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Brand Book

“We help people love life a little more by creating items to uniquely reflect their style, and with full support of that style.� -Stacia Kelly Owner

Screen Tee Gallery is a store that creates, sells, and showcases the creations of local artists, whether or not they have any experience. We create a product unique to their specifications. When someone has a personal joke, or creative idea they can’t find anywhere else they come to us and we can create it. As well we tend to facilitate the ability for other people to make money by creating marketing tools and other brand merchandise. We have streamlined our system to work best for other small businesses, or other entrepreneurs to gain access to these opportunities at a lower investment scale.

We have to create an environment for all people to feel comfortable with.



Letting every customer create what they want.


Giving every customer the same chance to create and show their own work.


Being open to any customers choice of style.


Always approaching something differently.


GRAPHIC TEE LOVER This person expresses himself through his awesome t-shirt collection. Always looking for the next best shirt to show off to his friends, he makes sure that no one else will have his next purchase. It seems every shop he goes to now is getting more and more popular, so now it’s up to Screen Tee Gallery for him to find a truly one of kind shirt.

FUNNY SHIRT GUY This guy always loves being the center of attention when walking into anywhere. Telling jokes is such a big part of this guys life, that he needs a back-up joke on his chest. After spending countless hours looking at internet memes, he needs Screen Tee Gallery to find the perfect shirt to reference his favorite TV show.

ASPIRING ARTIST Art is this girls life. This artist is influenced by street art and loves brands like Obey and Ecko. She hopes that one day she too can have here own urban clothing brand. After finishing up her latest piece that contains her signature tag, she heads up to Screen Tee Gallery to get a couple of shirts printed for her and her friends to represent.


When first approaching this redesign, I had three basic directions. One was representing digital printing in a fictional sense. Because Screen Tee doesn’t actually use screen based printing, I thought it would be awesome to visualize what digital futuristic printing would look like. It would’ve led for this screen to become a visual element that showed change through it’s passing. Another idea was to represent the gallery in an ironic and comedic approach. Even though the store does showcase t-shirts as if it were art, you still wouldn’t expect red velvet ropes, gallery lighting, and constant security. My last idea was to create an icon set to represent each subculture that Screen Tee sought after. Cyclists, graffiti artists, skaters, mustache enthusiasts, and many more. This along with approaching the many different types of ways to write Screen Tee Gallery like a graffiti artist would. In the end, I had a mixture of representing the individual customer and appreciating anything they had made enough to be put in a frame and showcased for everyone to see.

DIN Cond Black Bold, current, and to the point. Should be used for titles and basic labeling in all caps.

Lato Bold & Regular Basic, friendly, and a slightly different approach. Should be used for any body copy and simple text. #408327





I used lime green to really embrace the creativity and individuality of the customer. And since there’s depth in the logos frame, there’s going to be different shades of the color I used.


Stacia Kelley Owner 817-504-5252

This artwork was created by

What if after you created your first shirt and signed your own tag, Screen Tee had a physical hanging frame for you to take your picture. Every customer would then be able to share their creation amongst their friends and their picture could be added to a growing collection. Something that Screen Tee Gallery could keep and showcase for every future customer to see!

Designed by Zacree Cobos

Screen Tee Gallery Brand Book  

Screen Tee Gallery Brand Book designed by Zacree Cobos

Screen Tee Gallery Brand Book  

Screen Tee Gallery Brand Book designed by Zacree Cobos