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stoppress BULLS RUN AMOK

Ayesha hosts red haute bash

Shooting for the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz-starrer Knight and Day had to be suspended after bulls used in the shoot escaped and injured two women. A police spokesman said that the seven bulls roamed loose on the narrow streets of Cadiz in southern Spain for 40 minutes before they were recaptured. The film’s producer, Calle Cruzada, said he did not know how the bulls managed to escape. ANI


N EW D E L H I , T U ES DAY N OV E M B E R 24 , 2 0 0 9 , 6 PA G ES w w w. h i n d u s t a n t i m e s . c o m



Jennifer Lopez slipped onstage during a performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday and bruised her backside. She tripped while climbing onto a human pyramid of half-naked performers and hit the floor. But the injured singer got up and completed her performance.


Shilpa and Raj tied the knot in a lavish and colourful ceremony in Khandala



Outsiders are causing trouble at JNU, say students


James Cameron has especially created a new language for the sci-fi film Avatar. The Academy Award-winning director hired linguistic professor Paul R Frommer to create ‘Na’vi’, the language spoken by aliens on the distant planet of Pandora where the film is set, reported Los Angeles Times. The academician spent four years creating the language and said that he wanted fans to imbibe it just like ‘Klingon’, the mother tongue of the characters of Star Trek. — PTI

Students at JNU take a break from lectures

Zabeeh Afaque



he genteel academic mood at the scenic Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is being disrupted, and it’s outsiders that are to be blamed. The Sunday incident in which the police lathicharged angry students just proves that point. The altercation had originated with four outsiders after they drove into the campus, boozed, and misbehaved with women students. “There have been cases earlier where outsiders came in and eve teased our girls,” says Sandeep Singh, president of JNU’s student union. Student Shahnawaz Malik agrees. “Outsiders drive

They [outsiders] drive around our campus treating it like their father’s fiefdom where anything is permissible. — Student,JNU around our campus treating it like their father’s fiefdom where anything and everything is permissible.” While JNU’s sprawling 1000-acre campus has always lured nature lovers and romantic couples, it’s a hooligan’s haven, too. “Many young people come from as far as Gurgaon,” says Ravi Shrivastva, a student. “They park their cars by the road-

side, booze, play loud music and often misbehave with resident students.” As a rule, strangers cannot be admitted into the campus unless they are visitors verified by a JNU resident. But it’s a rule observed only in passing. “I’m not a student but I often take my girlfriend to Ganga dhaba for late night dinners,” says Faisal Khan, a resident of Munirka. “Sometimes, the security guards don’t ask for ID cards,” explains Khushboo Rajdaan, a journalism student. “From now, security must be tighter. Outsiders must be let in only after confirmation from their host,” says Singh. But as Rajdaan points out, this will sadly curb students’ freedom, too.

Shilpa’s big fat Indian wedding Neha Sharma

World says Jai Ho Bollywood


decade back, the term ‘Bollywood’ was something that marked the Indian film industry’s aspirations to be ‘Hollywood-like’. But not anymore — along with words like ‘global warming’, ‘9/11’, and ‘Obama’, Indian terms like ‘Bollywood’, ‘Jai ho’ and ‘slumdog’ have been named the top words of the decade by the Global Language Monitor (GLM), a group that tracks global language trends. While the top three words are ‘global warming’, ‘9/11’, and ‘Obama’, others on the list include ‘bailout’, ‘evacuee’, ‘derivative’, ‘Google’, ‘surge’, ‘Chinglish’, and ‘tsunami’.

Bollywood is definitely not restricted to our national borders anymore. —Amrita Rao, actress

A still from Slumdog Millionaire

Twenty-first on the list is the word ‘slumdog’, popularised by the multiple Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. The catchword of the film’s popular song Jai Ho comes in at the 16th spot, and ‘Bollywood’ has made it to the 17th place on the list. B-Town, of course, is happy to hear this. “Having ‘Bollywood’ or ‘Jai Ho’ as part of GLM just goes ahead to prove that India is recognised by its international counterparts,” says actress Amrita Rao. Other entries in the top words list are ‘H1N1’, ‘misunderestimate’ (one of the first and most enduring of Bushisms), ‘Twitter’ and

‘blog’. As far as top phrases of the decade are concerned, GLM lists ‘climate change’, ‘financial tsunami’, war ‘on terror’ (Bush administration’s response to 9/11), ‘swine flu’, ‘king of pop’, ‘stay the course’ (Bush’s off-stated guidance for Iraq war) and ‘Yes, we can!’ (Obama’s winning

campaign slogan). The top names of the past ten years are ‘Heroes’ (emergency responders who rushed into the twin towers after 9/11), ‘Osama bin Laden’, ‘Dubya’, ‘Taliban’, ‘Katrina’, ‘Tiger Woods’, ‘Saddam Hussein’ and ‘Facebook’.


tna thak gaya hun dance kar ke ki lag raha hai jaise kisi ne mujhe maara hai pakad ke” — these were Raj Kundra’s first words to a friend the morning after he brought home his bride, Mrs Shilpa Raj Kundra. The wedding that was solemnised on Sunday evening at Bawa Villa in Khandala was a fairytale moment — the décor was done up completely in red, with velvet, satin, roses and candles decking the venue, and the mandap was designed like a south Indian temple. Film producer Vashu Bhagnani and son Jackky were the only guests from the entertainment industry. Actors Rohit and Ronit Roy were also present, as they had organised the security for the event. The dinner was a mix of South Indian and Punjabi dishes.

Punjabiyan di shaan The baarat came in true Punjabi style, with a maroon sherwani-clad Raj riding on a silver chariot.

Shilpa Shetty’s parents Sunanda and Surendra Shetty at Bawa Villa; (below) sister Shamita Shetty

The ghodi kept making too many stoppages, which made Raj joke to his friends that “bahut nakhre waali ghodi hai” [the horse is full of tantrums]. Dressed in a red and gold sari, Shilpa choked back tears as the couple completed the last phera. Afterwards, the family headed to Shilpa’s house for the bidaii ceremony. Shilpa’s friend Kiran Bawa says, “The bidaii ceremony was very short since Raj was very tired. Shilpa’s mother performed the traditional milk ceremony and the couple then headed to Raj’s house in Juhu.” Yesterday, the couple were with family and friends playing postwedding couples’ games.

All ain’t welcome Though the wedding was a close-knit affair, not everyone related to Shilpa were present at the do. Sources say that Shilpa’s maternal grandmother, Vijayakka, was not invited for the wedding because of family differences.


Maanwi Malik ■

Shilpa’s sister, actress Shamita Shetty, demanded Rs 5 lakh of brother-in-law Raj Kundra for returning his shoes at the wedding. But Shamita had to settle with Rs 4 lakh less, as her jijaji negotiated well and brought the price down to Rs 1 lakh. Earlier, the Kundras had been told that Shamita was going to ask for Rs 51 lakh, so they were surprised by her demand, said a source.



DJ Aqeel plans to rock Delhi

Tonight, the reception is being held at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, where the lavish menu will include Italian, Mughlai and Indian cuisines. Punjabi pop band RDB will perform in front of 400 guests. Shilpa will wear a champagne-gold sari decked with 8,000 crystals. Raj will sport a black sherwani.


elhi’s night life is getting hotter and it’s the B-town brigade that’s adding to the glitz. After actor Arjun Rampal opened his lounge bar LAP in the Capital recently, DJ Aqeel is getting ready to open a nightclub, too. “He [Aqeel] will come to Delhi by the end of this month and is scheduled to sign the deal with Manoj Agarwal,” says a reliable source. Agarwal is the owner of Indochine’s Forbidden City in Lado Sarai, the restaurant in place of which the club will come up. Though Aqeel was unavailable for comment, his brother-in-law, actor Zayed Khan, confirmed the news. “He is opening a club in Delhi but that’ll happen after he opens his club in Mumbai [on December 7]. The details are not with me, but he is geared up for his Delhi project,” he said.

Vampire romance is hot on the campus Neha Sharma and Tripti Sharma

E A still from Twilight; (R) The Twilight Saga books

ven as Twilight, the movie based on the first book in American author Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga series, failed to click at the box office since it released this weekend, booksellers are seeing a jump in demand for the books. The books have become a hot topic of discussion on campuses across the city, and other novels in the teenage vampire romance genre are moving off bookstore shelves.

“Most of my friends were reading the book and they told me that every girl should read it. The film has also just released, so it gave me all the more reason to pick it up,” says Smriti Sah, a third year student at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. Vidya Singh, another Delhi University student, says, “At least five people have recommended the book to me in the last three days. You can spot many students reading the book on campus.”

“I had heard so much about Edward Cullen [the vampire] that I had to read the book. The book is such a craze in colleges now. I can’t wait to watch the movie now,” says Nomi Saikia, a third year student of Kamala Nehru College. Meyer’s novels narrate the love story of a 17-year-old girl, Isabella Swan, with a 90-yearold vampire, Edward Cullen. Four books have been published to date — Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. They’ve all been on bestseller

At least five people have recommended Twilight to me in the last three days. You can spot many students reading the book on campus

— Vidya Singh

charts in the country, selling over 18,000 copies at leading bookstores.

“The first book in the series, Twilight, is especially selling well since the release of the movie. Earlier, we sold 2-4 books a day; now, it’s 10-15,’ says Asad Baig of Midland Book Shop. Gaurav Kumar of Oxford Bookstore, Gurgaon, confirms the trend. “We’re now selling 45 books everyday,” he says. “The book has opened doors for teenage vampire fiction, with The House Of Night series by PC Cast and Kristin Cast also being picked up,” says a spokesperson at Landmark.

zabeeh- keep them out jnu (24 NOV 2009)  
zabeeh- keep them out jnu (24 NOV 2009)  

They [outsiders] drive around our campus treat- ing it like their father’s fiefdom where anything is permissible. — Student,JNU All ain’t we...