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Cat loves B’wood dancing

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stoppress Erich Segal, renowned author and Yale professor who attained mainstream fame and made millions sob as the author of the bestselling novel and movie Love Story, died of a heart attack on Sunday. He was 72. Segal had suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 25 years. Segal also wrote a sequel to the book Oliver’s Story, published in 1977, and made it into a film. His funeral was held in London on Tuesday. —AP

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Aniston and Butler at the Golden Globes awards ceremony


Hollywood actors Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were spotted making out in the kitchen of a hotel on the night of the Golden Globe awards. The couple, rumoured to have dated while filming The Bounty Hunter, jointly presented an award at the function that took place at Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday. “After presenting the award, they drank champagne backstage and were making out in the kitchen,” said a source. But the stars continue to deny that they are in a relationship. —IANS RAJ K RAJ

Salman Khan sweats it out in the gym


Amitabh Bachchan lashes out against the paid-news-syndrome Sonal Kalra

Salman gets sweaty ‘n’ sexy



Salman Khan spent long hours in the gym for a beefed up new look Minakshi Saini ■


alman Khan is living up to his reputation of ‘the Shirtless Wonder’. The actor has sweated his heart out for the beefed up warrior look in his forthcoming film, Veer. Though Salman has never been shy of flaunting his generously muscular frame, “for Veer he paid extra attention to look exactly like a Pindari warrior (his character in the film) and has succeeded,” says the film’s director Anil Sharma. Sharma says Salman had to specially work on his thighs, back and shoulders since in the film, he had to lift swords weighing 10-12 kgs and his armour weighed 15 kgs. “His two hours long daily gym routine included one hour

of cardio exercises on any two-body parts — triceps, legs, back and biceps. He did 1,000 push-ups or 2,000 sit-ups and 500 crunches and chin-ups a day,” says a source. The source adds, “Salman follows an oldfashioned style of bodybuilding. He is his own gym instructor and his regimen also included excessive cycling.” Revealing his fitness mantra, Salman told HT City, “I don’t like to diet. So I just eat right. I do not touch junk food and prefer my mother’s home cooked food. I cycle to shoot locations rather than driving. I swim, go gymming and eat the right food. Although I sleep late because I don’t get sleep easily, I still manage to wake up early. I’ll sleep for long, only when I’m dead.”



Zabeeh Afaque



ilmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar wouldn’t have expected such ‘unfashionable’ publicity for his award-winning flick, Fashion. A porn website has hacked the official website of the Priyanka Chopra-Kangna Ranaut starrer. The website (URL: is also accessible through the official website of UTV films and claims that, “All materials advertised on the site are completely legal and contain role-playing fantasy only.” When clicked, the link directs you to the explicit porn site, which further leads to other triple-X sites. Many prominent Bollywood and entertainment websites also have also posted this URL.

A grab of the hacked website of the film Fashion

Bhandarkar was shocked when informed about the development. “It’s news to me, I will definitely scrutinise this issue and will check with the UTV people too.” Says actor Arjan Bajwa, who played the male lead in the film, “It’s sad. UTV should take legal action against such hackers.”


—Amitabh Bachchan

urmurs against the unethical practice followed by some media houses, of taking money for news without disclosing to the readers that it is paid-for, have now found a strong baritone. That of the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. Speaking exclusively to HT City while in the Capital to promote his upcoming flick Rann, where he plays a media baron, Bachchan minced no words in calling the paid-news-syndrome, a malpractice. “The issue was brought up by a hard-hitting column I read on the subject by Rajdeep Sardesai in Hindustan Times. I rang him up to say that he’s done a brave act by speaking out against this very wrong practice. I want a debate around this. I say, if

you’ve taken money to carry some news and you disclose it to the public, it is still okay. But presenting it in the garb of news without telling people will kill the faith they have in media.” Bachchan added, “Media is the conscience of the nation. Media is also a business. Do you compromise with your conscience at times to keep your business going? Or do you compromise with your business to keep your conscience alive. That’s really the war.” Asked if media bashing has become fashionable, particularly after Paa and now Rann, he clarified, “Rest assured we are not out to take pot shots at anyone. If we had to show how the media functions, we would make a documentary, why would we make a film? The film is about poetic justice.” He denies reports that his character is modelled after a prominent news anchor. “I didn’t need to get inspired by any particular person. There are four hundred channels out there running 24 hours. You can just pick up bits and pieces from anywhere.”

Accused often of having a strong bias against media, Bachchan took pains to clarify that his personal views on media have nothing to do with the movie. “My views are not connected to the film. Director Ram Gopal Varma thought that the use or misuse of the immense power that media wields, was a good subject to follow and the outcome is his vision.”


Bachchan’s also looking forward to son Abhishek’s TV debut. “Abhishek’s show Bingo is fun. I shall be on its first episode.” Asked if bahu Aishwarya is also planning to do a TV show, he says, “She has no such plans.” Surprised at reports suggesting he’s contemplating retirement after receiving a recent Lifetime Achievement Award, the 67-years and 184film-old actor said, “Really? Where have I said that? I must’ve got over 15 lifetime achievement awards by now.” He adds with a sigh, “Now if that’s an indication I should retire, I guess it shall happen soon. It has to happen.”

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