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Writing Assignment #1 Ever get a flat tire driving around town? Did you know how to change it? If not, pay attention to these easy steps and next time this happens to you, you'll be ready to change that tire! 1) Locate all necessary tools. For most passenger cars your spare tire will be in the trunk of your vehicle. Near the tire you should also find a Lug Nut Wrench and a Jack to raise the vehicle. 2) Loosen the lug nuts on the tire that has popped. Before raising the car loosen the nuts on your specific tire. This is done because once the car has been lifted all leverage will be lost. Instead of loosening the lug nuts you'll simply be spinning the tire. 3) Once you have your lug nuts loose enough, raise the vehicle with the jack. The jack will slide underneath the car between the front and back wheels. If it's a front wheel you're changing place the jack closer to that edge and vice versa. 4) From here the lug nuts should unscrew by hand rendering the tire free. Take that old tire off and throw it in the trunk for now. With an open wheel well you can now install the spare tire. Slide the tire over the bolts and firmly hand tighten the lug nuts back on. 5) Once you've tightened down the lug nuts as far as possible using your hands lower the vehicle. From here you once again use the lug nut wrench to tighten the lug nuts to appropriate levels. 6) Once everytyhing is tightened up and put away you're all set to hit the road. Be cautious though, spare tires don't hold up as well as normal tires and are only meant to drive you to the nearest repair shop. Good luck!

Writing Assignment #1