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For 40 years,

John Thomas

has donned a mustache. It’s his signature mark, a facial emblem since


Be part of updating our Headmaster’s look by joining in the 2013 Annual Fund Participation Campaign, dubbed:

Spring Clean Shave

The successf


ul participat ion campaig n two years into the elem ago took Joh ents, perilo n us as they w ere, to build office atop th a m ak eshift e roof of each campus. Co urageous an yes, but it ga d risky, rnered fame for Flint Hil l as the leve participatio l of parent n in the Ann ual Fund in creased to 50 %.

More Important Than A Clean Shave Why is this so important? It’s more than to have a clean shaven Headmaster. Our School’s leadership already has 100% participation – from our Faculty and Staff, our Board of Trustees, and our Parents Association Board. We need you to join them in this effort. Our competitor Schools all have at least 65% parent participation to their Annual Fund – we are leaders in so many other areas, let’s be leaders in philanthropy as well. As our Development Office asks organizations who provide

High Stakes

Your n higher. s are eve e k ta s che n ipatio is musta r’s partic has put h n h Jo This yea y the s wh s it. That’ ipation in nt partic ster know re a a m p d % a 5 e H s ach 6 n Thoma eed to re ay 18, Joh ne. We n M y b % 5 on the li e reach 6 guise by und. If w per lip dis p Annual F u is h artet oodbye to have a qu will say g n plan to e v e e W . ave. clean sh his work getting a rber does a b e th s to sing a m it.) in place to strea ake sure m l ’l e (W

grants to K–12 schools to consider Flint Hill, they in turn ask about our parent giving. In fact, in many cases if we don’t have 65% or more in parent giving, we can’t even apply.

Get Out Your Razor Let’s make it happen. Give at any level and we will make sure to stream the ceremony where John Thomas’ mustache meets the razor.

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Cleanshave card f  
Cleanshave card f