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Festival Bus Hire Providing a shuttle bus from the local train station to the site helps present an aesthetically pleasing and viable eco-friendly alternative to driving to the festival; and a far safer alternative to driving home. Our Big Red Buses aim to meet all trains at the designated station to ensure the smoothest possible transition to your event, and to help the party start long before your customers hit the site. When requested our Big Red Buses can be run on recycled cooking oil to keep in line with the ethos of your event. We can also provide a wrist-banding service so that bus users beat the queues when they arrive at the gates. Below is a list of current and past festivals we have been involved with. In some instances the festival pays for a free shuttle to be provided, whilst for others a fare is charged to users of the registered service. For bigger events our fleet is expanded, by using local operators wherever possible. For information about using the Big Red Buses for your event please get in touch. The Big Red Bus company is pleased to offer old Routemaster Red Buses for events of all occasions. Whether you're looking for a mobile venue for a party or as a stylish coach service for festivals, Red Buses are a great way to go. More than that, Red buses are great fun and a great way to travel, capturing the nostalgia of Great British travel and a no nonsense approach. So whatever it is you're planning, get on a Big Red Bus. For more information, visit Red Bus Hire UK website.

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