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NEM has powered over 815 Steam Generators on 6 continents, with a total capacity of around 35,000 MWe (which is, for example, as much as the total installed capacity of Saudi Arabia).


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NEM’s head office is located in Leiden, the Netherlands. The company consists of four business units, which specialize in a range of specific products. Our partner NEM Standard Fasel, located in Hengelo, specializes in boiler maintenance, manufacturing and special products. NSF - Scheemda

Nem, NSF, Powerspex - Hengelo

NSF - Utrecht Nem - Leiden

Nem - Hendrik Ido Ambacht

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Nem - Recklinghausen

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NEM is a preferred partner for custom made solutions in the field of Heat Recovery, Industrial and Utility Steam Generators and related equipment. We discern ourselves from our competitors by developing custom made products and solutions which due to our know-how are unique or indispensable to our clients. NEM B.V., established in 1929, is a globally leading engineering company in the field of steam generating equipment. NEM supplies custom made solutions regarding Industrial, Utility and Heat Recovery Steam Generators for power generation and industrial applications throughout the world.

NEM’s Heat Recovery Steam Generators take up the largest portion of the company’s activities. The firm’s driving forces are its distinctive know-how and continuous technological innovation, with an eye for new applications such as steam generation for solar power applications.



Our products and solutions Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), Direct Fired Boilers, Process Boilers and components for Power Plants like Dampers and Diverters are NEM’s specialty products. NEM SF offers boiler manufacturing and maintenance services. Our products are being applied in power plants and various industries and can be supplied as delivery only or on a turnkey basis. Also various auxiliaries such as feed water systems and DCS systems can be included in NEM’s scope of supply. Our experience includes all major code requirements, such as ASME, PED, EN, BS and TRD.

NEM’s global presence enables us to source equipment from qualified subcontractors throughout the world and therefore we can supply boilers from the most suitable production location. Our supervisors are continuously present at the manufacturing location to assure ­implementation of NEM’s quality requirements and production know-how.

Our product range can be divided as follows:


Dampers and Diverters

• Large Horizontal HRSGs • Large Vertical HRSGs • Benson HRSGs • Modular HRSGs • Enhanced Oil Recovery HRSGs

• Dampers and Diverters • By-pass Systems

Fired Boilers • Process and CO Boilers • Utility Boilers • Industrial Boilers • Low BTU / Blast Furnice Gas Boilers • Waste-to-Energy Boilers

Boiler Services and Manufacturing, Special Products • Boiler Services • Manufacturing • Consultancy • PP Training Simulators

Solar Power


• Concentrated Solar Power Applications



aBout neM PRoDuctS

ReFeRence PRojectS

• Hrsgs • industrial & utility Boilers • Waste-to-Energy Boilers • solar Power

laRGe HRSGs Cairo North II - Egypt Two horizontal HRSG behind GE 9FA type gas turbines including balance of plant equipment and DCS system of the total Power Plant.

innovation aDDReSSeS


Heat Recovery Steam Generators • Large Horizontal HRSGs: natural circulation • Large Vertical HRSGs: natural or forced circulation • Benson HRSGs: Once Through models • Modular HRSGs: modular designs • Enhanced Oil Recovery HRSGs

NEM’s core activity is the engineering and delivery of various types of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs). The HRSG uses the energy in the hot exhaust gas of the gas turbine to generate steam for electricity production or for various industrial processes. This so-called combined cycle process enhances the power plant’s performance up to 50%, in some cases even up to 60%. Our HRSGs cover the size range from 20 to 350 MWe. These are designed for horizontal or vertical gas flow and based on drum-type or Once Through (Benson) design. NEM was the first supplier of HRSGs behind an H-class (over 300 MWe) gas turbine.

Son Reus II - Mallorca Son Reus II is one of the seven projects recently constructed or under construction on the Spanish Islands Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Mallorca. Each equipped with 2 HRSGs behind FR6FA gas turbines.

enHanceD oil RecoveRy HRSGs Mukhaizna - Oman Two OT-HRSGs with supplementary firing and diverters for steam injection to increase pressure and reduce viscosity of the oil field.

ReFeRence PRojectS • Process and CO Boilers for refi neries and petrochemical industries • Utility Boilers, oil, gas or coal fi red, up to 1100 t/h • Industrial Boilers, single drum, fully Our business unit in Hengelo offers tailor welded industrial package made solutions for Fossil Fired Steam • Low BTU / Blast Furnice Boilers, Generators for industrial and utility applicapable of burning mixtures of coke cations. Also, we supply Process Heat oven, blast furnace and natural gas Recovery Boilers as well as Steam Generwith a higher pressure capacity of ators for enhanced oil recovery. 150 t/h

industrial and utility Boilers


co BoileR SOHAR Refinery Plant – Oman One CO Boiler for RFCC unit – 327 t/h

inDuStRial BoileR Jebel Ali Power & Desalination Plant ‘L’ II – Dubai, UAE One Industrial Boiler 480 t/h

Waste-to-Energy boilers As a niche activity, NEM maintains state-of-the-art designs for Waste-toEnergy Steam Generators for incineration of various types of waste and industrial or refinery waste gas to produce steam for power production.

R e f e r e n c e pr o j e c t s

Waste-to-energy Boilers HR AVI – Amsterdam, the Netherlands Two steam generators burning solid waste to produce 100 t/h of steam each for power generation. The High Efficiency Waste Fired Power Plant in Amsterdam is the most advanced of its kind in the world.

• Waste-to-energy Boilers

R e f e r e n c e pr o j e c t s

concentrated Solar power Application Al Kuraymat - Egypt For the Kuraymat ISCCPP project in Egypt NEM is supplying a special HRSG integrated with two HTF steam generators, including all logics and dynamic analysis. The electricity is partially obtained from natural gas, and partially from Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). The combination is known as Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC). NEM has made use of in house developed software and innovative engineering technologies in order to control the interaction between the solar field, oil/water heat exchangers and the HRSG.

NEM supplies special HRSGs integrated with an HTF steam generator, including logics and dynamic analysis, for Integrated Solar Combined Cycles (ISCC).

Other Examples of NEM CSP systems are CSP steam cycle technology, back up (firm output) equipment and booster ­super heaters.


Concentrated Solar Power

• Concentrated Solar Power Applications


About NEM


Products • Diverters and Dampers • Services and Special Products

innovation Addresses

Diverters and Dampers • By-pass Systems • Exhaust Gas Systems • Dampers

NEM Power-Systems, located in Recklinghausen, Germany, is world leader in the design and supply of exhaust gas systems, Diverters and Tight Shut-off/control Dampers for large boiler plants, FGD plants, SCR plants and process industries. NPS designs and manufactures all types of dampers suitable for large boiler plants,

Services and Special Products • Boiler Services • Energy Services • NEM Standard Fasel Manufacturing


NEM Standard Fasel maintains existing installations and develops special products such as our PP Training Simulator and consultancy. The Manufacturing faci­ lity in Scheemda is directly connected to Holland’s main waterways, which enables us to manufacture large and heavy pieces of equipment and ship them within a one or two day period to a variety of international harbours in Western Europe.

FGD plants, SCR plants and Process Industries where tight shut-off or good control is required. Exhaust gas stacks with elbows, or bypass systems incorporating Diverters, and silencing equipment for gas turbine plants are included in our product spectrum.



Active and innovative Personnel and Organisation Our people are the basis of our success. The products supplied by NEM must be state-of-the-art and reliable, therefore the organisation needs employees that are eager to contribute to NEM’s corporate and technological innovation. Essential in enabling the growth of our business is effective management, inspiring leadership, challenging jobs and fair reward systems. NEM is focussed on attracting motivated, highly trained and technically skilled workers. NEM’s personnel policy is offering new employees opportunities for personal development, benefits and an informal organisational culture. The very low outflow of personnel indicates the company’s success in this respect. We are convinced that the combined know-how and experience of our staff, their integrity, dedication and professionalism are key factors in the successful execution of our projects.

Being a globally leading company also means maintaining a high standard regarding the quality of services and products and the know-how and dedication of our staff. Therefore, every detail regarding NEM’s conduct of business is managed with care and has to meet extensive quality demands.

ment of existing products. Recently, our researchers have developed a solar powered boiler.

Quality, Safety and Environment The ongoing improvement of our quality, safety, health and environmental systems remain an important part of our company policy. With an integrated approach NEM is capable of delivering high quality products, on time, accurate by highly qualified staff. At the same time safety and environment are of major importance to achieve total quality by complying with governmental and other safety and environmental regulations and by striving to eliminate any foreseeable hazards that could result in property damage, accidents, or impact on personal health. NEM is ISO, ASME and SCC (HSE) certified.

Innovation NEM constantly monitors the energy market for demand for new technologies and products. This ongoing effort ensures the development of new highly customised solutions to complex energy problems. Our Research and Development department is constantly looking for new solutions to complex problems, the application of new technologies and the improve­-


« Addresses NEM Head Office and Large HRSGs Kanaalpark 159, 2321 JW Leiden P.O.Box 162, 2300 AD Leiden The Netherlands Telephone +31 71579 2444 Fax +31 71579 2792 E-mail

NEM Industrial & Utility Boilers Demmersweg 140, 7556 BN Hengelo The Netherlands Telephone +31 74 851 5888 Fax +31 74 851 5889 E-mail

NEM Modular HRSG Systems

Antoniuslaan 1, 3341 GA Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht The Netherlands Telephone +31 78 684 1020 Fax +31 78 684 1022 E-mail

Our Benefits • Specialist know-how

NEM Power-Systems

(Diverters and Dampers) Christine-Englerth-Strasse 20, D-45665 Recklinghausen Germany Telephone +49 23619 8690 Fax +49 2361 98294 E-mail

• Wide international experience

NEM Middle East

Union House Building Office # 614 6th floor Port Saeed Road P.O. Box 43659 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Telephone +971 50650 9037 Fax +971 42115101 E-mail


404 Parker Ivey Drive Greenville, SC29607 USA Telephone +1 864 404 8465 E-mail

• Quality and reliability • Innovative • Tailor-made products

NEM Far East Regional Office Suite 15-7, 15th Floor, Wisma UOA 2, 21, Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Telephone +603 2163 6388 Fax +603 2163 6395 E-mail

NEM Standard Fasel

Demmersweg 21, 7556 BN Hengelo The Netherlands Telephone +31 74 851 5555 Fax + 31 74 851 5556 E-mail

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