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The Hip Life. VOLUME I

| ISSUE I | JUNE 2011


Hungry Hungry HIPPOS

Go on, ask us how we feel! ‟Cause we feel good, oh we feel so good…

Photo credit Nina Nguyen

HIPPOS, WHERE YOU AT?! Congratulations, everyone, for making it through another school year! Summer is OFFICIALLY. HERE. I hope that you guys are well and safe so far. I now welcome you all to the brand-new Division 21 hippo-licious newsletter! This is been the product of many Facebook messages and e-mails of submissions by all the schools within D21. Hopefully you will all see this as a new, fun, way to stay involved, or become involved, in your community! I‘m always open to suggestions, and since this is the first newsletter, we‘re still working on improving it. I am currently accepting answers for our next issue, which will feature the next Question of the Month:

“What‟s your best Hippo-related Pick up Line?” No profanity. The more creative, the better! Contact me [details on page 14] before July 15 to be featured in next month‘s issue! Have a wonderful summer, everyone!



Cover Letter and Welcome Contents A Word from our Board June Events A Proper Key Club Photo Upcoming Events! Farewell to Seniors From the Editor‘s Desk

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And now…

A WORD FROM OUR BOARD! Hey Hippos! In order for a division to run smoothly, cooperation and communication is vital. It‘s also important to view the board members as friends, not just as business partners. Let‘s say GOODBYE to our previous LTG, who‘s worked so hard to make this year a good one, and say HELLO to another fantastic year, to our new LTG, and our new Executive Assistants!

Hello peoples! I know Amanda Sani will do a great job and I know she will take our division to a new level. If there is one thing I could finish with, I would finish by saying never give up, even if it seems like there is no point in it. One helpful/ inspirational/ cool/interesting quote I acquired a while ago was:


“Do what you gotta do to get it done.” —Bryant. The quote means many things in different ways, but put it in your context in the way you want and you sure will see what the quote means. I leave you all with another note. Our division is only as big as you make it. Our division is only as fun as you make it. You all probably get the point, right?! Anyways, I had an amazing time in Key Club and I had a great team working right beside me. I will miss the energy everyone had at all of the events. I have not seen anything that would compare in any other organization such as Vietnamese Student Association or even American Cancer Society! Amanda, Vivian, Michael, Hung, and Zabrina got this! If you guys need anything, feel free to message me in any way possible! :)

Donald Quach Division 21 LTG 2010-2011

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

‖ 3



Hello Hippos, First of all, thank you for reading the very first Division 21 Newsletter of the 2011-2012 year! I am proud to call myself your Lieutenant Governor because we have a very exciting year ahead of us. I know firsthand how busy these last two months have been but now that summer is here we can relax and focus on things besides school. I hope to see many of your faces this summer, whether at our upcoming banquet, one of the many summer service events, or at a club visitation. At the very least, I hope you will join the divisional reflector (DIVISION21@GOOGLEGROUPS.COM) so that you will here about everything going on, including, but not limited to, bonfire socials, a Mr. Key Club Pageant, and a divisional water gun fight. Please use your time wisely this summer and get some service in while you are not busy! As a Key Club International member, you each have a yearly goal of completing 50 hours of service. I am very excited to serve as your LTG and help you serve your community. We've gotten off to a great start with 100% May MRF submission and numerous successful service events, so just keep up the good work!


Have a Service-filled Summer,

Amanda Sani Division 21 LTG 2011-2012

LTG's Monthly Challenge: Say "Hi" to me at our Divisional Banquet.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. —Ralph Waldo Emerson

‖ 4

And still…


Hey Key Clubbers, What‘s up? My name is Michael Acasio, and for those of you I haven't met before, I am an Executive Assistant division for the this year and will be working with Amanda, Vivian, Hung, Zabrina and all the other D21 officers to make this the best year for D21 Key Clubbers. I am currently a junior at Scripps Ranch High School and Key Club is a big part of my life, like a second family. I‘m smart for the most part... I get good grades like all Asian kids, but I like to relax and procrastinate when I can. I like meeting new people and the occasional challenge of getting people out of their shy phase. While leadership roles can sometimes stress me out, they are also very rewarding, but don't worry because I never really get mad unless you really try to piss me off (don't). Having fun is also important to me, I get bored really really easily... so I usually just try to get those around me to smile/ entertain me and vise versa. I got a lot of spirit built up inside me so anytime you challenge me to a spirit battle, challenge accepted, but I hope you're prepared to throw down. This year I plan to help each club within the division to strive to be better than last year as we find new ways of fundraising, get more members involved, find more volunteer events, become more spirited, communicate/ socialize more and become more organized. So how does that make you feel? Looking forward to a good year,

Michael Acasio Division 21 Executive Assistant 2011-2012

Hung Hello D21, My name is Hung Vo and I‘ll be one of your three Executive Assistants this key club year. I will mainly be in focus with Mira Mesa, Patrick Henry, Kearny, and Mission Bay. I'm a senior next year and my classes are pretty relaxing so feel free to talk to me or something, if you have any questions. A little about me is I pretty outgoing and happy go lucky. Everything is pretty much fine with me unless it's totally wrong. I play League of Legends, I like to b-boy, and I like meeting people. I can't really say much else, you just gotta know me.

Hung Vo Division 21 Executive Assistant 2011-2012


The last…

WORD FROM OUR BOARD! Vivian Hey guys! My name is Vivian Vuong and I am one of your new executive assistants this year. A little bit about myself is I‘m a sophomore going into junior year and I go to Scripps Ranch High School. My birthday is March 29th and I am 16. I play badminton so if I see any Key Clubbers on the court, don‘t hold back! I really love Key Club; I joined as a freshman and I got addicted to it from the beginning! It‘s seriously my life and my family. I can‘t wait for this year!!! I‘m really looking forward to this year, it‘s going to be loads of fun and I can‘t wait to meet all of you! I will be here for you guys if you have questions, concerns, or anything about Key Club! And even if you need some personal help I am free for questions and advice as well. If you guys have never met me be sure to come up to me and say ―HEY!‖ I promise I‘m friendly!!! Most importantly though, my goal is to make this year the BEST and most MEMORABLE Key Club year for D21 in the history of Key Club! This year will have tons of dances, events, and socials! Be prepared for reminders for MRFs, dues, and a lot of important stuff. This year will be filled with volunteering, socializing, and tons of FUN. From Your Executive Assistant,

Vivian Vuong

A word from La Jolla;

Division 21 Executive Assistant 2011-2012

I really admire clubs that put in the effort to become more involved. Although they are not on the divisional board, let‟s hear from La Jolla, where Kiara Sanchez wrote this letter intended to be read and supported by the hippos. La Jolla Key Club is back in the game. Now that the old officers are going off to college, La Jolla Key Club is left with an all girl team, ready to take charge! Our president, Summer will bring new light to the club. Already have taken part in many of the events of the past year, Summer is the ideal president. Kiara, the vice president and friend of Summer will be helping Summer to the fullest. Amethyst, the treasurer, has helped out in events and knows what is wanted from all of us. We are excited to get La Jolla Key Club more involved. As school ends, the officers have begun to focus on the club and their involvement. We will be having lunch with the Kiwanis of La Jolla in June where all the officers, old and new, will be together one last time as well as having an opportunity to hear of more events and necessities of the Kiwanis. During the summer we will be helping out in the Concerts by the Sea every Sunday as well. Wish us luck in bringing La Jolla Key Club back and turning the coming year an eventful one.


PAST EVENTS Despite SAT‘s and school finals that burdened our schedules, the happy helping hippos still set aside some time to benefit their community this past June. ♥

[Touch-a-Truck] was an interesting and fun event because there were so many cars and things I‟ve never seen. It was cool to see them so close… -Kyle Langit

June 3

June 4

UCHS Tapex Fundraiser


Hippos at University City High School organized a fundraiser at Tapioca Express to help fund for ICON. Those who brought their flyers helped bring 20% of proceeds towards the representative. Profits stacked up to be $20!

Kyle Langit organized his first key club event as Mira Mesa‘s VP. Members had to monitor children as they took pictures in moving vehicles. Members could pass out refreshments and observe the various types of cars— Police, military, and vintage, just to name a few.

Feeding America Key clubbers had to pack and refurbish food items donated by generous families. Members from Scripps and Mira Mesa gained 3 community service hours.

Izy Truong converses with a community member during the Cook Off on June 11. Photo credit Josh Kohlbecker

June 5

SD Rock „n Roll Marathon To benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Kearny Key Club participated in the 5K Marathon, which stretched from Balboa Park to Sea World.

Left to right: Randy Custodio, Michael Acasio, and Jimmy Trinh still manage to smile while picking up trash at the Cook Off Event. Photo credit Josh Kohlbecker

UC Treasurer Whitney Oleman enjoys her purchase at the Tapica Express fundraiser on June 3rd. Photo credit Jessica Diller



June 8

June 11

Standley Middle School Recruitment

River Walk Clean Up

Jessica Diller reports the UC visitation of Standley, the middle school that feeds into University City High School. They ―spread the word of Key Club to all the incoming freshman of next year.‖

Members from Scripps‘ key club helped clean the river area in Mission Valley.

Chili Cook Off Hippos from all over the division set up tents for the Chili Cook Off event at Embarcadero Marina Park. They also picked up trash by the beach, sold raffle tickets, and sampled chili. Overall, they displayed a few of the core values of Key Club: inclusiveness and care.

Izy Truong happily points Key Clubbers at the Chili Cook Off event to their next point.

Photo credits Jessica Diller, Josh Kohlbecker


5 STEPS to a PROPER PHOTO “ ” 1 2 3 4 Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

So I know I‘ve talked to most of the tech editors on the ―right‖ pictures that should be submitted to the newsletter, but this guide is for those who haven‘t learned the criteria yet. Presidents, please show this to your historians so that the district accepts our photos as correct portrayals of Key Club.


The district does not like pictures with ―posey‖ key clubbers, because it doesn‘t really show how hardworking and dedicated we are. Instead, candid pictures of people doing work are preferred. This means they shouldn‘t be staring at the camera. But don‘t think that candids are the ONLY ways to go, because I, personally, like posing and having fun. Just remember that for the NEWSLETTER, keep it candid.


No perverted/vulgar pictures, please, because again, newsletters are all about the image of key club. Who would want a picture, supposedly the epitome of Division 21, of something sexually provocative? Don‘t answer that. xD We‘re supposed to believe in morals, guys. It‘s what Key Club‘s all about.


If possible, and I know this won‘t be hard, historians, try to capture our division while we‘re smiling and doing work. The district loves seeing energetic, happy, hardworking helper hippos. Also, for the newsletter, keep the pictures in their normal colors. No monochrome, no cross processing, no editing unless it‘s for enhancing the photo. Try to keep it natural, please. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I‘m always happy to help some proactive Key Clubbers.


Please, no off-centered photos. Make sure your pictures fit the golden rule, or the rule of thirds, as many of you know. No idea what that is? Imagine your picture divided into 9 rectangles, as shown on the left. The focal points, or the main areas of focus (in our case it would be the heads of the key clubbers), should fall on the crosses (highlighted in red). More information can be found on this site:


KEEP IT “VALUED”. According to the Key Club website, Key Club wants us to capture the essence of Key Club and its core values: Pretty self-explanatory! If you can take a photo of one or all of  Leadership these four, you‘re a Key Club all-star.  Character Building  Caring  Inclusiveness


UPCOMING EVENTS Mark your calendars, guys! We still have a lot planned out this summer! Become a part of the divisional reflector at DIVISION21@GOOGLEGROUPS.COM and stay in the loop for all the upcoming service events!

jun 20


jun 24


SENIOR COMMUNITY CENTERS OF SAN DIEGO TIME: 1:15PM – 2:15PM LOCATION: SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 (DETAILS SENT AFTER SIGNING UP) Description: "Come join fellow volunteers to provide a hot lunch to seniors who have few other options for food. This lunch hour project is a great way to socialize with the elders of our community while helping serve the daily 1,000 meals at this downtown drop-in center. Sign up for one shift or multiple shifts – if you plan on staying through into a second shift, please sign up for both to help maintain an accurate volunteer count. Senior Community Centers of San Diego provides two hot meals every day while providing quality and compassionate services for the survival, health, and independence of seniors living in poverty." Contact: Call Tim Ruis at (619) 487-0727

TIME: 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM LOCATION: King's Garden 10066 Pacific Heights Blvd. Description: The theme is Winter Wonderland! Dress code is semi-formal. Jeans are okay as long as they look like slacky enough, (black jeans) There will be a dance! If you want to audition for the talent show send a message to Hung, Amanda, Vivian, or Michael. For presales email The ticket cost is $15 and at the door is $17. Food is provided :)

Contact: Facebook event

jul 15

BROWN BAG BRIGADE SPECIAL DELIVERY SAN DIEGO Date: Friday 07 15 11:30am-1:00pm Location: 4021 Goldfinch Street San Diego, CA 92103-1820 Description: Each week over 140 of Special Delivery's Clients rely on the support of volunteers to organize and pack canned goods, snacks, and fresh produce which are then hand delivered later in the day, along with that day's meal, to clients for use over the weekend. Special Delivery's mission is to deliver nutritious meals to men, women, and children, living with AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.Please wear closed toe shoes and comfortable clothes, as volunteers will be bending, reaching, and lifting cans, boxes, and bottled water." Contact: Email – Call – (619) 297-7373

We‘re the ones to beat! You can‘t take this heat!


FAREWELL, SENIORS... This year has been great. You will all be truly missed. You have left some big shoes to fill, and you‘ve taught us what we know. You‘ve taught us how to KEY CLUB. You led us at DCON, and you‘ve helped us develop into the hippos we are today. Good luck in whatever you strive to become! Remember Key Club, remember the people, and remember the memories. So, seniors,

“What will you miss the most?”

“The explosion of Facebook friends after a divisional or regional event.”

“The underclassmen, of course.”

“Meeting so many friendly people.” — Justen Teguh Mira Mesa High

— Annie Huang Mira Mesa High

— Christina Luu Serra High

“I [will] miss everything about key club: From helping others to seeing a smile on someone's face when they see us there providing our support. I [will] miss being with my friends and volunteering as a group. I [will] miss waking up in the morning, getting ready for an event, not caring how early it is but ready to put a smile on someone's face.” — Amy Yeung Serra High

“I will miss talking at the meetings, looking at all the members' faces, and trying to keep a little order in the short frame of a lunch break.” — Bretton Fletcher La Jolla High

Photo Credit Jihui Jin

“Waking up at 5 AM on a Saturday for a service event.” — Sean Perry Serra High

“I think I will miss the people and the service the most. Every single person in key club is so dedicated and passionate about service, and I‟m going to miss how everyone is so willing to jump in and help out wherever it's needed. And [I‟ll also miss] the people, of course, because everyone is always so open, caring, and very inclusive. That, and everyone is always so dang spirited. :)” Photo Credit Camilo Arevalo

— Lena Huang Serra High


FAREWELL, SENIORS... Question of the Month: What will you miss the most?

“I will probably miss Fall Rally the most because not only do you get to meet with other divisions, you also get to know your own club better and the bus ride is pretty fun.” — Camilo Arevalo Mira Mesa High

“I'll miss the staff the most…[but] in all seriousness, I think I would miss the DCMs. The ones that I went to were fun, and I made a lot of new friends.” — Doreen Trinh Mira Mesa High

“Meeting Asian people that are my friend's cousins.” — Ross Terepka Patrick Henry High

What i will miss most about Key Club is the people. Throughout my president year of key club, I have met with many great people, and became close with my division. If it was not for these people, I would not have as much fun as i am having with Key Club. I would strongly recommend people to join Key Club for experience of meeting new people and learning how to bring back to the community. — Anthony Thiem Patrick Henry High

I'll miss everything: from meeting new people to attending events to doing the spirit cheer. And Mr. Biggles and the 204 (key club meeting room) and all the Hippos D: — Iris Chin Mira Mesa High

“...I would say the people, just because once [I got] to know a variety of people from my division, it has helped me in [many] ways: to get out and just talk instead of being a shy little boy.” — Wilson Pham Patrick Henry High


FAREWELL, SENIORS... Question of the Month: What will you miss the most?

“There isn't one thing I'm going to miss the most about key club. All of the bonding, friendships, volunteering, excitement; everything together makes key club the most memorable group of people I met in high school.” — Mindy Truong Mira Mesa High

“To be honest, everything. There's not one thing that I didn't like. From all the stress to [people] yelling at me, I loved it all. I'm still going to visit and I'm definitely going to go to fall rally next year. I will forever be a key clubber and I'm probably going to join Circle K at Mesa. And to tell you a secret, it's a little hard for me to let go. I hate texting [VP‟s] reminding [them] to do stuff 'cause the first thing that comes in my head is, "why go through all the trouble of telling him when I can just get it done right the first time if I do it myself?" That's why the VP's never did anything. When I wanted something done a certain way at a certain way, I hate[d] depending on other people, so I just did everything myself. Key Club is definitely a club everyone should be in, I've grown as a person [ever] since I've joined.” — Sahar Mahmoud Kearny High

“I'll miss the opportunity to meet and work with people that I enjoy their company early in the morning because key clubbers are always there to perk you up.” — Chrysanthemum Nguyen Scripps Ranch High

“In Key Club, my leadership skills truly got to shine and develop. I will miss seeing the results at every weekly community service event: the smiles of my members helping and the smiles of the people we are helping. The memories I made and the people I met will be irreplaceable. However, as I am stepping away from Key Club, I do so with both sadly and happily because my memories will live on and continue to remind me that I am always a Key Clubber at heart.” — Caresse Vuong Scripps Ranch High





The deadliest animal in Africa, naturally, but also king of the "watering" hole. Able to rock anyone's boat with the utmost ease, the hippo is at his best underneath his prey and able to take them off guard. With horse like grace in the water, he is not only the best guardian of those around him, but able to obtain any others that are not.

Hi everyone! What a pleasure it is to meet all of you. I‘m Zabrina and if you haven‘t met me yet, I‘m going to be a junior at Mira Mesa High School. The definition of ―hippo‖ above is taken from urbandictionary, and was one that truly describes the way D21 runs. We run in a pack, right? ‗Cause we‘re hippos. My job as your divisional news editor is to update the DISTRICT tech editor, as well as our division, in all the events we have participated in and all the events we have planned. I was going to put my segment up where all the divisional board members are, but there was no room and I was pretty sure this newsletter would be more legit with ―a note from the editor‖ sort of thing. So this is cool. My goal for this year is to make D21 more unified and active. And with your help, we will achieve this goal, for sure. So a little about myself, in case you guys are curious: I‘m actually really friendly. Whenever someone talks to me, I‘m always flattered because I know their lives are super busy with other people and other stuff. But it usually takes a lot for me to get comfortable with you. If you guys want to add me on Facebook/follow me on Tumblr/text me/aim me/whatever, I guess I can tell you some more about me. Random facts, maybe. Or I can follow you. Cause I wanna get to know you too. It‘s important to keep a tight relationship with those you work with; otherwise you won‘t have the motivation to get it done properly. And honestly, I don‘t think you can really know a person with one conversation. I am a firm believer in the statement that communication is sole basis of all successful relationships—business-related ones included. So to everyone: Thank you for reading this newsletter. I mean it. I also want to thank all the Presidents, VP‘s, and news editors I‘ve had to work with to make this a success. I‘d also like to thank Amanda for giving me feedback, Donald for helping me out, and all the historians and picture-takers that took a lot of these photos (Josh, Ben, Jessica). I hope you guys didn‘t think I was annoying whenever I reminded you guys to submit your articles and pictures. My only wish is that that next month, things‘ll run a bit smoother and faster. July 15 is the next FINAL due date for all of your bulleted lists of events between now and July! Please remember to turn it in on the dot or before, because I won‘t be reminding you as much next month. So, my fellow hippos, to close for this month: I love my job. I loved seeing all the colors and stuff YOU guys submitted come to life. I couldn‘t have done it without you. ‗Til next month, D21!

Wanna be featured? Now accepting submissions for the next issue of D21‘s newsletter! Possible ways to get featured:  Submit photos that fit the criteria of Key Club (see page 9)  Attend events  Ask something we can put in the Advice Column  Submit a bulleted list of events you participated in on time  Suggest something creative to include in the next issue  Answer the next Question of the Month: What‟s your Best HippoRelated Pick-up Line?

Send in your submissions via: E-mail: Text: (858) 395 – 1697 Tumblr: @iamthefoodmonster Facebook: Aim: zabrinarawrr Deadline: July 15 by 6:00 PM


Zabrina Reyes Division 21 News Editor 2011-2012


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