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What’s hot this month?

ICON 2011 “Hot Spot, Cool Times” PHOENIX, AZ. JUNE 29 – JULY 3. When six Hippos journeyed from San Diego to learn about Key Club on an international level, one can only guess how much they have learned from their experiences. Five days of workshops and socializing have left these six craving for the chance to visit ICON again next year. So what exactly do you do at

ICON? And how does ICON compare to DCON? Well the hippo-razzi have gathered the information that answers all these questions. Exclusive interviews and personal accounts are waiting for you in this exciting issue of The Hip Life!

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ASK THE HIPPOS Every month, we try to bring a little humor to the newsletter by asking hippos how they feel about a subject. This month we asked:

What’s your best Hippo-related pick up line? Hey, are you from D21? Cause your HIPS make me say OH. —Vivian Vuong Scripps Ranch (11)

Boy, did you say you‘re not looking for love? Because you‘re a HIPPO-crite! —Demitra Hoang Mira Mesa (11)

Are you from D21? No? That‘s okay, you don‘t have to be 21 to get with me. —Ziv Weizman University City (11)

Hey you. Are you a hippo freak? Cause you just make me WEAK. —Kenny Hoang Mira Mesa (11)

In an effort to promote Mr. Key Club Pageant, next month, we’re asking YOU: If you were Mr./Mrs. Key Club, what would you do FIRST?


And now…


Hey Hippos! Can you believe its already July? I don't know about you, but my summer sure is flying by. On the Key Club calendar we have just finished the first quarter, meaning 1/4th of my term is already over. D: With that in mind, I plan to make the most of my term and my last year of Key Club, and I hope you will all do the same. I am going to say it again: Stay active this summer! Use this extra time to your advantage, and if you are an officer, don't let you club die in the next two months! The June MRF was a little disappointing. Were there really four clubs that did nothing in June? Come on, I know you Hippos can do WAY better than that. When I became Lieutenant Governor, I pledged a year of my life serving the Division 21 Hippos to the absolute best of my ability. In return I ask that you don't forget about Key Club this summer. Go get to know your local Kiwanis and help out your community. Even talk to one of our members who just came back from International Convention! Lastly, remember that I am here to serve you (not the other way around.) So if you have question, need advice to help your club, or just want to talk to someone, give me a call, text, or email. Have a super-spectacular, extra-magical, hippotastic service-filled summer.

Amanda Sani Division 21 LTG 2011-2012

LTG's Monthly Challenge: Go to a service project... then write me an email and tell me about it :D



Division Banquet

We learned that with teamwork we can honestly achieve anything. I mean look! We repackaged, sorting, and re-labeled 3,000 cereal boxes in three hours. -Sally Nguyen

“A Winter Wonderland” KINGS GARDEN, JUNE 24.

The scene: classy gentlemen and dressed up ladies file into King‘s Garden on the night of June 24. You got to dance and you got to eat—all for just $15-$17! Less than a month ago, hippos from all over the division gathered as one to celebrate a year of service and dedication. The event commemorated Donald Quach‘s yearlong term as Lieutenant Governor and officially introduced his successor—

Amanda Sani. Thanks to Amanda and her team of Key Club leaders, members were entertained with talent shows, dancing, and food. Decorations and the DJ were also provided. The highlight of the night was the comedic performance performed by the males of Division 21.

Feeding America MIRA MESA, JULY 2. Sally Nguyen: ―Feeding America [was] an event where volunteers helped the Feeding America Organization organize food sent in by generous donors to send to those less fortunate.

When Scripps Ranch Key Club went to volunteer, we reorganized 3,000 cereal boxes in a span of three hours. Our Hippos were hard at work!‖

‖ -55


I was very pleased with how the float turned out. [The July 4 parade] was a successful event! I loved hearing the little kids yell and point out the hippo. -Kim Luu

July 4th Parade

MIRA MESA, JULY 4. One week designing. 40 people serving. Kim Luu, (Scripps, junior) and other helpful Key Clubbers helped create the Division 21 float, which cruised alongside other local organizations during Mira Mesa‘s annual Fourth of July Parade. The hippos marched with the new banner. Michael Tran (Mira Mesa, senior), Jihui (Mira Mesa, senior) and Kyle Langit (Mira Mesa, senior) sat on the float waving the keys of Key Club. Spreading the word of Key Club to the rest of the community, the D21 hippos, with their enthusiasm and smiles, managed to grasp the attention of little kids, and provided hope for the future of Key Club.

Movies in the Park

Megamind was a pretty good movie. A rockclimbing event would make a great fundraiser.

-Josh Joo

CLAIREMONT, JULY 9. Along with the chance to watch a free movie, games and food were also available for those who volunteered at the Tierrasanta Rec Center. ―Rock climbing was fun!‖ Edward To exclaims.

Says Josh Joo (Serra High School, junior), event organizer: ―Nothing gets me more fired up than free food and a free movie.‖

Red Cross Blood Walk SEAPORT VILLAGE, JULY 10. To fundraise for those in need of blood transfusions, 12 members from Scripps Ranch Key Clubwalked a 5k. This event was planned ―to raise awareness [in encouraging] others to donate blood to possibly save the lives of many‖ (Sally Nguyen). Members were astounded at the amount of blood donors willing give help other people another chance at life.


What’s hot THIS month? Cover story

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On Monday, June 29, CNH Key Clubbers and others from around the world arrived at the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort. ―The journey up was fun, but I wish that we could‘ve gotten there earlier than we did,‖ Michael Acasio (Scripps Ranch, senior) says. On Tuesday, Key Clubbers took a bus ride to the Grand Canyon, where they hiked and mingled some more with others (photo 1). Going to the pool to ―beat the heat…became a part of our daily routine, usually going twice a day.‖ (Michael). Wednesday was filled with more socializing (photos 2, 3). ―You can't help but just stir up conversation, Andrew Tran (Patrick Henry, senior) says, ―There‘s less people at ICON than DCON, so you seem to see the same people more often.‖ On Thursday, Key Clubbers dressed in business attire and attended the Opening Session. Later, they walked for Project Eliminate. Project Eliminate is a

program designed to raise money for exterminating maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). Tetanus is a condition in which your body has random muscle spasms in the jaw and other areas. The service fair and workshops were held on Friday. ―It was interesting since a lot of people had really different ideas,‖ Jihui Jin recalls. In the House of Delegates on Saturday, Key Clubbers chose the new International President, as well as other International officers. Workshops were also available, and another dance was held as well. ―Saying goodbye was really hard, because the buses left early with all the SoCal kids and it was hard to see people who were now your family leave after just one week of being with them,‖ Michael says. But CNH was ―really spirited… and we


adopted kids from other districts because they knew we are the fun district.‖ Says Josh Kohlbecker (Mira Mesa, senior), ―ICON was really fun, I honestly do recommend it to anyone who plans to go for higher positions than school roles, like LTG or even district! It's way more open than DCON and you can have a lot of more fun.‖ Want to participate in next year‘s ICON? Or do you simply want more information? Contact any of the six Hippos that represented this year! Next year‘s International Convention will be held in Florida, from July 4 to July 8. Keep an eye out! Way to represent, D21!


UPCOMING EVENTS Mark your calendars, guys! We still have a lot planned out this summer! Become a part of the divisional reflector at DIVISION21@GOOGLEGROUPS.COM and stay in the loop for all the upcoming service events!

AUG 14



Officer Training Conference (date tentative) Rady Children‘s Hospital Time: TBA Get trained to improve our division! This event is mandatory for all members that hold a position in office.

Mr. Key Club Pageant Ocean Beach Rec center 4726 Santa Monica Avenue Time: TBA Start sharpening up, gentlemen, and sign up to become the next Mr. Key Club! Help us fundraise while you participate in three rounds of pageantry, including speeches and talent shows. Contact Amanda or any of the EA‘s for details!

OCT 29

Region 1+2 Training Conference! RTC: “Radical Time Change” Taft Middle School Time: TBA Be a part of one of the biggest events of the year! The theme this year is 80‘s, so dress appropriately— the crazier, the better! RTC is open to all Key Clubbers within Region 1 and 2. This is a good chance for new members to experience what it‘s like to participate in a big Key Club event. RTC, known to be a ―mini DCON‖, is far cheaper and includes Spirit Battles, workshops, Service Fairs, and dancing! The Spirit Trophy is up for grabs—can the Hippos win for the third year in a row? Admission price is currently set to $10.00—free, for advisors who decide to come. Dinner will be served; bring extra money for lunch. Check your calendars, clear your schedules, and spread the word!


July Joint DCM/Bonfire MISSION BEACH, JULY 16. This month, D21 joined with the D31 Robots to meet for DCM and to socialize and have fun. We got the chance to practice spirit cheers for Fall Rally. Everyone met new friends and bonded with old ones; the beach was a good place to socialize! During the actual meeting, Amanda spoke about plans to fundraise for our recent debt. Mark your calendars for some fun fundraisers! Dates are still being set, but another ice

Left to right: Michael, Ziv, Amanda, and Vivian teach the new Hippo cheer.

Another spirit cheer led by Amanda and Z iv

skating fundraiser and fundraisers at restaurants like Souplantation are currently on the agenda for the future. Also during the meeting, ICON representatives told us about their experience in Phoenix. We made s‘mores when it got dark enough for a bonfire. Overall, it was a DCM packed with fun and socializing! The next DCM will be hosted by La Jolla, so remember to look for the next DCM announcement!

The rest of the division watches and learns.

Left to right: Donna, Andrew, Jihui, John, Whitney, Josh, and Michael, representatives for ICON, showcase the cheers they did while they were there.


FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Hi everyone! I know some of you haven‘t seen the first newsletter yet, and that‘s because there has been a few technical difficulties in sending mass e-mails to the divisional reflector. Hopefully this will be fixed this time around. If you did not receive a copy, feel free to e-mail me (contact info can be found on the sidebar). Next month, I‘ll be working to create a website just for our Divisional Newsletters; e-mailing the actual documents has been difficult, after all. July DCM was really fun, wasn‘t it? I bet all of you made a lot of new friends! Let‘s thank Amanda and Donna for planning everything for us! However, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being proactive—next month, I challenge all the tech editors to submit their monthly reports before the

Wanna be featured? Now accepting submissions for the next issue of D21‘s newsletter!   

deadline, and without me reminding you guys. I‘m worried that in the future, when we‘re even busier with school and whatnot, the newsletter will not be as informative as it once was.

 

A special thank you to Kim Luu for letting me use her hippo graphics, and to Michael for giving me a dissection of the week spent at ICON. Please stay

Submit photos that fit the criteria of Key Club visuals Attend events Tech Editors: submit a bulleted list of events you participated in on time Suggest something creative to include in the next issue Answer the next Question of the Month: If you were Mr./Ms. Key

Club, what’s the first thing you would do?

active, everyone! Attend the fundraising events we have planned. If you have any questions, just ask! Look for the Member Spotlight in next month‘s issue of The Hip Life!

‗Til next month,

Zabrina Reyes

Send in your submissions via: E-mail: (858) 395 – 1697


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