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hello there...

Hi, I’m Zach and I am fascinated with how things work; when I was younger I would disassemble computers & put them back together; I created cities with Lego and assembled structures with scrap wood. I am always curious of the how & why in design. I aim to design with purpose & enjoy the creative problem solving that I get presented with. I enjoy challenging myself and in 2016 I completed the “Photo-a-day Challenge’. education 2016 2020

Design for Industry BA Northumbria University

2013 2015

A levels Bilborough College

A* – Product Design B – Maths

2nd year – Student Rep 3rd year – Design Department Rep

2008 2013

A – EPQ C – Physics

GCSEs George Spencer Academy

10 GCSEs all A* – B A* – A in Product Design, Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

design industry experience 2018

Unwritten Creative Design Intern


Suburbs Conferencing & Zimbabwe Car Hire Graphic Designer


BSP Consulting Assistant to Civil Engineer

employment 2013 2016

Trent Café Barista & Café Supervisor


Comfort Lettings Agency Summer Assistant to Letting Agent


achievements 2017

Part of the ‘Together Apart’ Photography Exhibition by Jonathon Seagull. Bath, UK


Trained Barista at 200° Coffee.


Finalist in the Triumph Design Awards & won the award for ‘Commercial Awareness’.


Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.


Delivered a talk at the ‘Learning Without Frontiers Conference’ as part of the Digital Leaders Programme at George Spencer Academy.


Achieved all 10 Skate UK Ice Skating Grades & all 6 Skate UK Ice Hockey Grades. Trained and played with the Nottingham Ice Cats.


skills • • • •

Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe XD

• • • •

Adobe Premiere Pro Solidworks Photography Model Making

• • • •

Ideation Sketching Coffee Making Baking


shadow play Exploring the relationship between light and shadow

Lamps fill a room in many ways; light can change the atmosphere of a room and fill the void between the furniture and ceiling. The lamp shade gives the room a soft atmosphere by utilising the contrast between light and shadow projecting petal like pattens into the room. The lamp itself is a centrepiece that fascinates and captures the user in its form.


display Linking functionality and emotions

‘display’ is a modular unit that allowed users to display and interact with music, books, films and images. Designed to be as minimal as possible to enhance the media on show. A separate screw-thread and housing were specially designed to attach the wire to wall. The housing allows the wire to hang from the wall and the shelves to be a uniform distance from the wall. The shelves have been engineered with a metal rebate and hidden grub screw, allowing them to ‘hang’ from the wire. The shelves have routed hollows to hold CDs, DVDs, Records, short books, and other media. The shelf height can be adjusted to hold a mix of all these items and multiple columns can be added to fill a wall with the mural. ‘display’ was a finalist in the Triumph Design Awards (2015) and won the award for ‘Commercial Awareness’.


rubiaceae Creating a cohesive brand image and elements

Rubiaceae extends the coffee experience from purchase to consumption. Just like coffees having different mouth feels, tastes and aromas, the textured, letter pressed business cards add depth to the sensory experience. The packaging colour palette reflects the coffee wheel, helping customers match with perfect coffee.



coffee specialists

est. 2016


ABHAYA LIBRE Titles, Headers, Logo


AVENIR Body, Packaging, Subheadings



non-literal Exploring form without constraints and distractions

Style: aquatic To design a non-literal encapsulated electronic product with no prescribed function. The design evolved organically through sketches and models before arriving at a final design. Originally quite small and single-handed in use, after modelling this design was too literal and similar to remotes already available. This led to revisions and inspiration from earlier concepts. The fluid and soft form of the final model was inspired by Manta Rays with swooping pectoral fins and large symmetrical gill slits. This creates an ergonomic form with tactile interactions.


headphones Exploring the relationship between interactions and experience

As a group we created personas to help understand our users wants, needs and lifestyle. After identifying our user is at the start of their teenage years and starting to think about style, fashion and develop their own tastes, we decided on creating simplistic and stylish headphones. Concealing the size adjusters stopped the headphones from feeling maladroit and allowed the look of the headphones stand out. Sketches and models allowed us to explore different ways in creating our headphone and speaker combination.

Descriptor 10 year old girl, year 6 at school, moving up to big school soon. Quotes “Mum, I need some new shoes... please?” “But mum, Hollie’s mum is letting her go!!!” Who is it? 10, lives at home with her two older brothers, mum and dad. Close with her family, especially her mum and oldest brother.

What goals? Loves hanging out with her friends and keeping up with all her favourite YouTubers and singers (Beyoncé). Quite tech savvy loves to keep up to date with new electronics and the image it provides. Being close to friends and family and being happy is more important than having the highest marks. Plays the piano and is starting to learn the guitar as well. What attitude towards product? Wants trendy headphones, she’s seen ones that Beyoncé and youtubers wears and wants to look like them. Would primarily be used when roller-blading or walking into

school, but also for watching YouTube and listening to music. Cares mostly about how they look, but still wants decent sound quality. Which behaviour? Naturally smart for her age, but sometimes socializing (in person and on her phone) can interfere with her marks. Especially loves tumblr and pintrest, and has actually made some friends online who live in other countries across the world, thanks to keeping up with their favourite celebrities online. Hopes to meet them someday. Quite emotionally driven, and focuses on doing things that make her happy.


a headphone and speaker combination, music for all occasions more colours available


treasure Linking functionality and emotions

Money is a huge challenge for university students. It’s their first taste of financial freedom but it can be a challenge. Treasure is a personalised app borne from the idea of helping students understand general finance, personal finance and preparing for the future. There are four key areas of the app: Dashboard Shows transactions and balances across all accounts Report Displays detailed spending from each account, including a graph to help visualise spending. Each transaction is smartly auto-tagged with a category. Chests Automatically saves a percentage of the income and saves it for big things in life; mortgages, cars, weddings, etc. Accountant A smart assistant that teaches the user about financial terms and processes. Accountant gives personal financial advice acting as an AI accountant.


horology Visualising a timepiece into 1mm layers

Manufacture an exact, 1:1 replica of a Tag Heuer Monaco using 1mm layers of polycarbonate and without the genuine watch as a reference.


al fresco Enhancing the outdoor eating experience at National Trust locations

Picnics haven’t really changed since being invented in the Victorian era, how can this quintessentially British tradition be reinvented? The National Trust is a popular destination for all ages to have days out and is a popular picnic destination. By providing a picnic service that is ordered online or through an app, the picnic basket is brought into the 21st century. It reduces waste, encourages healthier eating at National Trust properties and provides an enhanced picnic experience that can be themed to suit a particular location. For example a Harry Potter themed picnic could be provided at the property that was used in the filming of Harry Potter. Or Welsh cakes served at Welsh National Trust properties.

say hello... Email: Phone: 07964 774906 Linkedin: zhammersley

Zachary Hammersley Industrial Design (Design for Industry) Portfolio 2018  

Hello! My name is Zach, I am a 2nd Year Student Studying Industrial Design (Design for Industry) at Northumbria University. Please feel free...

Zachary Hammersley Industrial Design (Design for Industry) Portfolio 2018  

Hello! My name is Zach, I am a 2nd Year Student Studying Industrial Design (Design for Industry) at Northumbria University. Please feel free...