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after the e initial prayer p was s complette… ]

[ He requested fro om her ( Diamond d Le Brun n) to pee el off the shell s of the egg ]


[ He er fingers, the scen nt of sin and a junipe er bites, ctivate a volitional v l connectiion seeking to ac to some s grea ater powerr in the universe, u n noticed tha at the egg g became solid ]


[ …the … egg Monsieur M M’Loll became

After the e second night, n all expectati e ons of no ormalcy ha ad been lo ost We fell de eeply into o dark wa aters, me and a Bill’s daughterr watching g the Duke es of Haza ard. I lost herr ring. My moth her called and wantted pork chops c for supper. I drove th he tiny va an to the store. and disap ppeared in nto Sherlo ock Fog.

[ … o kitty… ] [ …alb bert…] […I am m already y forgotte en by you… …] […under a cres scent moo on…] […like a Chesh hire grin sans s your kitty form m…] […you ur lips a bowl b of ch herries…] […butt for two nights n a month, m yo ou are gon ne…]

“If a baby y gets Gerrman mea asles in th he forest but b no one is presen nt to hear,, does the e baby sho ow signs of o sickness? ?” Coffee is a stimula ant to the e central nervous n sy ystem. But, like babies th hat have been b conta aminated with infectiou us diseases s, coffee can c be dan ngerous. Babie es should never pla ay, nor driink with hot h coffee e! Th his is an explicit e w warning.

[ kis ss: ] [ Zygo omaticus major, Bu uccinator,, Levator anguli oris, Depressor D labii infe erioris, Ma asseter, Orbicularis O s oris, Depressor D anguli orris, Zygom maticus minor, m Lavato or labii su uperior ala aeque nas si ]

[ …his s wife was s just a bo ody… ] [ lik ke a smalll bird whiich lives in n a man’s hat in Oh hio, is justt a body ] [ The human h he eart, that mac-meatt sandwic ch, is conn niving to move blood th hroughoutt this bod dy ] […in transluce ent motion n…] [ the sm mooth mu uscles of hollow internal org gans are moving m ] [ …change … n is the re esult of ap pplied forrce… ] in motion

And Tonight Only Fish Will Do  
And Tonight Only Fish Will Do  

A little sample of my mini-book.