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Fun unlimited (Where fun never ends)


This is the era of globalization. ‘Entertainment’ is now considered as a service with the advancement of science and technology this service has got a new dimension. A number of Entertainment Parks has been established throughout the world. Recently I have also made our entry in this era. Our kids are now very much informative. They are familiar with western world and their culture. They have adapted with these culture very quickly.

Increasing Child Care around the World Kids become most important subject to concentrate on now bays. In modern world, they are enjoying world class facility. Their lifestyle become changed their pattern of education become smarter, in fact the role of children around the world become changed. Now, what about their entertainment? There are number of entertaining parks around the world is working for entertaining them. “Walt Disney” the most popular entertainment theme park for children is working for entertaining them. Now if I think about the children products the revolution has also committed in this sector. Lots of efforts are going on for improving children product and service. As a result I can see there are a number of children product based stores and retail shops.

Cultural Diversification Recent revolution in communication technology is the glory of modern science. World becomes smaller due to advancement of this technology. Our kids are now familiar with world culture and I are also committed to provide them world class facility. In fact our kids demand this type of facelifts. As a result, I can see a number of English medium schools have grown up and recently some entertainment theme park has also established. ‘Fantasy Kingdom’ a project of 250 cores TK. Has built up in Ashulia for entertaining them.

Our Aim Our aim is to make such an environment where kids can get real taste of fun. I will give our maximum effort to make our little customers happy. Our target is to make life of kids and their parents easier. For that reason I are trying to make such a palace where parents will find all the necessities for their lovely kids and fun as well.

Fun Unlimited This will be a paradise for the children in this planet earth. They will find everything what ever they want. Our product range will cover every single necessity of children; Game Zone will be ready for providing them maximum entertainment. What about parents? They are also welcome. I are waiting for them with some delicious dishes and excitement. With all of these you will make your dream true. Here your fun will never end. Because this is “FUN UNLIMITED”.

Market analysis Target Area Location selection is a hunt for a place that can match the requirements for starting up or expanding the operations of an enterprise. The term “Target area” plays a vital role in every business now days. As far as most of the businesses of modern era are customer oriented and the main concept of every business is profit maximization, selection of right place gives a comparative advantage then other Competitors. Thus almost every

entrepreneur concentrates highly in place selection matters and in fact it is the primary subject to concentrate on, before starting a business. Let us take some glimpses to check our arguments and to prove the significance of place selection. “HELVETIA” one of the most modern fast food shop of Dhaka city and become prominent for their service. If I look at the volume of the sells of two branches of it I will got a clear idea about the importance of proper location. The volume of sells of “HELVETIA” at “RIFLES SQUARE” are about TK. 35000 to TK. 40000 per day on the other hand “HELVETIA” at “KALABAGAN” sells TK. 10000 to TK. 15000 per day. Target Area: Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi I have selected Dhanmondi area, because this area is a most sophisticated and modern in the Dhaka city. Reasons Behind Such Target This is a very prominent residential area with surrounding a lot of shopping malls. As I evaluate this area I have find that there are a number of apartments and the owner of this apartments are higher middle class and middle class According to their Income level. They want to expend more on their children to provide them most modern facilities. The number of English, semi English and Bengali medium schools and kindergartens most of them takes TK. 1500 to TK. 5000 as tuition fees. Main reasons for selecting Dhanmondi are as follows – •

It is one of the most modern areas of Dhaka city.

It is one of the famous residential areas of Dhaka city with a large number of apartments.

Peoples who live here are economically very sound.

Communication system is very easy.

There are number of English, semi English and Bengali medium schools and kindergartens.

There are number of shopping malls and markets. So lots of people come here for shopping purpose every day.

There are too many domestic and foreign office in this area.

If I evaluate these points reasons for our choice will come out. As I are concentrating on a business like children’s entertainment, this area has a bit more potential than any other location. Because to get this type of service, money matters and I have confirmed it that most of the peoples of this area are economically sound. Most of our customers will be the students of schools and kindergartens and there are lots of English, semi English and Bengali medium schools and kindergartens. Moreover communication system is very easy and currently lots of shopping malls have built up.

Market segment Firstly to target customer I are concentrating on a specific region. Then I have targeted a group of people who have a desire to buy this type of services. I can not count them specifically but as it is mentioned before that there are a number of multi national companies in this area and people who are engaged in this in companies are economically very sound. I have our spotlight on two groups one is young parents and other is their child. Our targeted customers are interdependent on each other. Behavioral pattern of a child depends on parents and now a day’s preferences of a child also get priority. Our market segmentation issues are as follows Young couples Age-28-38 Social class- middleclass& higher middle class Characteristics These young parents are very conscious. They are committed to provide top class facilities to their children whether it is education or entertainment. More over these peoples are economically very sound. They are concentrating hard to increase the standard of their living style.

Kids Age-2-5 Characteristics These kids are in infant level. They are not matured enough to choose something. But their parents are committed to give them world class facility. They are fond of colorful items like balls balloons etc. Children Age- 6-12 Characteristics These children are very smart now days. Their interactions with modern world become easier because of advancement of electronic media. They are fond of high speed video games, 3d movies, low speed rides etc. they like hot spicy foods and soft drinks.

Competitors It would seem a simple task for a company to identify its competitors. However, the range of a company’s actual and potential competitors is in really much broader. A company is more likely to be hurt by emerging competitors or new technologies than by current competitors. Every company has to face competition from existing competitor or from upcoming competitors. In our case there is not too many competitor existing in the market. The competitors that are existing, business pattern of them are not exactly similar as ours. The companies that I have to face are as follows – HFC HFC is a fast food shop with specialized in children entertainment. There is a game zone in HFC. There are also some child based products. Their facilities include low speed racing car, video games and Billiard board for the parents.

Helvetia It is mainly a fast food shop but there is a game zone for children’s. Wimpy It is one of the most popular first food restaurants of Bangladesh. It has a mini kid’s park with small see-saws, small houses of plastic etc. Mina Bazaar It is newly established modern shopping mall. Here a person can get all the necessities his needed. It has an underground restaurant and children’s park. Here children will find many types of games and fun. Nandan Park It is newly established entertainment park in Ashulia. It is a complete entertainment park which includes the facilities like water rides, Mini Park and many types of funny rides. Parents will also find different types of children product here.

Facilities We are going to introduce a number of modern entertaining products and foods for children. There will be a 3000 sft game zone with full of entertaining toys and audio visual games. I will also arrange world class foods for the child and their parents. I will also provide smart colorful children’s wares. Our product range will also cover various types of toys, comic and fun books. The following entertainment facilities will be available –  A large basket with full of colorful balls.  A large foamy bed where children can jump  Some models of mini houses and caves with some stuffed animal.  There will be some automatic mini low speed cars.  I will also arrange some modern video games.  I arrange 3D movie show for children once in a week.

Food Court In food court I will arrange popular food items for children and their parents. In food court our customers will get following –  Different type of burger, pizza, hot dog, French fries sandwich, different type of salad with available for children and parents. I will also arrange Bengali food as per demand.  There will be a large range drinks including different types of Juices like mango, orange, apple grapes etc., milk shacks and traditional soft drinks like RC-Cola, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi-Cola etc. Mini Mall for Children Here parents will find different types of essential products for their children. Our main objective is to create a value through consumer satisfaction. For that reason I have assorted a number of essential children products with maintaining world class facility. Keep it mind, in pricing policy I are very conscious to make it reasonable. Cloth In clothing style and current fashion is most important things to consider because now days children are very much up to date with world fashion trends. This is because they are now familiar with world culture. Many types of colorful cloths like T-shirt, several types of Pant and Cap etc. of world class brand and local famous designer will be available. I will also supply special dresses for birthday party in which photos of children will attached. Foods World class chocolates, Ice creams, candies, biscuits will be available here. I are committed to provide most popular food items for little kids. In case of food our objective is to provide best quality of food.

Books Different types of books including comedy, comics, local and foreign magazine will be available.

Project Analysis To establish Fun Unlimited project, its need some time and also proper networking planning. Network planning methods can help managers monitor and control projects. These methods treat a project as a set of interrelated activities that can be visually displayed in a network diagram, which consists of nodes that depict the relationships between activities.

Diagramming Fun Unlimited Project Activity


Immediate Predecessors Time


Select administrative staff




Select site and survey




Select equipment




Construction plan and layout




Bring utilities to the site




Interview applicants




Purchase and take delivery of equipment




Construct the Fun Unlimited




Install the equipment

E, G, H



Train technical and customer shaprt staff

F, I, J


The AON network diagram for the Fun Unlimited based on 10 activities and their precedence relationships is shown below –













Network Diagram for the Fun Unlimited

To complete the project Fun Unlimited, estimated time is 181 weeks. And every work is complete in this time duration. In this project I find four paths. Path

Estimated Time









And the critical path is second one A-C-G-J-K. Estimated time is 79 weeks for the path. As the longest, it constitutes the critical path.

Conclusion At the end I can say it that it will be a profitable venture. My observations make it clear that there is a demand for entertainment. The most significant thing is people want everything under a roof now days. So far I have arranged I will be able to full fill almost every necessity of children. Parents will also enjoy our quality foods and unique service. I have mentioned it before that our target is moving towards children. For them I have arranged both entertainment and their essential product. For promoting all of these I

have allocated an amount initially. Our target is to create a new dimension in this sector. I will change the concept of traditional business through our quality and unique service. This will be the place where dreams will come true. Infect I are committed to make it.


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