their introduction, ABS und ESP® have helped significantly to improve road safety and reduce the number of road deaths. With the company continuing to focus on these future-

oriented technologies, the year 2010 saw the inauguration of a new, ultra-modern semiconductor fab in Reutlingen. This new facility is the largest single capital investment ever made by the Bosch

37 12

Group in its 125-year history – an investment totaling some 600 million euros.

engines. At the same time, the company is pushing forward with further electrification of the powertrain. The company's parallel full hybrid technology, which allows vehicles to run solely on electricity, has already gone into series production at the

New systems developed by Bosch are helping to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of motor vehicles powered by internal-combustion German automakers VW and Porsche, and allelectric drives for cars are currently being

developed as well. The Automotive Technology business sector

continues to generate the highest sales for the Bosch Group. In 2009, the company spent almost 3 billion euros on research and development in this sector alone.

Pioneering products and services meant that Bosch also acquired leading positions in other markets. In the wake of the 1926 crisis in the European car industry, the company began to expand beyond the automotive sector, branching out into other sectors at the end of the 1920s. The goal was to develop a broader business base to make the company less vulnerable to economic cycles – a tried-and-tested formula that Bosch still applies to the challenges it faces today. Franz Fehrenbach, the chairman of the Bosch board of management, is pursuing a strategy of focused diversification which aims to make acquisitions that are consistent with the company's core competencies. Over the past few years, Bosch has expanded its business to include systems that use renewable energy – a strategy that has paid dividends in times of crisis, most recently during the worldwide financial and economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. Bosch first embarked on a course of diversification back in 1928 when it entered the market for portable electric power tools with its Forfex hair trimmer. The Forfex was followed by products such as the Bosch hammer drill in 1932 and a range of power tools in the 1950s. Today, Bosch is the leading supplier of power tools for DIY enthusiasts and professional users, offering a broad portfolio that includes cordless appliances based on lithium-ion technology. Over the years, the drive toward successful diversification, as well as the dictates of portfolio management, have also made it necessary to abandon certain business sectors and product families.

Bosch remains committed to its heritage and continues to cater to the needs of vintage car enthusiasts. Bosch Automotive Tradition offers a selection of more than 50,000 spare parts for classic and vintage cars – just one way in which the company helps to keep the history of mobility alive. Success through internationalization and diversification. Robert Bosch was so successful because he realized how important it was to branch out from Stuttgart and set up business internationally. He quickly saw the benefits of marketing his products worldwide, establishing his first international sales office in the United Kingdom in 1898 and setting up a sales company for the French and Belgian markets in Paris in 1899. Over the next few years, the company established additional subsidiaries in the United States (1906), South Africa (1906), Australia and New Zealand (1907), China (1909), Brazil (1910), and Japan (1911). In the decades that followed, Bosch produced numerous innovations in response to tremendous growth in the automotive sector, and began to develop a worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network. Local production in the key markets of Europe, the Americas, and Asia safeguards the company‟s competitive position while providing a solid basis for long-term success.


STRAIN SENSE Strain Gauges, Sensors and Instrumentation from StrainSense Limited StrainSense Limited has 35 years experience of supplying strain gauges, sensors and instrumentation, to the research, development, test and production fields and offers a wide range of sensors and instrumentation. The Company enjoys a reputation for the supply of quality products to the ISO 9001 standard and is highly regarded for its product range of electromechanical devices: > Strain Gauges > Accelerometer > Pressure Transducer > Vibration Sensor > Force Measurement > Position Measurement > Torque Measurement > High Temperature Strain Gauges

New Evaluation System for Fluid Properties Sensor The unique Fluid Properties Sensor (FPS) available from StrainSense can now be used with the latest evaluation kit providing all of the tools

required to monitor and save the simultaneously measured fluid properties of temperature, density, viscosity and dielectric constant. The FPS can lead to significant savings on fluid and maintenance costs giving a positive environmental impact. Navigation Our new range of gyros and servo accelerometers have now been customer qualified and have offered performance much better than the written specifications. These devices are used in navigation and positioning systems in the aero, marine, rail, subsea, automotive and agricultural market places.


The Traveller range is fully portable and can be battery powered so is ideal for automotive, train and flight test monitoring. Tilt and Inclination StrainSense have a wide range of tilt and inclination sensors for use in a variety of applications: Alignment and Level Control, Mobile and Stationary Cranes, Man Lift, Forklift Truck, Harvester, Vehicle Applications, Wheel Alignment, Construction Equipment, Antenna Positioning, Robotics etc. New linear potentiometers A new range of rugged linear potentiometers has been added to our wide range of sensors. Stroke lengths from 12.5-250mm are available in a variety of designs with 25M cycle life, temperature ranges to 175C, and sealing up to IP67. Custom designs are readily provided in this UK manufactured range. Short delivery times are offered, some items also being held in stock. A unique amplifier has been added to the instrumentation range. The 4318 analogue amplifier has addressable digital setup, making it ideal for multichannel use and can be permanently sealed, but still adjusted. It features input of 0.2550mV/V with 0-5V outputand 2-80kHz bandwidth. New Contacts at StrainSense We are delighted to announce two new appointments to the StrainSense sales and marketing team. Ken Neill has joined as sales engineer for Scotland. Ken has many years experience in the sensor industry and provides a local presence in Scotland. Liz Capps is our new marketing manager who joins us from the Open University and has many years experience in the IT sector. New Range of Data Acquisiton equipment ESA provide a range of high quality signal conditioning and data acquisition hardware and sofrtware offering staightforward use and graphical

New sensor ranges from StrainSense StrainSense Limited has recently become the EU distributor of the NMB brand of foil strain gauges, custom sensors and standard loadcells from Minebea Co. Ltd, Japan, a company with more than 50 years manufacturing experience. These strain gauges and sensors by NMB possess the highest pedigree, tracing their roots to the original invention and commercial development of bonded resistance strain gauges and their applications in load cells, pressure transducers and torque transducers. NMB gauges have enhanced performance, are low cost, have excellent creep performance with temperature, superior long-term stability and a wide range of standard and custom designs is available. NMB strain gauges are used for manufacturing load cells and transducers as well as for applications in test and measurement. The sensor ranges include pressure, force and torque sensors,and loadcells covering 300g to 100te.



ONE EIGHTH 1/8 A4 page Landscape/horizontal 87 w x 63 h Price: € 380

ONE QUARTER 1/4 A4 page Portrait/vertical 87 w x 128 h Landscape/horizontal 216 w x 84 h Price: € 640

ONE THIRD 1/3 A4 page Landscape/horizontal 216 w x 105 h Portrait/vertical 72 w x 303 h Price: €720

HALF 1/2 A4 page Landscape/horizontal 216 w x 149 h Portrait/vertical 108 w x 303 h Price: €840

FULL A4 page 216 w x 303 h Price: €1100

DOUBLE A4 page 426 w x 303 h Price: €1400

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CUT SLIDING FLOORING..................40


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