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YOU INSPIRE US.                               As alumni, you exemplify a Flint Hill education. Taking your ability and knowledge, successfully pursuing college studies, moving on and out to lead and effect change wherever you go… you represent the story we tell current Flint Hill students: A Flint Hill education is WHERE


IGNITES A PASSION FOR LEARNING… and that learning can take you wherever you want to go.                              

YOUR SUPPORT OF FLINT HILL IS CRITICAL.                               We realize we haven’t done the best job to let you know how much your support matters. Compared to those schools we compete with (in the classroom and through athletics), our alumni giving is very low. We know this doesn’t reflect your commitment to your alma mater.                              

WHY IS ALUMNI GIVING SO IMPORTANT?                              

➊ Strengthening reputation and school profile; ➋ School growth; ➌ Meeting the needs between the cost of education

and tuition.


ANY AMOUNT HELPS: $25, $75, $100                               Exceptional faculty and staff, extraordinary athletics and arts, and dedicated financial aid dollars are all ways your support will make an impact.                              

WE INVITE YOU TO IGNITE THEIR PASSION.                               Give to the Annual Fund and your gift helps all year long, as our faculty and staff work alongside students to drive them to exceed wildly beyond their aspirations.                              


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