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My Worst Experience

My worst experience was the day of my second lesson. I was observed during this lesson. This lesson was very well thought out and well planned. However, it did not go the way that I had hoped. To start off the bad day, I had one of the worst colds that I think I have ever had. I felt awful. The lesson started and my throat was killing me. The lesson went on as planned until Ms. Love left. Then it all fell apart. All of the kids were talking and Mrs. Jones was not paying attention. We did the reader’s theater and it was over. I did not feel good about it. Mrs. Jones did not seem too impressed. I felt that my first lesson was far better than the second. The first went very well and pretty much as planned. Even though my day was very bad. It was not terrible. I am pleased that I had to think for a very long time what my worst day was.

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