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A love story for the undeserving. A life lesson for the broken hearted. A short film about standing alone.


Feathers Haven’t we all been there? A moment in time where your world crumbles in front of you and there is nothing to do but dust down your shirt, pick yourself up and start again. No? Well it’s going to happen and it’s easier said than done. Jamie is an independent gallery owner, he is passionate but personal, keeping most things to himself; a man of few words. Jamie’s story started with a girl, the naivety of this first love left a bruise that has never quite faded. Blinded by passion he didn’t see the cracks appearing around the world he and Lucy created. Inevitably the relationship and all that he loved slipped away. Time slowly does its work but the memories remain vivid and not quite understood. Jamie carries on without her, and for the most part he is neither happy nor unhappy; A neutral being in a now less shiny world. Never knowing how he would react if he ever saw her again.

FEATHERS is this moment. A moment every person has been through or is going to go through. The moment your heart finds its way into your throat, and you relive the past; every emotion amplified and trying to escape your body. It’s this moment that Jamie must learn the moral of this story ‘Fine Feathers don’t make fine birds’. Jamie must realise that happiness isn’t in the goal, but the pursuit and journey you make for yourself. FEATHERS showcases the intimate emotions we happen upon in our every day relationships. It grasps at the heart strings in true vérité fashion, compelling us to see into ourselves; a strangely beautiful moment which is poetic, brash, sullen and resounding. FEATHERS peaks and sinks with every subtle breath, yet always questions the morality of past actions. It holds true to the dream like air that surrounds young love and glistens fluorescent.

Writer, Director / Zachary Carl Ord


Zachary’s passion for film was born at an early age, making monster movies with his elder brother on his grandfather’s camcorder. Born in North East England, opportunities were slim. Zach decided after leaving comprehensive school to make his own opportunities by studying Film in both College and University. He obtained a BA (hons) degree in Film Production in 2013. During his time at University he has written and directed four short films, honing his skills and talents ready to become an independent filmmaker. The summer of 2013 marks the first fully independent short film, Zachary has produced and it won’t be the last. Zach favours writing emotive stories about unconditional love and finding magic in the subtleties of the lesser known. He aspires to one day make a feature length film and be recognised & acknowledged for it.

Producer / Dan Rymer Dan Rymer was born in the North East of England; a stone throw away from the coast. Now in his final year at the University of Cumbria he sets his sights on heading south to the capital to work his way into the industry as a producer/director. Dan’s first love of media came through graphic design and his first career path almost took him down that road. It was only be accident that Dan fell into film, taking film studies as a filler subject at sixth form. Discovering the love for film and natural talent of storytelling, Dan wasted no time in moving from sixth form to a specialist college where he could study solely film production. After a successful first year, Dan had to drop out due to illness, seemingly leaving the new career path behind. It took Dan four years of full time work, seeing the world and gaining life experience to finally help make his decision to rediscover his passion for film. In September 2008, Dan joined Middlesbrough College, where he completed a BTEC National Diploma in Media Production, with top marks of triple distinctions. Furthermore he was awarded the Student of the Year Award for quality of work and willingness to help the friends and peers around him to also successfully complete the course. Following this Dan then went on to the University of Cumbria to study film and TV production and is on course to be the first ‘Rymer’, to his knowledge, to graduate with full honours.

Director of Photography / Leo Baptist Photography arrived in Leo’s life at the age of 19 his passion started when he installed photoshop on to his computer and started creating digital art. He was never really good at traditional illustration but the program allowed him to satisfy his creative side. He has always been interested in technology and gadgetry it only made sense for him to combine the two. He took a camera in his hands without knowing that after a while his desire would be to keep it there forever. He has approached photography through the same self-taught route, insulated online communities and lectures from famed professionals. Taking pictures has become something that goes beyond the simple realization of images and has deeply changed his way of experiencing life and his view the world. Fast-forward to today and Leo is sampling everything he can. He has shot fashion photographs, actor portraits. His landscape photographs are on sale in various galleries and he is now working on motion film.

Art Director / Natalie Martins Natalie Martins, a Drama graduate from Surrey has been working for film since 2011, predominantly as an actress and recently received the Best Actor/Actress award at the London Independent Film Festival 2013. Having worked on over 20 film productions since graduating she hopes to bring her on set experience and creative flair to the production of FEATHERS as her first role as Art Director.

Composer / Edouard Verneret Learning music in his childhood, composer Edouard Verneret started creating very early, composing for his own pleasure and then quickly getting involved in various university and indie projects, including video game music and short film scores. Currently playing in a few bands and composing for some projects such as short films and an open air dance show, Ed constantly seeks new challenges and experiences.

Graphic Design / James Bradley I have always been obsessed with information, stories and making things since I was very young, so design and myself are a great match.

Lucy / Lucia Coward


Lucia’s earliest memory is falling over in the playground at school because she was teaching her friends to do a cartwheel for a performance that she was planning to show her class and teachers (they were not aware of this yet!). Her balance has since improved thankfully and her enthusiasm for performing has only increased. She went on to study at King’s College London and has worked in television, film and theatre since then.Working as an actor and presenter she has recently completed a UK theatre tour with Guinness World Records live show and has completed a number of short films, commercials and voice-overs already this year. Lucia lives in East London and loves running, yoga, Come Dine With Me and her dog, Ramona.

Jamie / Tom Lionetti-Maguire Tom Lionetti-Maguire is a British/ French actor and voice-over artist from London. Trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Recent Theatre Includes: The Homecoming (Theatre Royal Haymarket), Boxed In (Pleasance Theatre), Julius Caesar (Open Air Tour). Recent Feature Films: D-Effects (Ouranos Films), Blood Loyal (LMG Films).

Katie / Andrea Nodroum Andrea Nodroum graduated from The Guildford School of Acting and has taken part in various stage and film productions since; working with companies such as Big Bright Lights and Pretty Villain Productions. She is Half Costa Rican half British and speaks fluent Spanish. She also has experience in radio having hosted her own show called London Underground and worked on many voice over projects.

About / Feet First FeetFirst Productions are a northern based fledgling production team passionate about storytelling and have a real drive to always be better. In the past two years we have created many different mixed media productions including short film, documentary and corporate promotional material. Our ethos is in the name, we jump in Feet First without hesitation, we follow our hearts, striving for perfection.

Note from the / Director

10 / NOTES

When I was younger, my grandfather used to read me and my brother a book of fables at bedtime. Almost all of these had a moral that brought everything together that taught children about the world in a more diluted way. I have always been fascinated with how poignant and visual fables are and how they imprint in your mind. Back then the morals didn’t really register but now I realise that they were in fact life lessons. During hard times I still look for inspiration and guidance from these subtle sentences that are often very profound. When writing FEATHERS I took influence from the Aesop’s fable ‘The Peacock & the Crane’ because everyone knows a ‘peacock’; boastful, arrogant, spiteful, selfish, I could go on. What is really interesting is when you realise that someone special to you might not be who you think they are. Not all that glitters is gold. FEATHERS is a moment that has never truly been explored. It’s something that is so human to all of us and we can instantly relate to that feeling, even if it is unpleasant for some. FEATHERS brings an emotive child-like magic to a bleak looking situation; giving hope to people and more importantly myself.


Feathers Press Pack  

Design by James Bradley

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