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21 Jump Street

This is the very first image which appeared suddenly in the opening sequence, it gives the audience a shock and confusion because it is very unexpected and suddenly flashes onto the screen, it creates high audience expectations as it makes them think the story might be told in a non linear style. It is also very unusual for the opening sequence to start this way. When the this appears there is also a loud ‘boom’ sound which may startle the audience but also engage them further, it instantly raises questions to why ‘THE END’ is at the beginning of a film, this is a very important convention of a opening sequence that questions are immediately raised and enigma is created.

This shot again immediately raises questions to why and when this explosion took place and the genre and style has been established which is action packed with lots of high energy drama. excitement is also created for the target audience who are mainly teenagers to younger adults who enjoy a fast paced movie. We also late note of who the film is directed by, as the directors name is behind an explosion this may connote that the film will be very unexpected and adventurous, engaging the audience into the film straight away. Before this scene there is a montage of shots that may confuse the audience again but raises questions towards the audience of how everything links up.

In this shot the representation of people in the movie comes into place by the fact that someone Is taking drugs through a note, gives us a good idea that the people portrayed in this film would not have very high morals, and the film may have a theme of drugs within it, meaning that this film is not suitable for younger audience. Through the mise-en-scene of this shot we are able to denote the fact that this film is set in the modern era as it has become more acceptable top openly deal with sensitive topics within films and perhaps turn them into a comedy aspect.

Here the camera work denotes to the audience the style of the film which is dangerous and adventurous, we can see that the film may no be mainly more aimed towards younger male audience as they enjoy this type of danger and excitement. This shot again creates high expectations towards to audience as it enforces the audience to think that the film will be full of high energy stunts to amaze them and also raised questions to why the car is flying across the sky. These are both important conventions of a opening sequence, if we do not have high expectations of the film at the start we will not be able to engage thought of the film as it does not bring anticipation to us as an audience.

In this shot, we see a dolphin which is completely unexpected due to the fact most of the previous shots were, very high energetic and boisterous, but in this shot it is completely opposite. This shot draws into the genre that this film may be a dark comedy, serious issues made into a joke. However it may also denote the fact this film may also target a female audience as dolphins are something which females are attracted too and find cute. Again this shot raises questions to why there is a random dolphin in the middle of all the seriousness, highlighting on an important convention on opening sequences.

This shot is very important as it may introduce one the main character, here the genre and style is raised again, and shows that the themes may be very dangerous. The style of the opening sequence has been made very fast paced though the editing and shows many shot clips of dangerous events is perhaps connoting the fact that the main character is prepared to take any risks and mystery is raised to why he is putting himself in such denotes situations, urging the audience to carry on watching the film and making it even more scting to watch as it gives off a very excited vibe threw to the audince though the music aswell.

This is the main shot which denotes the audience of institutional information, the fact that this has been a television serious means that the film already has a set target audience, this highly benefits them as they do not need to look for an audience and may raise the expectations of the set audience as to what will the film be about. However when talking about the mise-en-scene of this shot we are able to notice the fact that the character in the background id writing with a type writer creating mystery into the fact that the audience now are unsure of what era the film is set in.

Through these two shots it is made very apparent that the film is also targeted towards young female and it also introduces the main character, Channing Tatum is very popular among young females so the genre has come clear to us throughout the opening sequence that it may contain serious issues but are made light hearted incorporated with romance. It may raise expectations of the females as they would want to see who the main character (Channing Tatum) may get with or why love is involved with a series of explosions and high energy stunts.

In this shot we are finally introduced to the place where the film is set or perhaps where one of the main characters are from, and may engage the audience more because America is a place where exciting things happen and by using this technique of creating anticipation it engages the audience with the media text making them want to carry on watching, creating high expectations and also enhancing the fact that his film is a Hollywood film and will provide entertainment to wards the audience.

21 Jump Street  

Analysis of 21 jump street and the conventions

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