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I pledge, on my honor To uphold the objects Of Key Club International To build my home, school, and community, To serve my nation and God, And combat all forces, which tend to undermine these institutions.

Front graphics – Š Kim Luu

Division 21 14 Aug 2011



1:50-2:25 Workshop Session 1

2:30-3:05 Workshop Session 2


3:30-4:05 Workshop Session 3



Kiwanis Room

2nd Room

3rd Room

General Assembly 1



Presidents/ VP’s


Kiwanis Connections


Making Bank

Project Planning

Snacks/Ice Breakers


Editors/ Historians/ Publicity

Membership /Growth

General Assembly 2



The EliMiNaTe Project


Presidents/VPs (Tiffany Tran, Lena Huang) Calling all Presidents and Vice Presidents! Learn more about organization, delegation of power, and leadership. Be prepared to lead your club to greatness. Treasurers (Vivian Vuong) Understand the role of a Treasurer. Got questions about the dues process? No problem. Come to this workshop to learn the nuts and bolts of dues, membership, and club finances and management. Secretaries (Diana Quach, Amanda Sani) So much to do, so little time. Secretaries, come learn helpful tips and tricks to handle the most demanding officer position. Tackle the MRF one tab at a time! Making the Bank (Jihui Jin, Hung Vo) Learn the keys to a successful fundraiser. Get creative with your ideas and mix things up. Plus, learn what to do with all the money you make!

Project Planning (Justine Hsu, Vivian Vuong) Learn how to plan your own projects instead of working with other organizations. Get the details on how to plan and execute your own successful service event. Editors/Publicity (Zabrina Reyes, Hung Vo) Editors, come learn all of your different responsibilities. Learn new ways to get the word out about your club, events, and fundraisers. Membership/Growth (Hailan Pang, Jihui Jin) Have a small club? If you need new ways to not only attract, but retain members, then this is the workshop for you! Get your members to become more active and involved. The EliMiNaTe Project (Whitney Oleman, Mr. Crawford) By the time this OTC is finished, more than 20 babies will have died from Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus. Come to this workshop to learn what the Kiwanis family is doing to put an end to this deadly disease.

D21 OTC Handout  
D21 OTC Handout  

The handout for our OTC this Sunday, 8/14/2011. Graphics by Kim Luu.