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MEET MY AUDIENCE • Daniel Martin he lives in London, Essex in Romford and goes to the Chadwell Heath Academy 6th form studying Media, English, and Law in year 13 he is 18 years old. He is a British and his parents have also always lived in London.

•He likes going out with his friends on the weekend and also works at HMV. His taste in music has always been RnB the Artists which he normally listens to Drake, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Ed sheeran, Rhianna, The weeknd and Justin Timberlake. He prefers listening to radio channels such as Kiss, Capital and Radio 1 compared to Magic, Heart or Pulse. Daniel does not pay for his music he downloads them from the internet directly. His favourite films consist of the Boure series, Taken, Skyfalll, Mr and Mrs Smith, Twilight, Harry Potter and would sometimes watch films such as The vow or The notebook. Daniel would go to the cinema with his friends to watch some films such as Skyfall however would download other films to watch on his laptop rarely paying for them so would use websites such as Pirate Bay. Daniel would spend his spare time watching itv and spend most of his time on Comedy Central, BBC one, Sky 1, Itv and Dave watching series such as Smallvile, Eastenders, Top gear, Friends, How I met your mother and Two and a half men. However Daniel does not read much as he is busy in school work but occasionally likes reading the Twilight series and Harry Potter series. •He dresses with a modern touch, slightly smart and cares about his appearance. He prefers to shop from H and M, Top Man and Republic rather from JD sports. His casual clothes could consist of slim fit jeans, and a shirt. •The political part that Daniel votes for is labour as they believe in social justice, they have strong community values, they reward people or hard work and have a decency which are all things that Daniel believes in and those are simple morals that every citizen should live by. •Daniel has an I phone and socializes by twitter, instagram and texts his friends. He plays the guitar and enjoys righting songs in his free time.

Meet My Audience  

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