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Title Page By: Matthew Myers

Elementals Water




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Chapter 1 The Beginning Daniel woke with a start. “That was a weird dream” he said, “What?” Tyler said (Daniel’s brother) “I dreamt about a girl her name was Alexis” Daniel responded “Ohhhhhhhh” Tyler mocked “Daniel’s got a girl friend… OW! Hey, you hit me!” “I did not” Daniel snapped “You liar!” Tyler retorted. “You’re just jealous” Daniel said “About what” their mom answered starring wide eyed the boys answered “Nothing” in unison, and then went back to bed. In the morning when they woke up and went downstairs for breakfast they were both exhausted, “Why are you guys so exhausted?” there mother asked “Dunno” they said together, Daniel exhaled deeply suddenly the table started shaking staring wide eyed Tyler yelled “Earthquake!” they dove under the table. “There is no earthquake, which is very weird” she said staring at Daniel proudly. “Why are you staring at me like that?” “Oh, nothing” his mother replied. Tyler and Daniel ran outside to toss a baseball around. “I’m bored” whined Tyler “Hey, lets wrestle” “No, I don’t want to” Daniel replied, Tyler started punching him “C’mon, don’t be a baby” Tyler mocked “I said NO” Daniel said infuriated, a gust of wind blew Tyler off his feet, Tyler screamed and a jet of flames shot out of his hand. “What the heck?”

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Daniel exclaimed, from behind Daniel their mother shouted “Finally!” “What do you mean ‘finally’?” Tyler shouted “I mean your powers are finally showing themselves.”

Chapter 2 Finding Out “What powers?” Daniel said “The powers you were born with, you guys are Elementals” their mother replied. “You have got to be joking” Tyler said “That’s impossible” Daniel gaped. “Well if its impossible then explain what just happened” their mother countered. “Well… I don’t’ know” Tyler said. “So we are ‘Elementals’” Daniel asked “Yes, I wanted to tell you sooner but I could not make my self do it” their mom answered. “Couldn’t make yourself do it mom this is to big for those words!” Tyler answered “Besides you probably don’t know how we got them anyway” “Well you’re wrong about that young man” their mother said “What we need to do right now is train your powers” Daniel said “For what?” “Monsters.” “Monsters you’ve got to be joking” Tyler said “Oh I’m not and… Oh No!” “What?” the boys asked “If

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you have your powers then… Oh No!” “What!” they said very irritated. “That must mean your sisters must have gotten their powers too!”

Chapter 3 Sisters “Okay…What!” Daniel exclaimed “We have sisters!” “Yes I am so sorry I have not told you guys about this until now” their mom answered “So what are their names?” Tyler asked “Well there is Waverly and… Alexis.” Daniel looked at his mom wide eyed and muttered “What!” “Yes those are there names now can we get on with you’re powers?” “Yes mom” they answered. “Okay now Daniel you’re power is Wind and Tyler yours is Fire.” “What about our sisters?” Tyler interrupted “I was getting to that, now Waverly is Water and Alexis is Earth, now on with the training.” Suddenly there was a knock at the door their mom went to answer it she opened the door and screamed. “What?” the boys said together their mom walked into the room with two other girls. “Boys I have some news for you” “What” Daniel said eying the girls suspiciously “These girls are. . . your sisters!” Tyler’s jaw dropped “What!” Daniel exclaimed!

To Be Continued!


From behind Daniel their mother shouted “Finally!” “What do you mean ‘finally’?” Tyler shouted “I mean your powers are finally showing thems...