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Blog #1: Unexpectedly Busy Anybody working in a bar or restaurant knows there are always those "slow" days. It might be a Monday Day shift that you despise. Or it could be that Wednesday night that just can't seem to generate any business consistently. Whatever day it is, we've all seen them. You clean constantly hoping for a customer to come in and give you something to do, but they rarely do. Maybe one or two every so often. If you've never worked in the food industry the main problem with this is No Customers = No Money, and we all need money. Last Tuesday was shaping up to be one of these days as our server Rich and I worked. I had three people sitting at the bar while Rich had a table of 3 ladies and nobody else. We talked about sports, our weekend plans, and social events because we had the time. Then, within 30 minutes we were running hectic all over the restaurant trying to keep up with our customers. In the blink of an eye we had filled up to capacity and were being overrun. The bar had 25-30 people while Rich had close to 60 people eating at booths, tables, patio tables, and anywhere else they could grab a seat. These are the days we work for. This is what keeps us working in the food and beverage industry. You're literally running to the back to grab that beer you just ran out of, sweating as you drop of the soup of the day at one table and fresh waters to that new table that just sat down at the same time, and you pray you don't cut yourself as you're rapidly cutting through fresh lemons, limes, and oranges for all the beverages you're handing out. It's absolute chaos for that short "busy time." And it's what we love. When you're busy like that you get into a sort of flow where you don't really ask questions or wait for something to happen, you do it and you get the job done. After all the smoke has cleared and the people have left you remain standing. Dishes stacked to the absolute limit, glassware soaking in sanitizer cause you had nowhere else to put them, tables left astrew, and the bar top still remains covered with glasses and water rings. Now it's time to clean up. You sift through the debris and tidy up what you can. Put the dishes through the wash, sweep up those crumbs they dropped, wipe down the table, and finally restock all that damn ketchup they used. But that the bottom of that pile of rubble is your tip. And THAT is what we work for. Being slammed like that is NO FUN whatsoever. But counting your money at the end of the day and walking home with over $200 cash for a 6 hour shift IS. And that's why we love to be Unexpectedly Busy.

Blog #1