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Local Pharmacist Receives Highest Honors

Zachary Businessman, Philanthropist John O. LeTard honored by Board of Pharmacy and Peers By Daniel C. Duggan

Just prior to the end of the Louisiana Regular Session of the Legislature last week, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy met to review pending legislation and to award several veteran Louisiana Pharmacists with the Board’s highest honor, a Gold Certificate. John O. LeTard, owner of Medical Pharmacy and Medical Pharmacy West, was one of five Pharmacists in attendance at the meeting to be awarded the honor. In Louisiana, a Gold Certificate is awarded to a Pharmacist who has maintained their license and continuing education for at least 50 years. In addition to LeTard, Thomas Bryan, Jerry Dugas, Julia Bryan, and Gail Leleux were presented their Gold Certificate. All 5 graduated from Northeast Louisiana State College in Monroe (Now called the University of Louisiana – Monroe) in 1963. John LeTard is a second-genSee LETARD on page 4

The five recipients of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy Gold Certificates were Gail Leleux, Johnny LeTard, Jerry Dugas, Julia Bryan, and Thomas Bryan. The classmates had not seen each other in 50 years, since....See Page 4!

Waterskiing Around the World with the Bennetts Danyelle Bennett told the Post. “From my first early days of skiing, to my competing nationally and internationally, this sport has always involved one or both my parents being there to support and encourage me.” “One thing different about our water ski camps is that the parents don’t just drop their children off and come back a week later to pick them up. Parents either stay through the camp to watch their children learn to

By James Ronald Skains

By almost any definition, the Bennett water skiing family of Zachary would qualify as world travelers having skied on water in all continents of the world. By the same token, the Bennett family’s 39 acres of water, custom designed for water skiing and wake boarding on Barnett Road in Zachary, is the destination of many other world and national travelers. “Water skiing for us has always been a family affair,” 25-year-old

Participants at one of Bennett’s Ski School’s survey the pond before practice.

See BENNETTS on page 6


Zachary POST Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lady Legendz 14U Carrying Aid to Oklahoma, Team Survives Its Own Tornado

The Lady Legendz 14U Softball team left Zachary two weeks ago with 2 U-Haul trailers full of emergency supplies as well as donated money and gift cards for the victims of the devastating tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma. While in Oklahoma City, these teams also found themselves in the path of another dangerous tornado. These girls and their families all joined together in prayer while in their hotel shelter. Although very afraid, the teams and parents bonded in a way they will never forget. Unfortunately, some of the parents waited while stranded in airports on the way and couldn’t be with their child. Others had to remain back home. However, the Legendz family pulled together in that hotel, without question. The Legendz families and communities prayed for their safety from their homes. While in prayer, the very tornado headed straight for their hotel was then lifted up, just yards from their hotel on the opposite side of the interstate and spared them. The very tornado that they were in the path of was later confirmed to also be an EF5 and would also take the record as the widest tornado in history. Furthermore, there were 5 confirmed tornadoes in their area touching down in Oklahoma City that night. Along with the Zachary community, they were able to donate over $2000, in addition to gift cards to the family of Sydney Marie Angle, 9 years

P.O. Box 1637 Zachary, LA 70791

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Memorial for Sydney and softball presented by Legendz 14U. The players help up 3 and 5 on their hand for number 35 in the pic to represent Sydney Marie Angle softball number.

old. Sydney passed away that day as a result of the Moore EF5 tornado just a few days earlier. Sydney played 10U tournament softball located at the Moore complex, where the Legendz softball games were also played. Her father Dan worked on the fields there, and often directed most of the tournaments held there. He even worked on the fields the day of the tournament. The park had been damaged from the storm the Lady Legendz witnessed the night before. Lady Legendz were able to tour the destruction of the Moore storm as well. The team recounts how pictures cannot begin to describe the tragedy and destruction of this war zone. Being able to see the destruction and live the events of that trip will make these parents and children remember how truly blessed they are. They also

ORTHODONTICS Children & Adults



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can all say the power of prayer spared their lives, as well. Teamwork doesn’t always have to take place on the field. It can be for a good cause such as helping Moore or just simply holding your friends hand when they are scared. Togetherness was one of the greatest things these girls and their families have shared through this experience. The Lady Legendz played well in that tournament that weekend. However, they will remember their team holding them up in a time of fear more than the games played. Lady Legendz 14U and their families would like to thank this community for the supplies and the prayers while they were in Oklahoma.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Zachary POST 3

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An Affiliate of Lane Regional Medical Center

Dr. Pamela J. Parsons, Medical Director



Zachary POST Tuesday, June 18, 2013


and he says has no intention of retiring and will continue helping people in the community. In addition to his Board of Pharmacy Gold Certificate, LeTard recently was presented the Bowl of Hygeia award. Established in 1958, the Bowl of Hygeia Award recognizes pharmacists who possess outstanding records of civic leadership in their communities and encourages pharmacists to take active roles in their local communities. The Bowl of Hygeia is the most widely recognized international symbol for the pharmacy profession and is considered one of the profession’s most prestigious awards. The Bowl of Hygeia has been associated with the pharmacy profession since as early as 1796, when the symbol was used on a coin minted for the Parisian Society of Pharmacy. The bowl represents a medicinal potion and the snake represents healing. LeTard attributes the award of the Bowl of Hygeia to some advice his mother gave him when he opened his own business. “Johnny, always remember to give a little charity along the way,” Ruby Bond said to him.

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eration Gold Certificate recipient. Carl Bond, LeTard’s stepfather also had received his Gold Certificate in 1982. In 1963, upon becoming a licensed Pharmacist, LeTard worked briefly in his parents’ drug store, Zachary Pharmacy, on Main Street (located where Asian Pearl restaurant is today) before joining the Army. In the U.S. Army, LeTard worked his way up the chain of command in the Medical Service Corps, and eventually became the Chief Pharmacy Officer at Fort Polk Army Hospital in Leesville. LeTard left the Army in 1966 and came back to Zachary and rejoined his mother, Ruby O. Bond, and stepfather at the Zachary Pharmacy. In early 1968, LeTard began to feel the itch to open his own practice. “Believe it or not, my biggest cheerleader to open my own shop was my stepfather, Carl Bond,” LeTard said.

...Upon completion and passage of their State Board of Pharmacy Exams on June 11, 1963 they decided to celebrate at Pat O’Briens in New Orleans before going on their separate ways.

Now 45 years later, John LeTard’s operation has grown to over 46 employees, with 6 full time pharmacists and 2 part-time pharmacists.

“In this business, you are only as good as the employees you surround yourself with. I feel that that is why I have been blessed here in Zachary,” LeTard added. John LeTard still enjoys coming into the office everyday to oversee the operation and staff,

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Zachary POST 5 Zachary Newcomers June meeting was at Joie Petite designs on Thursday, June 6th. Members had a choice of painting a Louisiana style picture of a Fleur de lis or Crawfish. Pictured front left to right was Joey Bunch, Lillan Made’re, Suzan Payne, Joy Petty, and Michelle Murphy. Zachary Newcomers Club is open to anyone new to the Zachary area in the past 5 years. Activities include Lunch Bunch, Coffee Call, Book Club, Dining Out, Movie Outing, Moms & Tots, Bridge, Golf & Tennis. Any wanting more information please contact Sylvia Wahoske at 225-654-7247 or email

Lane Nursing Home residents and staff celebrated National Nursing Home Week with an Open House on Tuesday, May 21, and a Garden Party on Thursday, May 23. “The two celebrations were a way for residents and staff to enjoy each other’s company,” said Patsy Lofstrom, RN, Lane Nursing Home Director. “It was great because the nursing home residents and staff were able to celebrate together as a team.” Cake and punch were served at the Open House, and popcorn and lemonade were served at the Garden Party. Residents and staff donned their best garden hats and enjoyed live musical entertainment.

Oakwood Village mourns the loss of

Mrs. Gene Holdman

resident of 7 years and dear friend. Mrs. Gene felt that Oakwood Village was “exactly where she needed to be and exactly where she wanted to be” in the last years of her life. The entire staff at Oakwood Village would like to extend their deepest condolences to the Holdman Family. She will be missed.

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Zachary POST Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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ski or further develop their skills, or the parents participate in some way,” Danyelle, just recently married, related. Her husband Steven is also a professional water skier. Danyelle is ranked in the top 8 female skiers in the world and competes regularly in tournaments around the world. She has traveled to Australia four times, as well as Malaysia, China, Russia, Chile, Peru, France, England, and Europe numerous times to compete. She has also competed in Qatar in the Middle East. Danyelle’s specialty is ski tricks but she also competes in jumping and the slalom. She once sailed through the air of 158 feet after leaving the jump ramp. “It actually is more of a shock to your body when you hit the ramp for a jump, than it is when you land on the water,’’ Danyelle, a former member of the University of Louisiana Lafayette Champion Water Ski team, explained. Danyelle graduated from ULL with a 4.0 average in Business

Management, and was Valedictorian of the 2010 ULL graduating class. Danyelle is certainly a protégé’ of both her parents in her love for completion skiing. Anne Bennett was for many years ranked in the top percentage among her age group in skiing nationally. After a 7-year hiatus from competition skiing, Anne started a comeback and is ranked at the top in tricks skiing for her age group. “I did take 7 years off from completion skiing to become a care giver for my mother-in-law and to help take care of business here at the school,’’ Anne pointed out. “However, I stayed in shape by working out faithfully three days a week with my personal trainer here in Zachary, Laura O’Bryan. Also, I continued to ski regularly on our lakes during that 7 year period but I have surprised myself in how well I’ve been able to compete after being off for so long.’’ The Bennett’s, just Jay and Anne at the time, started Bennett’s Water Ski School 37 years ago in Zachary

FELICIANA WINDSHIELD Zachary’s Auto Glass Place

AUTO GLASS REPAIR & REPLACEMENT (May Qualify for No Deductible)


(All Parishes) Hwy 19 658-7906(local) · 921-2185(cell)

by an unusual turn of events that were motivated by Jay and Anne’s burning desire to establish a Water Ski school. “To get a good picture of the road we traveled to get where we are to-

day goes all the way back to my parents,’’ Jay Bennett, Ski School cofounder with Anne, explained. “My dad worked at Ethyl Corporation See BENNETTS on page 8

Zachary Youth Donates Her Hair Amelia Concienne, daughter of Joshua and Jessica Concienne, was born with a head full of beautiful golden hair. She let it grow for 5 and a half years, until she decided she was ready to cut off all her glorious locks. Her parents made her beg them to cut it to be sure it was what she really wanted. Finally, they relented, and took her to Pigtails & Crewcuts in Baton Rouge. They cut off 14 inches, which she was proud to donate to Locks of Love! After the donation, Amelia received a ‘Thank You’ postcard from Locks of Love explaining how her hair will be used for people with certain diseases, cancers, or other conditions that result in hair loss. Amelia is very happy with her new short hairdo, and she’s excited to be able to give her hair to someone who needs it! Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. We meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. Most of the children helped by Locks of Love have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. The prostheses we provide help to restore their self-esteem and their confidence, enabling them to face the world and their peers.

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Zachary POST Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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and we lived in north Baton Rouge where I went to Istrouma High School. Both my dad and mom liked the water and were members of a Boat and Ski Club on False River.” “That was where I got my first taste of water skiing. As I developed my skill level, my parents began to take me to ski schools and tournaments in Florida during my dad’s annual vacation time. We also had a ski team on False River and needed to audition a female skier. That was how Anne came into my life. She was also an Istrouma Indian but a few years behind me in school.” “We opened our first Ski School on False River and operated there for 3 years, but it was impossible to conduct a water skiing school on a public lake. So we began to look for a private lake and found what we thought was ideal back in 1976, an abandoned catfish farm with 63 acres on Barnett Road,” Jay recalled. “We later found out that it would have

been much cheaper to build a new lake than to rework catfish ponds to our needs for water skiing.’’ “There were two major problems; first I was only 24 years old wanting to do something few other people had been able to do, and secondly we didn’t have much money,’’ Jay pointed out; “so I asked Zeke Dunaway to owner finance the balance on the property after we made a down payment. We started out with two partners on the property, but we were on our own in the Water Ski School.’’ “We began slowly make improvements to the property in order to be able to better operate our water ski school,’’ Anne related. “For the first nine years in business, I taught in the Public School system to give us an income to live on. Jay likes to say that was the last time I ever got a paycheck.’’ “Competing in tournaments around the country and the world, as well as coaching various teams helped build our reputation as a destination for people wanting to learn or improve their skiing skills.

We have hosted the Collegiate Water Ski Championships three times and have a bid in to host the event in 2014. That is a really fun time because the different colleges competing bring a lot of fans with them who do a lot of cheering for their school’s team.’’ “Another fun thing we have done in past years and will do it again this year after a year off, is the LA Night Jam. It’s a big festival for the water ski crowd. We have a $25,000 purse and invite the top 5 women skiers in

the world and the top 7 men skiers. We also have live bands, and plenty of Louisiana food for everyone. We have LA Night Jam scheduled for September 28 this year.” The story of the family owned, built and operated business is truly remarkable considering the reach around the world that Bennett’s have in their market. I would suggest that everyone take a look at their website: to see the amazing story of this family living out their dream.


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