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Ticket Kiosk Interface: Welcome Screen

The welcome screen will be on display when the passenger comes to buy a paper ticket at the kiosk. It is a touch screen interface. It will have a similer color sceme to the website. On the passenger will be able to select audio and language choices. They can then proceed with the purchasing of their tickets or learn about special rides to events. They will also be able to print out their tickets that they purchased ahead of time on the website.

Step 1: Destination

Step 2: Number of Passengers

The first screen that comes up when you select to purchase tickets in the destination screen. Here there will be an interactive map that allows you to view the routes of all the trains. Once selected, you can click wether you want it to be a one way trip or a round trip. The choice will be imprinted on the paper ticket. From this page on there will be a bar up top that will show where you are in the progress of purchasing the tickets.

On this page the purchaser will select how many passenger need tickets. The current kiosk interface that the RTD has doesn’t allow purchases over six tickets. This will not be a problem with this new design. This information will be placed in an archive in case of emergencies.

Step 3: Ticket Types

Step 4: Verification

Next you will be asked what types of passengers will be boarding. Most people would select just a regular ticket. If they have children under five, they ride for free but the information still needs to be saved. Seniors get a discount so the kiosk will factor that price change in. If a passenger gets a wheelchair ticket the train operator will be able to see that he will need to help that passenger board.

This screen will allow the purchaser to view what they have entered and make sure they have all the tickets they need. They then can confirm to continue the purchase.

Step 5: Purchase

Exit Screen

The amount that is owed is displayed and animated pictures will explain how to pay. Panels on the outside of the machine will light up, displaying what to do next. They can pay with credit/debit or cash. The machine will be able to give change back.

The passenger will then be thanked and invited to ride the light rail again.

Community Events

If the passenger presses the Community Events button on the welcome page, they will be brought to this page where the special event rides will be posted. They can then chose which event they want to go to and the interface will bring them through the purchasing process. Riders will also be able to buy tickets to the actual event with an RTD discount.

RTD Kiosk Interface  

A redesign of the RTD Kiosk Interface