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So it’s not the end of the world.... or is it.. sometimes it is hard to know with everything going on, governments failing, nations warring, children starving, people hurting, babies crying, fish drowning, rivers spawning mutant animals... yup the world may not be ending but everything seems to be changing... so what do we do... where do we turn?... is this the end?


3 Ch







Real/Reality- so if there is one part of the book that is least

Church/Lamps Seven Lampstands for Seven Churchesa light in the world for each church gathered and written to the words written are on the behalf of Jesus reported by John!

Ephesus- have done the work but abandoned/forgotten their first/ original love- Christ above

disputed it is the opening section of letters written to churches. Much like Paul (only abbreviated) is John’s opening section of wisdom/prophecy written to very distinct churches. These letters carry a particular pastoral/prophetic message to each group. The letters also reflect the delivery route that the book would have been delivered too. Unlike the Amazon/B&N of today John’s vision was hand delivered and “circuit-rode” around the Ancient Near East/Asia Minor. Each message carries a different tone and message listen in to each one specifically!

<<Image- remove lampstand>>

Smyrna- faithful suffering servants even in poverty, fearful of what future may bring “Be faithful for crown of life!” <<Image-crown of life>>

Pergamum-in the middle of a dark place, but still faithful, except for the Nicolatians who are false teachers <<Image-white stone, secret name>>

Thyatira-great works of faith and love, but toleration of Jezebel false prophetess, hold fast to the true teachings, <<Image-morning star and shattered earthen pots>>

Sardis-reputation of being alive... but really dead, forgotten what you have heard, wake up! there are some with unsoiled garments <<Image- name in book of life and white garments>>

Philadelphia- kept the word not denied but with little power, patient endurance = power, kept from trial, He is coming soon! <<Image- open door, crown of life, new name>>

Laodicea- neither hot nor cold, lukewarm church, he is standing at the door, knocking, waiting... hear His voice <<Image- lukewarm puke, knocker at the door>>

Notes:_____________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ THEEND To Do: Week 3- Words Week 4- Beasts Week 5- Battles

So after the letters to the churches there is an interesting section that is one of the infamous “sevens” of Revelation. The first “seven” was the churches the next, the seals. In this section the a hero is revealed the Lion of Judah who is a lamb, because he is the one who can open the seals on the scroll. However, in doing so many terrible things happen before the final resolution. It is important to note the interaction between the living creatures and the lamb and the progression of the seals.


1-Apoc Rider- White- Conquest 2-Apoc Rider- Red- War 3-Apoc Rider- Black- Famine 4- Apoc Rider- Pale- Death 5- Altar of Slain Souls- bearing witness to the world 6-Great Earthquake- blackened sun bloody moon (intermittent action) Pause for the 144,000 and Great Multitudes 7-Silence

TheEnd Handout 3 Church and Lamp  

TheEnd a study in Revelation, proof that Revelation is not a script or playbook for past or future history but artistic images for today. th...

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