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p.r.a.y. jewelry

2014 Product List

Illuminate Om: Small & Large $123-135 *

Awaken Pendant $123-135

ALL Pendants available on –Brown organic silk chord *$123 -Gold plated, Silver plated, Brass chains

Empower Cuff $135

Dream Skull Ring $135

Enchantment Ring $123

*$135 for above pendants

Illuminate Buddha Necklace Small & Large, $160

Awaken Buddha Necklace $160

Vintage Buddha Tags – 50 yr old protective pieces blessed by Thai monks Single - $195 Double - $295 Single Small Om - $225 Double Small Om - $325 Single Large Om - $240 Double Large Om - $340

Dharma Necklace $185 (2014 tag) $295 original vintage tag

Om Dharma Charms $225 (2014 tag) $335 original vintage

Awaken Dharma Charms $245 (2014 tag) $355 original vintage

Heart Chakra Chakra Balancing Enlighten Buddha Buddha Buddha Necklace $108 $108 $108

Bliss Crystal Bullet $140

Xanadu Crystal Bullet $150

Harmonizing Buddha $108

Xanadu True $125

Buddha Love $135

Justine Crystal Bullet $145 Justine True, no crystals $115 (not pictured)

Duality Crystal Bullet –Single / Double Color –Single / Double Color $108

Azure Crystal Bullet $150

Courage Buddha Serenity Buddha Mala Mala $185 $185

Emerald Balancing Bracelet $145

*Custom: Personalized Gemstone Therapy Mala with full Vedic Astrology reading $380

*Custom: Personalized Gemstone Therapy Bracelets & Gem ,Pendants with full Vedic Astrology reading Wrap Bracelet: $175 Gem Pendant: $108

Seeking to heal individuals through jewelry, it is of the utmost importance that P.R.A.Y. also protect the environment during production & manufacturing. All co-creators & artisans working with P.R.A.Y. take an approach of non-attachment & do-no-harm, by also adding good energy to the pieces & world around them. It is P.R.A.Y.’s intention to bring benevolent energy to the West, via our line. P.R.A.Y. Jewelry (Pure Rock Angel Yogi) is a socially conscious, eco-friendly, transformative line of jewelry with the mission to Heal Mankind 1 Piece of Jewelry at a time. Our vision is to guide individuals who seek to find deeper meaning & purpose in their lives, by providing tools for re-balancing energy & centering within. When wearing P.R.A.Y. one’s energy aligns, leading to healing, centeredness, connection to truth, contributing to global wellness. All pieces are handcrafted & infused utilizing ancient techniques in the Far East. Imbued with high-vibration energy through these age-old processes, if worn regularly & with intention, P.R.A.Y. talismans allow a person to access higher states of self-realization otherwise inaccessible in every day life. For further information, please visit: or

Pray jewelry lookbook 2014 product list  
Pray jewelry lookbook 2014 product list