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So it’s not the end of the world.... or is it.. sometimes it is hard to know with everything going on, governments failing, nations warring, children starving, people hurting, babies crying, fish drowning, rivers spawning mutant animals... yup the world may not be ending but everything seems to be changing... so what do we do... where do we turn?... is this the end?



Introducing Revelation: New Testament Prophecy isn’t just a far away thing! Authorship: John Audience: Circulated amongst churches mentioned in letter Genre: Letter/Prophecy Spiritual Issues: Struggles/Hopelessness/Fear Cultural Issues at Time of Writing: Roman Power Cult, Imperial Leadership, Young/Fledgling Church

“most discussed, most debated, sometimes even most hated”

Important Notesit is the literature of a minority community in their experience of powerlessness. It is basically a justification of God in the face of powerlessness and oppression. Seeing it in its proper theological construct: “Eschatology -Apocalyptic” -this book is for those who believe, this book was not meant to turn the hardened of hearts but to empower the overly softened of spirits

Fight the Power!

The Book of Revelation-

Apocalyptic literature in the Bible Apocalyptic is the literature of the people of God in their experience of powerlessness Apocalyptic arise in situations where God seems far removed, the righteous are at risk, and the world seems chaotic, out of control. It is written to recast reality; to say that God continues to guide history OT BooksDaniel and Ezekiel NT BooksRevelation


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Counting on God- or 1,2,3,4 Apocalypse More! THEEND To Do: Week 1- Training Week 2- Images Week 3- Words

1-Unity, Oneness, Onlyness 2-witnesses, beasts, representatives 3-God’s number, trinity, Holiness, Relationship/Community 4-completeness, God’s creation, the world 6-man, humanity, darkened humanity 7-perfection of God in something, fullness of... 10-completion, fullness 12- God’s People or Rule of Kingdom or Tribes 24-covering of man’s fullness

TheEnd Handout 1 Training  

TheEnd a study in Revelation, proof that Revelation is not a script or playbook for past or future history but artistic images for today. th...

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