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Twitter Fiction

Twitter allows the young writer the leisure of failing on the cheap. Of course, the young writer is saving time when they use Twitter Fiction as a means of publication. As Clay Shirky declares in his book Here Comes Everybody, “cheap failure, valuable as it is on its own, is also a key part of a more complex advantage: the exploration of multiple possibilities.” Below is a sample of the “possibilities” that Twitter fiction offers: @Very Short Story: A twitter fiction handle created by Sean Hill. Very Short Story’s fiction can range from the darkly humorous to the ultimately sad condition of modern life. I would liken this fiction to that of Raymond Carver in its depiction of sadness behind the seemingly mundane. @Trapezemag: Publishes fiction mostly erring towards the Sci-Fi/Horror genre. The work that comes in can be fairly philosophical ruminations on technology, or bordering on the just plain frightening. Stories may be in the same vein as Kurt Vonnegut and Phillip K. Dick all the way to Clive Barker. @Nanofiction: The fiction on this handle tends to run a wide spread. Some stories are surrealistic, others very modern and minimal, some are even (though rarely) science fiction. @Bjorn: Is a self-publishing twitter handle in the same vein as Very Short Story. The stories are often surrealistic, using a similar tone as Donald Barthelme, in that the stories usually end in an absurd twist. @iwasaplatypus: This is another self-publishing handle that focuses on humorous, offbeat stories mostly grounded in reality. I would describe these stories as having a similar style to authors such as Tao Lin, or Sam Pink.

@arjunbasu: The stories on this feed tend to be of the more modern-realist variety. Often these stories deal with communication within relationships, similar in style to stories by Junot Diaz. @maureenevans: The fiction on this twitter handle is interesting because along with being confined to 140 characters, the stories are also kept strictly to haiku format. These give the stories an Eastern feel, as if you were reading Laozi trying to communicate the daily oddities of modern life.

@thaumatrope: This is a twitter publishing handle mostly interested in humorous stories no matter the particular genre they may fall in. The stories tend to take the form of a joke, with a set-up at the beginning and a twist in the story near the end.

Catalog of Twitter Fiction