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Your world is as big as you make it. –Georgia Douglas Hunter

Office of Admissions P.O. Box 1052, Sweet Briar, VA 24595 (800) 381-6142 (434) 381-6142 •

{ S H E W H O h as EA R N e d T H E R OS E MAY B EA R I T }






intransitive verb 1 : to grow luxuriantly: t h r i v e 2 a : to achieve success : pr o s pe r

b : to be in a state of activity or production c : to reach a height of development or influence 3 : to make bold and sweeping gestures

Think. Act. Di Question. Sea Examine. Belo Succeed. Live Create. Grow Influence. Transform. Va Animate. Prev Explore. Blos

Discover. earch. long. e. w.

{ TA B L E O F CO N T E N TS }

A view from here Academics and faculty Wide-open spaces to learn You will change the world Campus life Athletics Riding program Beyond the fourth year At a glance A college search journal Your next steps

Value. evail. ossom.

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The world beyond high school is the chapter of life that you get to create for yourself. It’s a wide-open landscape where you can learn and grow in the fields that you are passionate about. Sweet Briar is a great place to begin that journey. We prepare young women to excel in the modern world. We’ve been doing it since 1901. And you are our sole focus. At Sweet Briar, women get all the attention, all the student leadership roles, and any career choice is open to you. We think that makes Sweet Briar pretty special. We want you to set high standards and we’ll provide the enthusiasm to help you meet and exceed them. Here, you’ll find an atmosphere of collaboration, communication, personal attention and great celebration. The College is on 3,250 acres that provide a landscape for learning. Our curriculum spans more than 40 areas of study that embrace your academic interests and encourage the discovery of new ones. Sweet Briar professors and staff dedicate themselves to your learning, in class and long after the semester ends. Athletics, activities, clubs and events integrate tradition, service and innovation into the college experience. At Sweet Briar’s core stands a student community that’s broadly diverse, tightly knit and wholly unique. And you graduate into a network of Sweet Briar alumnae—thousands of successful women ready to share information and provide guidance. During your college search, I hope to see you on campus and hear your questions firsthand. Like everyone at Sweet Briar, I’m ready to help you discover the answers. J o E llen P a r k e r President Sweet Briar College

Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U


A v i ew f r om h e r e The life of the mind The term liberal arts and sciences comes up a lot during a college search. Typically, this educational tradition is based upon a broad, interdisciplinary curriculum, small, discussion-centered classes with approachable professors, and opportunities to learn inside and outside of the classroom. Even some of the largest universities’ undergraduate programs draw upon these customs. Sweet Briar does far more. Our small size and nurturing culture weaves the liberal arts experience into every aspect of campus life—and you’re at the center of it. Whether its scholarship, individualization, leadership, competition, friendship, community service or studying abroad, the possibilities are as limitless as the future you forge during your four years here.

Est. 1901

Since our founding in 1901, Sweet Briar has specialized in educating women. It’s an approach that brings personal relevance to every discipline studied here, and opens up insights and understanding between students and faculty that might not be explored in a co-educational environment. Our single-gender tradition also extends leadership opportunities to every student who seeks them out, and cultivates connection, confidence and community, from first year, day one, through graduation, reunion and beyond.

The Sweet Briar College mission Sweet Briar College empowers and educates young women to build and reshape their world however their passions lead them.

Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U



Sweet Briar is set on

acres in the

Blue Ridge Mountain foothills, creating a landscape for learning.

In one word, I would describe my classmates as open: they are open to new knowledge, to new tasks, to new activities, and to new experiences and opportunities. M A RI A E L- A B D Ly nc h bu r g , V i r g i n i a M ajo r : M at h , E n g l i s h / C r eat i v e W r i t i n g C lass of 2 0 1 2

A cadem i cs and F acult y A two-way conversation, in learning and life Undoubtedly the academic environment at Sweet Briar is engaging—it’s consistently recognized for a challenging curriculum, highly accessible faculty and character-building qualities. But above all, it’s personalized. Get immersed in the breadth and depth of a topic as you analyze and interpret it through the lens of your specific interests and objectives. With so many interrelated and customized courses of study at Sweet Briar, researching one subject could reveal other intellectual passions you didn’t even know you had. But academia at Sweet Briar involves more than checking off classes in your major, minor or certificate program. It means challenging beliefs. Forming opinions. Finding a niche. Developing skills and focusing talents. Then synthesizing all you learn into your current activities, goals for the future, and ongoing relationships with family, friends, community and yourself.

Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U


In the National Survey of Student Engagement, Sweet Briar outperforms other colleges in its level of academic challenge, active and collaborative learning, student-faculty ratio interaction, enriching educational experiences and being a supportive campus environment. Teacher, scholar, expert, ally As a college and as a community, Sweet Briar genuinely values learning. Faculty members never view scholarship as something exclusively for students; it’s a collaborative endeavor among individuals with shared interests. No pedestals here. Professor-student relationships at Sweet Briar are marked by mutual interest, respect and trust. And these connections often grow deeper in the years after graduation. Faculty accomplishments range from award-winning novels and leading biological research to archaeological digs in Kazakhstan and Turkey to writing textbooks in their areas of expertise. And about half live right on campus. The best part: each one wants you to achieve.

{ P R O GR A M S } Anthropology Archaeology Art History Arts Management** Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biology Business Chemistry Classics Creative Writing Dance Economics Education: Pre K-6 Licensure Education: Secondary Licensure Engineering Management Engineering Science English Environmental Science (B.S.) Environmental Studies (B.A.) Equine Studies** Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary) French Gender Studies* German German Studies Government History International Affairs Journalism, New Media and Communications* Latin American Studies Law and Society*

Leadership** Liberal Studies Mathematics Mathematical Economics Medieval Renaissance Studies* Modern Languages and Literature Music Music Theatre Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Religion Self-designed Major Sociology Spanish Statistics* Studio Art Theatre *minor only | **certificate only P r e- P r ofess i onal P r o g r ams Pre-law Pre-medicine Pre-veterinary G r aduate Master of Arts in Teaching Master of Education

What makes Sweet Briar unique is the size of the classes and the relationships between the professors and the students. We really get to know our students both in class and outside the classroom. Rob A le xande r , P r ofesso r of E n v i r onmental economics

Students here are discovering what’s most real about their lives. They are discovering friendship, scholarship, how to have courage about themselves and the world. Ca r r i e B r own, M a r g a r et B an i ste r W r i te r - i n - Res i dence

The Princeton Review’s 2011 “Best Colleges” guide ranks Sweet Briar in six “top 20” lists, including the #3 spot for “Most Accessible Professors.”

The professors are here because they believe in our community and in the spirit of the women that make up the student body. GR E E R G O R D O N B loomf i eld H i lls , M i c h i g an M ajo r : P syc h olo g y and C r eat i v e W r i t i n g C lass of 2 0 1 2

W i de - O pen S paces to L ea r n A course of study that fits you In addition to the more than 40 areas of study, you’re able to formally customize your major and make it fit your passions. Sound daunting? No worries. Professors will guide you through it and often suggest the option if they think it will benefit you in the short and long term.

Your advising team Here, advising goes beyond assistance in choosing courses to meet a degree requirement. You’ll draw on the knowledge of faculty, professional staff and alumnae that you select for career-related recommendations and real-world insights.

Stretch yourself with Honors

You’re able to further develop your intellectual creativity through our Honors Program. It crosses all disciplines and provides a venue for you to share ideas with other students and stretch your intellectual boundaries through writing and research.

Research opportunities with faculty Each year, first-years and upperclasswomen conduct original research under a faculty member’s guidance. Students regularly publish their findings and present at national conferences, including the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship held at Sweet Briar. From investigating the causes of dying sea coral to an insurgency in Oman, from DNA fingerprinting to drama and rhetoric in ancient Rome, from studying the campus’ resident colony of 100-plus live sharks to using the landscape of the College as a wetlands and wildlife laboratory, the choices for exploration are as diverse as the students undertaking them.

Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U


Global discovery through study abroad Sweet Briar is at home in the world. Spend a summer, a semester or a full academic year overseas studying at world-class institutions, living with host families, and becoming part of an international culture. We’ll help you customize this, too. Where to go? Sweet Briar students have traversed the world. Europe is at your doorstep. Sweet Briar College has three centers with a strong reputation: one in Seville, Spain, and two in France in Nice and Paris. Where else? We have partnerships in cities around the world, including London (Oxford), Rome, Athens, Beijing and Kyoto. We have competitive scholarships to help you on your way, too.

Our students have studied all over the world, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Holland, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago, Turkey, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

You w i ll c h an g e t h e wo r ld The education and experience I received here really pushed me to succeed beyond what I thought were my limits. Being a marine science technician in the Coast Guard is the best of both worlds for me because I get to serve this country and make a difference in the environment as well. E m i ly D av i es M a r i ne sc i ence tec h n i c i an fo r t h e U. S . C oast Gua r d C lass of 2 0 1 1

Internships and experiences that matter On and off campus, as a Sweet Briar student you will have access to preprofessional experiences that reflect your studies and interests. Gain the skills employers are seeking. Research deeply into a particular subject through our summer research opportunities. Get early access to networks of people and companies through a wide offering of internships.

Lead, don’t follow As a Sweet Briar woman, we believe you will change the world. Here, you’ll be able to develop and apply vital leadership skills that are a fundamental thread in the fabric of academic, social and professional life. How? A formal certificate program, community service, athletics, internships, campus organizations, clubs and events, study abroad and outdoor programing. Melaina Macone ’11 (chemistry) is now working as a group manager for Anheuser-Busch. She completed the Leadership Certificate Program and was an instructor in the outdoors program. “Nothing says ‘leadership’ like being responsible for twenty students one and a half miles into a cave,” she says. Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U


C A M P U S l i fe

Consider yourself home Your first year at college is a transition. We put a lot of planning and effort into making your move and initial experiences exceptional so that you quickly become part of the Sweet Briar community. Orientation is just the start. You’ll also benefit from first-year programs like student advisement, the student success series and one-on-one activities with upperclasswomen. Sweet Briar is a residential campus. Most everyone lives on campus, either in the halls that make up the Quad or in residences close to it. That makes the center of campus where you learn and where you live. More importantly, it’s where you make extraordinary friendships.


Sweet B r i a r C olle g e S B C . E D U

{ C lubs } Amnesty International Anthropology Club Archaeology Club Belly Dancing Club Business Club Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) Campus Events Organization College Republicans Cooking Club Cross Country Engineering Society Environmental Club Friends of Art, Jr. French Club Gay-Straight Alliance German Club Golf Club Habitat for Humanity Italian Club Nations United Phi Beta Lambda Pre-health Society Pre-law Society Pre-vet Society Red Clay (student journal) Riding Council Society of Women Engineers Sociological Society Spanish Club Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) Student Leadership Programs Student Virginia Education Association (SVEA) Sweet Briar Young Democrats Sweet Briar Outdoor Program (SWEBOP) Tau Phi Transfer Student Association (TSA) WNRS-FM

{ Hono r S oc i et i es } Alpha Lambda Delta (First-year honors) Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre) Delta Phi Alpha (German) Eta Sigma Phi (Classics) Iota Sigma Pi (Chemistry) Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics) Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership) Phi Alpha Delta (Law) Phi Beta Kappa Pi Delta Phi (French) Psi Chi (Psychology) Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish)

Traditions are moments in which students who are otherwise very different— art majors and econ majors, softball players and cellists, class presidents and radio DJs—can all come together at Sweet Briar. CA R O L F E RG U S O N S alem , V i r g i n i a M ajo r : C lass i cs C lass of 2 0 1 2

Traditions define a place At Sweet Briar, students participate in dozens of uniquely Sweet Briar experiences through age-old traditions and ceremonies that let everyone let off a little steam. Take, for example, paint flinging in the Hitching Post Fight, playful tap clubs and the tongue-in-cheek Faculty Show. But our traditions are also full of life and meaning. They’re part of our continuing heritage. Sweet Briar students are united by shared experience— Junior Week, Senior Robes, Lantern Bearing and more. It’s a bond that no amount of time or distance can break. That’s what draws our alumnae back to sing on the Quad 10, 25, 50 years after they graduate—because Sweet Briar holds a special place in their hearts.

Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U


Right next door and just within reach The train from Lynchburg, Virginia, to Washington, D.C., runs twice daily.

Our Campus Events Organization plans awesome events that draw in students from campuses all over Virginia. People make friends fast in a college environment, and there is always someone who knows someone! There’s definitely no shortage of things to do here! SARAH LINDEMANN Woodb r i d g e , V i r g i n i a M ajo r : E n v i r onmental S c i ence C lass of 2 0 1 3


VIRGI N I A M I L I TA RY I N S T I T U T E 3 6 m i

WAS HI N GT O N & L E E U N IV E R S I T Y 3 6 m i

P opla r fo r est 2 4 m i ( home of President Jefferson) VIRGI N I A T E C H 1 0 1 m i


LY N C H B U RG C O L L EG E 1 6 m i LY N C H B U RG 1 2 m i

B A LT I M O R E , M D 2 0 6 m i

M ount Ve r non 1 5 6 m i ( h o m e o f P r e s i d e n t Wa s h i n g t o n )

WAS HI N GTO N, D C 1 9 8 m i

JA M E S M A D I S O N U N IV E R S I T Y 8 0 m i

U n i v e r s i t y of v i r g i n i a 5 1 m i c h a r lottes v i lle 5 7 m i M ont i cello & As h L awn - H i g h land 5 5 m i ( homes of presidents Jefferson & Monroe) MONTPELIER 80mi ( home of James Madison)

KI N G S D O M I N I O N 1 3 2 m i

RI C H M O N D 1 2 2 m i


LO N GWO O D U N IV E R S I T Y 5 0 m i H A M P D E N - SY D N E Y C O L L E G E 5 5 m i

AT H L ET I CS Vixen empowered At Sweet Briar, athletics are an extension of your college experience. We’re an NCAA Division III school, so participation on a team reflects your passion for sport and for the community you develop and share with your teammates. When you post a lifetime best or pass off a gamewinning assist, we’re there cheering you on. Even more, we’re there when you graduate and begin the next phase of your life.


Sweet B r i a r C olle g e S B C . E D U

{ TEAMS } Lacrosse Field Hockey Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Volleyball { O ld D om i n i on At h let i c C onfe r ence ( O D A C ) } Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University, Emory & Henry College, Guilford College, Hollins University, Lynchburg College, Randolph College, Randolph-Macon College, Roanoke College, Sweet Briar College, Virginia Wesleyan College, Washington and Lee University

{ N C A A D i v i s i on III }

Over the last decade, 15 Sweet Briar players have won ODAC championship flights, 11 have been listed in Intercollegiate Tennis Association national rankings and 4 have been named to the VOLVO/ITA All-Academic Team.

Room to roam The riding program at Sweet Briar is bedecked in ribbons. Competitions are an important part of our program, but they’re not the only part. Quality instruction enables even beginning riders to become confident horsewomen. And for the more serious rider, the program provides the opportunity to develop equestrian skills while pursuing an exceptional liberal arts education. • 130-acre on-campus riding center • 10 large fields ranging from 3 to 25 acres • More than 18 miles of trails through wooded countryside, foothills, dells and open fields • One of the largest indoor college arenas in the nation, measuring 120 feet by 300 feet • Three spacious outdoor rings, along with an enclosed lunging ring • More than seven teaching and schooling fields • Hunter trials course • Fence lines with coops • Complete inventory of hunter-jumper fences suitable for USEF competitions • Veterinarians on call • Twice-weekly farrier visits • Frequent equine chiropractor appointments • Biannual equine dentist visits

RI DI NG P r o g r am Sweet Briar owns about 45 horses, giving students the opportunity to enroll in a riding class—which about


of students choose to do.

Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U


{ B e yond t h e fou rt h y ea r }

A lumnae AC C O M P L I S H M E N TS

A Sweet Briar woman stands out


’6 8 pp

can frican-Ameri First A

mo nd ry m on Un pi i ve rsity Medical School an Gra an y ’71 dn atio Fi nal Mar rst cham wo pionshi ian D ma p rider o n to l a n ’ 76 earn a doc torate in chora y le conducting from Yale Universit

halynn Yea Mars

A rg i n wom

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e n de ort esi P r p e vic rah ior Sa n e s

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5 ’6 r e St ml rican h oe me rB t, A


. Rut Epis ledg copa l e ’5 p r D Fi iest, 9 New rs ia tw Y n o r k om aM an pr es da id en ur t, A Do ca de zie m yo r’ fT 60 ele vi sio nA rts &S ci e

nce s

others, New Yo rk

Flem ing



Caro lH

all Ma “The jzlin ’58 Best Little Whor ehouse in Texas ” and

com pose r of


rst Fi

Mu sica l

mayor o istrict f Alexandria, Va.; n ow state sen ator, 30th D

First wom an

Patrici a Smith Ticer ’55

She reshapes her world with the confidence to cross disciplines, boundaries and national borders. Extends the frontiers in a profession, and advances the greater good in her community. She’s a doctor, artist, mother, writer, engineer, businesswoman, scientist, lawyer, nurse and entrepreneur. In other words, she’s remarkable.





M. Vairo ’72 ene org alifornia Ge chool, C

eO judg im Lyd t e an o dF ia he Tw ulb Ta Lee Ne rig y ht Cu lor ona First sch Pro wom llu ’62 tolog ola fess Ann T. T an a m or o yA r nch aylo a ’ f la 6 t o r l r Un be w, L Ha 0 ’58 of a Reporter for Nati r oyo t i onal da l v E l e la L a ily Pub in rsi m s lic n a t t e e y H R w i n N of ad sp ur He sident and CE e io, C r l Pre o al hi O la Ne gr t le of am w Gr Cr Yo ay ys r k ta Ba l-B rk ar kl le ey y’ Co 55 rp or at ion ,S ou th C aro lina Circuit court

Sweet B r i a r C olle g e S B C . E D U


Network, P re e n nsy Ca lvan ia

67 t’



{ t h i n k i n g about g r aduate sc h ool? } • Decades of achievement • FI R ST AN D FO R EMOST

Here are examples from the Class of 2011: Ebie Baker - history at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Brittney Bolin - applied behavioral analysis at Simmons College Wendi Harder - anthropology at George Washington University Mai McCarthy - history at the University of Houston Leslie Price - physical therapy at Lynchburg College

Latta ’1 e arti heatr st at the Lexington Children’s T

Busch, Virginia Beach AnheuserGroup manager for


Te ach ing

C o re y


acone Melaina M

rad ua te

Pro gra m


’1 1


nmen t

ce ,N ew Yor k

d an r in ’06 te lex hola tA sc rer cs In t e Ka igh ng moni U lbr he via Fu i rC Ol ger fo a an tm


Watts ’05 anda Am the U.S. gover



D an


Pr oje c

st for aly an nt

Sk ggs ah a Sar ah Sk ar r, S nde Fou

Mar ian S Forensic docu m pive Am e Ni y-E erica co Se s n tra Red le ni Cro J.M or ss, V da ’ edi . Fil 0 irg tor e ’ 95 ini 1 at C NN , Ge orgi a

Cari stu na Finn ’10 den t at Notre Dame who e nomination recently received a Pushcart Priz

te ma ph na an ge ie rw Gle ith aso U. S. nP De ep p par l e r ’ 05 tme nd nt o ma f De fense NAVAIR Com

Pe ac eC orp Sar sv ah B olu ohn ’0 nte 4 er i n th e Kyr g y z Republic S


res First wom aP an ike ma yor To m of C linson ’87 olu mb us, G Jen a. (thi An nife rd large urs st city in the state) e in r Bro the w neu n Ro rosu bins rger on ’0 y de 2 part men t at Y ale-Ne w Haven Hospital


Pamela S. W eekes ’83

er of Levain Bakery , New York

Victoria Trudeau - humanities at the University of Chicago




rk e

io n



{ B e yond t h e fou rt h y ea r }

Accomplishments of recent Sweet Briar graduates

{ S elect Inte r ns h i ps }

{ S elect ca r ee r s }

Affinion Loyalty Group Booz Allen Hamilton Center for Advanced Engineering and Research European Parliament FOX News Genocide Prevention Center Habitat for Humanity The Humane Society Lexington Children’s Theatre Middle East Institute National Science Foundation

Art curators and historians Engineers Entrepreneurs Environmental scientists International analysts Lawyers Lobbyists and political scientists Nurses and physicians Public relations and marketing professionals Social scientists Social workers Teachers and professors

Special Olympics U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate U.S. State Department U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Department of Commerce The White House

{ A d vanced S tud i es }

{ S elect E mploy e r s } ABT Associates Americorps VISTA Anheuser-Busch Central Intelligence Agency Chemonics International Chevron Corporation Edward Jones Investments Fleet Pharmaceuticals International Monetary Fund Lexington Children’s Theatre National Ground Intelligence Center Outward Bound Peace Corps SNL Financial U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate Tyco Electronics Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Welch Consulting Wells Fargo

American University College of William & Mary Florida State University George Mason University George Washington University John Jay College of Criminal Justice Loyola University Lynchburg College Notre Dame University Pepperdine University Quinnipiac University Simmons College Southern Methodist University St. Andrews University University of Chicago University of Denver University of Edinburgh University of Georgia University of Houston University of Kansas University of Maryland University of Massachusetts University of Michigan University of North Carolina University of Wisconsin Washington and Lee University

Where does Sweet Briar continue to find such outstanding students? Send us more! C le r k ’ s O ff i ce , U. S . S up r eme Cou rt

Ranked #8 for Best Career Services according to “The Best 373 Colleges” – Princeton Review, 2011

Sweet B r i a r Colle g e S B C . E D U


{ AT A G L A N C E } { Facult y } { C ampus } 3,250 acres in the foothills of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains 30 buildings, six nature sanctuaries, two lakes, and 18 miles of trails Home to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and the Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival On-campus students: 623 Off-campus students: 125 Total population: 748

{ C lass of 2 0 1 4 } Represents 153 high schools Traveled a combined 115,912 miles to Sweet Briar from locations throughout the Midwest and East Coast, California, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota, and as far as Singapore, Afghanistan and China Average GPA: 3.4 SAT Middle 50%: 980-1190 ACT Middle 50%: 21-26 Top 10% of high school class: 30% Top 50% of high school class: 81%

Full-time: 76 Student/faculty ratio: 8:1

{ S tac k i n g U p t h e N umbe r s } #6 Most Beautiful Campus #8 Best Career Services #11 Class Discussions Encouraged #4 Professors Get High Marks #3 Most Accessible Professors #8 Best Classroom Experience —“The Best 373 Colleges” Princeton Review, 2011 Sweet Briar outperforms other colleges in its level of academic challenge, active and collaborative learning, student-faculty ratio interaction, enriching educational experiences and being a supportive campus environment. —National Survey of Student Engagement { A cadem i c D i sc i pl i nes } More than 40 major, minor and certificate programs Pre-professional programs in pre-law, pre-medicine and pre-veterinary Graduate degrees: Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Education

{ M ascot } { H i sto r y } A private women’s liberal arts and sciences college founded in 1901 by Indiana Fletcher Williams in memory of her only daughter Daisy, who died at age 16

{ Riding } 130-acre riding center on campus

The Sweet Briar Vixens

{ A fte r G r aduat i on } Six months after graduation, most Sweet Briar students have jobs or are pursuing graduate degrees. The average is more than 12% above national trends.

{ M otto } Rosam quae meruit ferat: She who has earned the rose may bear it

{ At h let i cs } Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball

{ F i nanc i al A ss i stance } Students receiving institutional financial assistance: 93% Total scholarships/grants awarded: $9,058,664 Total from Sweet Briar funds: $6,843,848

{ N amesa k e } The Sweet Briar rose, which was grown on the founding family’s estate


Sweet B r i a r C olle g e S B C . E D U

{ A colle g e sea r c h jou r nal }

Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door. —Emily Dickinson

{ D r eams T o Real i t y }

What would my ultimate college experience be?

I’d love being on a campus where:

I’d explore these academic fields:

I’d learn most from professors who:

I’d get involved in clubs and activities that:

I’d want to build on my classroom studies with programs like:

I’d graduate wanting to:

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. —Anaïs Nin

{ Campus Q & A }

What am I curious about?

Ask students:

Ask professors:

Ask admissions counselors:

Ask myself:

Sometimes questions are more important than answers. –Nancy Willard

{ T h e sco r eboa r d }

How do m y colleg e c h o i ces compa r e ?

COLLEGE 1 SWEET BRIAR ACADEMICS Specialized majors Notable departments

FACULTY Impressive professors Availability

CLASS SIZE Small and personal Medium and comfortable Large but agreeable Too huge CAMPUS Overall size Buildings Nature Labs Library Hangouts

STUDENT LIFE Residence halls Clubs and activities Dining hall Community feel

ATHLETICS Teams Facilities Opportunities for involvement


{ Handy S co r i n g system } 5 = D oes i t g et an y bette r ? 4 = T h i s i s e xcellent ! 3 = O K , but r oom fo r i mp r ov ement. 2 = T h i s i s a p r oblem . 1 = could i t be an y wo r se ?




{ T h e sco r eboa r d }

How do m y colleg e c h o i ces compa r e ?

COLLEGE 1 SWEET BRIAR OPPORTUNITIES Research Honors programs Leadership Service Off-campus study International study Internships Post-graduate guidance

ALUMNAE Notable graduates Networking

OTHER IMPRESSIONS This is a big question mark

This is a big plus



{ Handy S co r i n g system } 5 = D oes i t g et an y bette r ? 4 = T h i s i s e xcellent ! 3 = O K , but r oom fo r i mp r ov ement. 2 = T h i s i s a p r oblem . 1 = could i t be an y wo r se ?




Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself. —Oprah Winfrey

{ T H O U GH T S }

What do I want to investigate more? I want to write this down!

Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself. —Doris Lessing

{ You r ne xt steps to Sweet B r i a r }

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 56

Ask yourself, “What kind of academic community am I hoping to join?” Sweet Briar students study subjects that range from literature to the social sciences, the arts to business, physical sciences to education. Visit our website——and request more information. See our short films as a great way to see inside campus. Go to sweetbriarcollege. Also check us out on Facebook. We have a lively community of prospective and current students as well as alumnae. Visit campus. It’s the best way to see if it’s the right place for you. Stay overnight at the inn on campus. Attend an open house or plan a personalized visit. We host campus tours nearly every day. Take the SAT or ACT. Send your scores to Sweet Briar using code 5634 for the SAT and 4406 for the ACT. Apply. You can start the process online. Submit your application form, essay, guidance counselor recommendation letter, teacher recommendation letter, transcripts and application fee.

Stand by. We’ll be in touch. Financial aid questions? We’ll work through concerns that you may have. On average Sweet Briar families receive $21,500 of aid each year and many students earn academic scholarships based on high school performance.

Choose Sweet Briar. Reserve your place for the fall semester by May 1. See you in August.

Sweet B r i a r C olle g e S B C . E D U

{ S H E W H O h as EA R N e d T H E R OS E MAY B EA R I T }





Your world is as big as you make it. –Georgia Douglas Hunter

Office of Admissions P.O. Box 1052, Sweet Briar, VA 24595 (800) 381-6142 (434) 381-6142 •