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Ailment Caused Due To Improper Blood Flow

CCSVI is a word that is used to describe a typical kind of blood flow that would drain the CNS. This is basically caused due to blockage in the vein or some abnormalities in the vein. Such situations cause ailments like multiple sclerosis. It has to be treated in order to increase the blood flow and ensure proper functioning of body parts. Cause: This is caused due to blockage in the vein that stops blood from flowing. Stenosis is a condition where veins narrow thereby blocking the blood flow. This occurs either due to vein getting twisted or vein collapsing. A valve or flap in the vein can also stop blood flow. There are certain abnormalities where a vein remains underdeveloped or a vein is entirely missing. Such cases also stop blood flow. Diagnosis: Diagnosis of this problem involves five criteria. They are: A reflux in vertebral veins and internal jugular. A reflux in cerebral veins. Nonappearance of flow mainly in vertebral veins and also internal jugular. Inverted controls of postural of main outflow pathways of cerebral venous. Evidence of presence of stenosis. Any two of the above criteria are sufficient enough to diagnose this problem. Problems caused:

This causes several malfunctions in the body. Such blood vessels cause deposition of iron in the brain which creates issues in the nerve. Since blood flow is obstructed to the CNS it will remain drained. Due to this the blood flow from CNS back to the heart is slowed down and this causes the blood to flow back to the spine and brain. Treatment methods: Stenting and balloon angioplasty were the known treatment methods which are suggested less currently. The CCSVI treatment method that is proposed is called liberation therapy. There are several trials being held to find out if the proposed method is an apt treatment method. Another method is endovascular treatment. While undergoing this treatment, a patient need not be admitted in the hospital. No cuts or anaesthesia is required. The process involves a catheter that is passed through the body to the veins. When a blockage is found, the catheter, a balloon is inflated by the catheter and the blockage is removed. Sometimes all the blocks cannot be removed in a single session. In such cases, more than one session is required. These sessions will be months apart. There are still more studies going on in different parts of the world to find more effective methods to treat CCSVI. There are many trials being held to find the most effective one. Many people suffer from this problem and they also suffer from various other ailments that are caused due to vein blockage. Proper blood flow is very important for a person to remain healthy. Improper blood flow can cause a lot of malfunctioning in the body which can affect any important body parts. Proper blood flow also ensures proper working of all body parts. A blockage in the blood flow is highly risky and cause even cause death. Thus, it is very important to diagnose such problems as early as possible and take necessary CCSVI treatment.

Ailment Caused Due To Improper Blood Flow  
Ailment Caused Due To Improper Blood Flow - CCSVI is a word that is used to describe a typical kind of blood flow that would drain the CNS. This is basically cau...