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4 Reasons Why Nature Makes the Best Hammock

We’ve come a long way since Mayan villagers on the Mexican coast began weaving hammocks from woven tree bark fibers over 500 years ago. Artisans have explored new weaving techniques, various sizes, and a myriad of different materials. But despite all the advances, the best hammocks are still the ones that use the most natural fibers. Here are the few reasons why the best hammocks are woven from pure, natural cotton. Cotton Hammocks Stretch. The problem with synthetic materials in a hammock is that they feel…synthetic. Polyester, nylon, and Duracord are great for resisting the elements, wind, rain, sun exposure, etc. Unfortunately, the same properties that make them waterproof can also make them rigid and unforgiving. Cotton, on the other hand, stretches. The flexible, natural fibers perform a perfect give and take with your body weight and shape and support your weight comfortably, gently, and softly. Focus on the Weave When shopping for the most comfortable hammock focus on the weave, which is even more important than the material for the stretch factor. The intricate double weaves of hand-woven Nicaraguan and Mayan (Mexican) hammocks makes gives them amazing stretch-ability. The interlocking diamond patterns in the weave shift and adjust to your body’s natural weight, providing the ultimate in comfort and strength. Cotton is Cool Ever relaxed in a hammock during a snowstorm? Probably not. Hammocks were meant for warm, sunny days. At the beach, in the backyard, or on the patio. So when choosing a hammock you’ll want a cool material. Cotton conducts heat and absorbs moisture. Two reasons why it’s the coolest material to wear. Have you ever worn a rain jacket on a hot and humid day? It’s wet and miserable. Polyester and nylon hammocks or all weather fabric hammocks are the same way. You’ll end up lying in a pool of your own sweat. Your Skin Prefers Cotton Cotton is hypo-allergenic. Even though that sounds like too many syllables for a conversation about hammocks it matters. Synthetic fibers not only feel scratchy but can often cause skin irritation or redness or rashes. Since cotton is naturally hypo-allergenic its not only more comfortable, its actually more healthy.

Cotton Hammocks are more comfortable. At work you might wear a polyester suit and tie. At home? Sweatpants and a plain white tee. Both made from 100% cotton. Why? Because they’re more comfortable. Not only does cotton stretch and breathe better, but its softer too. Hammocks are the same. The most comfortable hammocks in the world are woven from cotton. They feel soft against the skin. Just as nature intended. Find more information regarding Best hammock and cotton hammocks please visit

Best cotton hammocks  
Best cotton hammocks  

Cotton is hypo-allergenic. Even though that sounds like too many syllables for a conversation about hammocks it matters. Synthetic fibers no...