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A slice of Canada

ant to flaunt T-shirts W with some cool designs? Scopial, a community-based

company’s new collection has styles of renowned graphic designers from US, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, and Malaysia. The ideas submitted by designers are rated by the community and the ones with the best response are made available for sale. The winning designers are rewarded R20,000, which is highest for a design in Asia. You can order one for yourself at R599. from HTC


reathtaking scenic beauty, cosmopolitan urban centres and beautiful landscapes, Canada has everything that you would expect in an ideal holiday destination. No wonder it tops the lists of most livable countries. We tell you what you shouldn’t miss, when there.



outh Korea’s LG Electronics has unveiled a smart fridge that S tells users what is in their fridge, where it is and when its sellby date expires. The information is available via smartphones or


tablets, and can be accessed from a grocery store or restaurant. LG boasts the machine that costs about $3,296, can suggest healthy recipes based on what foods are currently available. AFP


ricket fever is at its all C time high. And if the Delhi, Mumbai or Pune teams happen

to be your favourite this IPL season, you’d surely love to flaunt their team jerseys too. Adidas, that launched jerseys for the Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians and the Pune Warriors, is now offering the same on sale at their Sports Performance Centres across the country. Designed by Shantanu & Nikhil, with a special cooling technology that allows ventilation. Priced at R599 to R2099, you can even get your name and lucky number printed on it. HTC

Within the cities, cab service is very handy but only if you are in a hurry of for long distance. People generally prefer taking a bicycle or catching a bus.

Niagara falls are a breathtaking sight in Canada


The capital of Canada — Ottawa is the city that rapids on the Rideau River. Fairmont Château Laurier, a national historic site and now a hotel is a stunning example of old-world architecture located in the heart of the city. Almost synonymous to the city is the Tim Horton coffee chain found in 1964 in

Ontario, which is known for coffee and donuts. One must take a stroll to the parliament Hill to get a taste of Canadian political infrastructure. The Parliament Buildings are home to Canada’s federal government.

MONTREAL The Montreal Olympic Tower is a must visit for tourists. Built for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games, the Olympic Stadium was designed by French architect Roger Taillibert. A funicular-

pple, Amazon and Google are battling for control of new A digital media platforms allowing access to music and videos. While Inc launched a music locker service earlier in

elevator brings visitors to the top three observation floors of the Tower, giving one an aerial view of the city.

QUEBEC CITY Québec City is full of history. Called a World Heritage Treasure by the UNESCO, the city is considered the cradle of French civilisation in North America. If you’re an art and nature lover, here’s where you should be. Every street has variety in architecture and colours. For those who can’t get enough of India, even when in Canada, there is Le Taj Mahal restaurant that serves its Indian specialty, India Cheetah Beer, though made locally. The Château Frontenac’s, one of the most beautiful hotels of the town, was opened in 1893 and was the first hotel in its series to be built in castle style. According to the Guinness book of records, it is “the most photographed hotel in the world.” MORE ON THE WEB

For more insight into Canada and all that the country offers, log on to travelcanada

Have India Cheetah beer (L) at The Taj Mahal Hotel in Quebec City; and Dark chocolate tower with fruits at the 360 degree restaurant

Murals at Quebec City lend a very artistic touch to the place

Revenge of the wardrobe

BEWEAR By Rochelle Pinto

What 250cc bike?

April, Apple Inc has completed work on its online music storage service and is set to launch it ahead of Google Inc. Apple’s plans will allow iTunes customers to store their songs on a remote server, and then access them from wherever they have an Internet connection. REUTERS

I have a R15 lakh budget Q for an MPV for my ninemember family. It should be

hot tip

luxurious, have brand value, be safe and deliver good performance. Between the Toyota Innova and the Tata Aria, which is better?

Monivannan Sanoj Pranesh Kumar Unfortunately, there is no MPV that can accommodate nine passengers and hence it’s not a good idea to try and squeeze your family into one. The Innova is clearly the better option than the Aria, as it offers better quality, reliability and brand value. The Aria, though better equipped and more luxurious in many ways, doesn’t quite have the engineering finesse of the Toyota.




1 Paint it up: Painting the walls in your favourite colour is the easiest way to get a great look. Bonus, it won’t pinch your pockets and yet give an instant facelift to your bedroom. You could even try painting it on your own, all it takes is a little patience and some precision. This way, not only will you save on the cost of a professional painter, but can give your personal touch to your walls.

3 Subdued Chic: White accessories always look chic, and bring a nice pop to any space. Pick these up from discount stores. It will give a clean and neat feel to your space. 4 All carpeted: If you want to replace the flooring, you can go for wall-to-wall carpets as they are less expensive than wood. Also, you don’t need an area rug, further keeping costs down.

2 Look for steals: Second hand shops and markets are a great place to shop for inexpensive side tables and small furniture pieces with character and chipped paint! On a weekend, try visiting an antique market for some rare finds.

5 Drape well: For drapes, you can cut down cost by doing the body of the drapery in an inexpensive, solid colour fabric and use an expensive fabric for the border. HTC (With inputs from

To travel to other cities in Canada, national railways of the country is the best option due to its comfortable ride at a nominal price and easy booking. ■

Clothes seem to be taking our celebs as hostage this week, it seems



The most sought after destination for any tourist in Canada is the Niagara Falls. You can take a ferry service called Maid in the Mist or enjoy a helicopter ride above the falls from Niagara Helicopters ( The Peller Estate Winery (www.peller. com) also is a must visit in the city. Surrounded by exotic colourful wine yards, the experience of wine tasting is something you would not want to miss. And to gift a souvenir to someone, you could go in for the Peller Estates Icewine. A visit to Toronto is not complete without visiting the CN towers, the third tallest

tower in the world. Once there, do dine at the revolving 360 degrees, situated at a height of 1,815ft.

Direct flights from New Delhi and Mumbai would take 15 to 17 hours, depending on the flight. But there are flights available with one or two stops. Air fare varies from R33000 to R1,53000, which is dependent on the time of the flight, airways and number of stops. Also, Lufthansa is a good choice if taken on 1 stop at Frankfurt where the break is for 6 hours. Booking early always helps.

From club-hoppers to those interested in art and history, Canada has a lot to offer Zabeeh Afaque



Someone call for help! Looks like designer Neeta Lulla is being attacked by some haunted lace curtains. And is that broad gold belt that we see on her, something she won at a wrestling match? The frills, lace and gold.. too many elements, too less style.


Item girl Shefali Zariwala could apply for the lead role in Star Wars: Battle of the Spaced-Out Seamstress. With a dress that looks like a superhero designed it specially for her for a female lead, she could really be trying to bag a role in a super hero flick rather than attending a stylish soiree. We say skip it girl. Pronto!


Wonder what surprise model Pooja Mishrab is hiding under that towel she’s got on. Now we know what Pandora felt like... in that voluminous blanket


Uh oh. Looks like someone forgot to tell actor Debina Bonnerjee that Cinderella’s Magical Ball was last Thursday. And what’s with too shiny makeup. Was she trying to match her makeup with her dress?

ODD JOB Looks like actor Poonam Dhillon has been making her own clothes and accessories out of odds and ends she found at the cloth shop. Don’t worry Poonam, we’ll hook you up with our masterji!


new model is being launched in July.

I ride a Hero Honda Q Karizma, and wish to upgrade. I am confused

between the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and Honda CBR250R. I will be using my bike for daily commuting and would prefer one that is low on maintenance and comfortable.

AY Patil We suggest you go in for the Honda CBR250R, a bike that provides better value for money than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.


My friend plans to Q spend about R70,000 on a new bike. Please suggest a

good option considering good looks, performance and decent fuel economy.

Nishit Kapoor Yamaha’s FZ-16 makes the best all-round 150cc motorcycle available in India at that price point. We suggest your friend test ride this bike to make up his mind.

I want to buy a dieselengined hatchback for my family which comprises two elders and two children. I am unable to decide between a Maruti Swift and the Ford Figo. Since my monthly mileage is less than 1,000km, should I buy a diesel or petrol version?



budget is about R55,000. It should be comfortable to ride, have good looks, provide good value for money, and be reliable too.

Avinash Pereira Stick to a petrol option if you are driving less than 1,000km a month. The Swift is a great car to drive but it is not very spacious at the back. However, with two children that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Given its user-friendly and easy to maintain nature, Swift is the one to go for. However, bear in mind that an all-

I want to buy a bike Q which can give 55kpl in city riding conditions. My

Ankit Go in for the Honda CB Twister which delivers excellent mileage, and has decent ride along with good overall quality. It is the best bike to buy within a R55,000 budget.


A slice of Canada  
A slice of Canada  

Breathtaking scenic beauty, cosmopolitan urban centres and beautiful landscapes, Canada has everything that you would expect in an ideal hol...