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The Orders of the Rights By: Zach Richards

• Have you ever wondered what the first orders were of the 66. well they are really simple they are very similar to our US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

• The first order is the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and the Freedom of using the Force

• The Second order is the Right to Bear Light sabers and Laser Blasters.

• The Third Order is the Empire cannot make us house storm troopers in our homes.

• The Fourth Order is the empire cannot look through our stuff without having a warrant.

• The Fifth order is that regular people and aliens cannot be arrested for doing a crime without it being authorized by the senate.

• The Sixth order is that the accused will have a quick trail and shall be judged fairly.

• The Seventh order is that in order for a person to sue you there must be at least 20 Galactic Credits being lost.

• The Eighth order is that no cruel or unusual punishment is allowed.

• The ninth order is rights that are not specified are included in the rights of a person.

• The tenth order is that power not given to the emperor is given to the individual planets or states.

• The thirteenth order is that anyone in the galaxy cannot use any slaves.

• The nineteenth order gave women the right to vote, be a Jedi/or sith, and gave them the right to be in the senate.

• The twenty third order gave coruscant electoral votes for the galactic empire.

• The fifteenth order gave suffrage to all males regardless of its species

• The twenty first order ended the prohibition of blue milk.

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Bill of Rights