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zach waggoner Music, design, and exploring take up most of my days. I enjoy getting away, finding a place where it’s just me and the beautiful Earth; exploring the way it works, how everything depends on one another to function. This is how I dream up most my ideas and why I have a passion for design and web development. I bring those feelings into my work, not how to get a project done, but what it takes to make it fit where it’s supposed to and work with other elements by its side. No shortcuts or lies because nature doesn’t do so. What you create must function successfully as a whole to bring purpose to the end result or it will mean nothing and soon fall apart. The best part of it all is that everything we do evolves and that when done successfully at the end of the day you get to watch people interact with your ideas.


the wolf and the wolverine campaign


The main reason for my venture into graphic design is largely due to my music passion. We started this band back in the summer of 2010 after I had come back from Austin, Texas to start my degree in Graphic Design at Pittsburg State University. Through the two years we wrote and produced all of our own music and performed throughout the mid-west. It was a fun project to partake in, as we were trying to push the Indie-Electronic music scene into the Midwest. I always tried to see new ways of marketing via interactive posters or via online to get our show attendance higher. We even went as far as a “Music Bus” to get our fans up to Kansas City, MO for an enjoyable night at a music venue downtown.

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Creative Director Front-end Web Development Photographer Live Performer / Drummer Social Media Manager


Name 2012 ADDY AWARD


Shirt Size S








PBR Branding Campaign


Shortly after joining ARC, I had the opportunity to grow a brand from scratch. I was responsible for designing everything from photography to web design for Progressive Bike Ramps. We knew from the start that in order to have a deep impact in the community we needed to provide real life examples of using the equipment. I went on a total of 4 photoshoots with professional riders in the area and used the photography as a basis for most of our print collateral. One year later, PBR is now shipping products internationally and we set up tradeshows to help push it to be #1 in the industry.

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Creation of Logo and Branding Brochures Flyers Photo shoots Tradeshow Events



PBR Responsive Website


With a new brand came the opportunity for responsive design. This was my first project to apply this technique and I enjoyed experimenting with how the layout transformed from desktop to mobile. I applied my skills in Wordpress and added some media queries to tie it all together. One of the many opportunities I came across was having Wordpress pull different sized images based on its viewport to ensure that long load times didn’t interrupt the experience.

• Branded and Designed UI Custom Wordpress Templates • HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP • Browser Compliant to IE 7


American Ramp Company


American Ramp Company is a skate park manufacturer located in Joplin, Missouri. After interning as the Web Designer for American Ramp Company, I was brought on full-time as the Creative Director in May 2012. I managed a small team of creative’s as we helped brand American Ramp Company into 2013. Everything from web design to tradeshow events came through the department and it was up to me to manage, prioritize, provide direction and execute upper management ideas into print and interactive collateral. Although the creative department was in-house, we also offered our time to non-profit organizations in the area.

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Creative Direction / Designer Print Management Print Design Brand Management Photographer


ARC WEbsite re-design


I had three weeks to put this behemoth together. I had trust in the company as far as creative direction and went with a lot of the styles that upper management had been used to seeing with my year of experience at ARC. Wordpress was my go to, as I needed reps from all over the world to be able to add content and translate throughout the site. Everything from the logo to any picture or content is editable through the Wordpress admin. Every sidebar is connected to a specific section of the site so all of the content is relevant to what you are reading on the left side of the website. The website is compliant all the way down to IE 7.

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Creative Direction / Designer CSS, HTML, jQuery & PHP Customize for 35 Countries SEO




While Freelancing with Metrodigi, I had the opportunity to create multiple e-pub compliant e-books from designed PDF’s and InDesign files. The book above was an architecture magazine where I had to layout and code to pixel perfection. I was required to use HMTL and CSS that was compliant with CSS2. This was to ensure that every e-book reader rendered the same to compel a similar experience. Semantic HTML was of high priority since these books were past on to JavaScript Developers to add interactivity.

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Export graphics from InDesign Write semantic HTML Style CSS positioned absolutely Ensure book worked on all devices


Where do you go?

protect your family


Atlas Safe Rooms are manufactured and tested to withstand even the strongest EF-5 tornado. Atlas Safe Rooms are truly “The Strongest Choice”.

fina availncing able

sizes & pricinG 4’x2’ $3,400

6’x2’ $3,800

4’x4’ $4,000

6’x8’ $6,400

4’x6’ $4,800

6’x10’ $7,200

4’x8’ $5,600


2-3 person

4-6 person 6-8 person

10-12 person

Storm ShelterS panic roomS

3-4 person

12-14 person 14-16 person

*Other sizes must be in increments of 2 feet with a minimum width of 4 feet.


exceeds fema standards

gh Lo Sec ck ur it Hi

In Ou do td or o oo r r





relocatable, expandable, and fits in any room or garage

Pa 2 ne ' M l od As u se lar m bl y


lo ca t

ab le


use for tornado shelter, panic room, Gun safe, or secure storage.

1-800-781-0112 w w w. at l a ssa fer o o ms.c o m The STrongeST ChoiCe

Atlas Safe Rooms


A brand new company came out of ARC and I was there to guide visual direction as it took its first steps into becoming a big player after the 2011 Joplin tornado. Within three months we had two retail locations, branding, video commercials, and tradeshow events booked. The company needed to look strong, but friendly, so we agreed on blue and round corners for visual representation. It was also very important for a clean corporate feel as we would soon be pushing our business nationally and didn’t want to niche ourselves into the Midwest market.

• • • • •

Creative Direction Branding Retail Design Tradeshow Materials Promotional Collateral



I AM Joplin


Helping out with House of Hope for this project was a dream come true. Everybody in the Joplin area was affected by the May 2011 EF-5 tornado and everybody was finding ways to help out in the community. I was interning for ARC and found my way to House of Hope to help promote an event that would bring children K-12 back together before the school year started. The purpose of the event was to encourage them to talk with peers in a recreational way to help cope with the prior months of events. It was my first responsibility in a creative role and I thank House of Hope everyday for the opportunity to help the community of Joplin get back on their feet.

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Branding Logo Design Photography Print Collateral


Zach Waggoner Portfolio


Recently moving out West to California, I needed something that explained what my passions and interests are. I am enthusiastic about mobile responsive design; in my spare-time I like to write blog posts about my findings to help other web designers find their way through the web. Featuring most recent work and a way to get a hold of me, I set up a 2013 view of my life as it is now and what to expect from me in the future.

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Wordpress Designer (HTML + CSS) Wordpress Developer (jQuery + PHP) Content Writer Photographer Graphic Designer

“Where ever you go, go with all your heart” - Confucius

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