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Dear , I, Jesse Leimer, am preparing to leave on a three and a half week missions trip this coming May. Along with a group of 40 students from Summit Pacific College I am going to India to minister to the Dalit people in the slums of Chennai. Chennai is located on the Southeastern coast of India and is home to approx. 8 million people, 2 million of which are in the slums that we are going to be working in. 80% of the people in India are Hindu; 13% are Muslim; less than 3% are Christian. Christianity is not banned from India, but evangelism is. Christians are not allowed to share their faith with others, but this is what we are going to do. The Dalit people are the people we are ministering to. In the Hindu caste system they are the lowest of the low. They are considered unclean. The literal translation of Dalit is “untouchable.” These are the people we are going to Chennai to love. While we are there we are going to be organizing VBS programs,

These Dalit children are in desperate need for love. All of their lives they have been treated like dirt on the ground. They have been mislead to believe that this is right. Our goal is to love these chidlren and tell them the “Good News.”

children’s ministry programs, and sports camps. Through all of these programs we want to emphasize that God is the one true God and illustrate the Good News that we have in Him. No missionary group of our size has ever travelled to India. We have the potential to radically impact the nation of India. I ask that you would partner with us in prayer for the nation of India and for God to open

Jesse volunteering at Spark 2011 in Vancouver. Over the course of the year we are involved in various ministry opportunities.

doors and hearts. Pray for spiritual protection amongst spiritual warfare. Most of all we ask that you would pray for transformed lives through our ministry. Enclosed is also information about how you can support us financially. With love,

Jesse Leimer

In May I leave for India for three and a half weeks to serve God. Please pray for me and our ministry overseas. I know that God is going to use us to further His Kingdom.

India Letter  

india letter

India Letter  

india letter