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RING TROUBLE: At the Vanity Fair and Krug party, Paris Hilton was seen making repeated snide remarks to her sister, Nicky Hilton, about how her engagement ring was bigger than Nicky’s

New Delhi, Sunday February 8, 2009 PHOTOS: PRABHAS ROY

Looking for a partner? Amir Pasrich

What’s the big joke? Akhil Nath and Sandeep Gupta (R)

Thrilled to bits: Designer Ranna Gill with Radhika Kapoor(R)

g n i k c a LiIpP Sm

Ooh-la-la: Simran Sawhney with Sonali Mathur (R)


he opening of Vera Pizza by Tonino. The connoisseurs of authentic Italian food are definitely not alien to Tonino, the labour of love of Parmeet and Simran Sawhney. There new venture, Vera Pizza is now at the heart of the city.



At Masjid Moth in Greater Kailash, which is fast becoming an evening out destination for posh diners and groovers. Well, with the gracious-duo playing host, the lovelies were in plenty. Simar Duggal, the Mehra brothers – Shantanu and Nikhil with Reema and Vidushi, Ranna Gill, Anupama Dayal, the lovely Anita Bajaj and Shivani Wazir amongst other stylistas of town. —Jaydeep Ghosh


Playing host: Parmeet Sawhney with Simar Duggal

Ring for Life What



Napoleon Hall, Hotel Le Meridien,

Singing for love: Udit Narayan

starlit party celebrating the engagement of Vinod Sinha (Gen. Sec. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Youth) with Garima Prasad.

Bollywood daring girl Tanushree Dutta was spotted in a rather short dress. Also present were Neetu Chandra and Sharad Kapoor, music director Shravan Rathore, Sadhu Yadav and television actress Amita Nangia. Padma Shri Udit Narayan enthralled the crowd with his beautiful voice. —Zabeeh Afaque


Hot short: Tanushree Dutta

Say cheese: Actress Amita Nangia.

Three’s a party: (L-R) Sharad Kapoor with Vinod Sinha and Garima Prasad

Hey gorgeous: Neetu Chandra


hose days are not far when the dhabas on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway will have a VIP section guarded with velvet ropes for the snooty crowd to feel privileged even at a Dhaba. It’s disheartening to see how the Capital is falling prey to what I would like to term as ‘Velvet Rope Urbanism.’ ‘Bribe him, seduce him or just bash-him-up, I just want to sail past the velvet rope’, is the demand of most prettyyoung things who go clubbing every night and wants to be at the VIP arena. Velvet Ropes are placed strategically at most nightclubs in town to lure in the wannabe crowd by making them buy expensive memberships or pushing them to buy bottles of champagne. ‘Sir please let me into the VIP section’, the guy pleads; the manager sternly says, ‘That’s a Champagne Lounge. Buy a bottle of Dom and you can go’. If you ask me honestly how aspirational is it to sail past the velvet rope, I would say that in reality, people who

flock the VIP arenas are nothing but hollow people surviving on old lineage, dead father's wealth or a pretty wife's hob-nobbing skills. Take this case of a night bird whose bosoms are ample. She definitely is not the kind who should be in the VIP zone but all she does is give a killer smile at the Bouncer manning the ropes, brush her ample assets on him and


voila, the ropes open for her. My years of nightclubbing have made me come to this conclusion that people on the other side of the velvet rope are either Page3 freeloaders, rich kids who blow away money on dad’s platinum cards, drug-peddlers who come handy for those seeking a line of Charlie and some


corrupt Police officers who needs to be pampered if the Club needs to run without hiccups. Now why would anybody

be so desperate to rub shoulders with these folks, fails my imagination. Velvet Rope is a mirage that everyone’s chasing.


Date with pizza: Shivani Wazir Pasrich

Zabeeh- Ring for life [09 Feb 2009]  

A starlit party At Masjid Moth in Greater Kailash,which is fast becoming an evening out destination for posh diners and groovers. Bollywood...

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