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Blog #4: Communication Breakdown

This past Tuesday at work was a royal pain in my a**. To start we were busy, which is generally a good thing when things are going smoothly. That particular day, things weren't going smoothly. At all. For starters our bus boy was late. So as he was making his way to work our dishes stacked up beyond what we could handle. Our owner, Pat was forced to attend to them. Because of this we were left short handed out front. Then, from there things only got worse. Misplaced orders, spilled drinks, incorrect items being delivered, and the cherry on top was the phone going down. That's right, a business who makes a living off of take out orders and fielding questions was left without any communication. The Verizon tech was there for about three hours trying to fix our problem. He finally got it going, around 7pm after we'd been open for about nine hours. It just goes to show you that even when you think you've been working the same dead-end job forever something can pop up and take you by surprise at any moment, for better or worse.

Blog #4  
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