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Gunning for desi glory

ANGRY RANI Actress Rani Mukherji

Actor Ranbir Kapoor reportedly brought filmmaker Prakash Jha and actor Nana Patekar together recently after their public fallout. Ranbir ended the cold war by dialling Patekar’s number and handing it over to Jha. The filmmaker confirmed the news, saying, “We’re again connected. Nana didn’t come for the Raajneeti celebration as he never attends functions.” IANS



lashed out at paparazzi during the launch of designer Sabyasachi’s showroom in Mumbai last week. Rani, who was posing for photographs, stopped when she realised that she was standing next to the designer’s bridal collection. She asked the lensmen to stop clicking immediately, saying, “Bridal outfits ko peechhe rakhkar photo nikaloge, toh again the media will jump to conclusions and write unnecessary things about me.” When they did not comply, she got really angry and refused to pose at all.


Zabeeh Afaque ■


Glossary of filmy terms A

Bollywood in


ll right, so this is an exaggeration, but here’s a glossary of words (you thought you knew the meaning of) used in the mainstream film industry. Get-up: Not to be confused with the electric shock you got when your mother screamed these words into your ear every schoolday morning. In the film industry it means your costume, your makeup, your facial hair, your overall ‘look’ in the film. Usage — “Rahul saab, yeh National Award-winning role hain. Isme aapka get-up bilkul alag hain!” Look test: No, not an optician’s chart reading. It’s a kind of screen test where nobody’s interested whether you can act or not. They just want to know how hot you look on camera. (Which is why no one’s ever asked me to do a look test.) Usage — Pinky madam, directorsaab aapko aaj hi sign karne ke liye tayaar hain, bus aapka look test baaki hain. Highlights: Wrong again, so stop tossing your hair in the mirror, admiring the light catching your coloured hair. These are the commercial ‘highs’ of a film. A song sequence. A comedic charac-

Brazilian player Kaka stands devastated


he Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) community in Delhi got together at Jantar Mantar on Friday evening to mark the first anniversary of the landmark court judgment decriminalising consensual gay sex. The party that began on a high note with loads of cheerful slogan shouting by gay rights supporters, some adorning colourful masks, ended a tad bit sourly when, towards the end, some decided to indulge in inappropriate behaviour. Dancing in the middle of the road, a few transgenders started lifting their skirts and shouting swear words — enough to embarrass those of their own community who were till now enjoying the party. “They are spoiling the moment’s sanctity,” said a bystander. Outraged by the

conduct of a handful that threatened to mar the atmosphere, many in the crowd asked them to behave but to no avail. Looking visibly disturbed, one participant, who requested not to be named, said, “This kind of a behaviour at a place like Jantar Mantar is so unacceptable. The worst part is that we can’t stop anyone from participating.” “The gay community has celebrated 365 days without Section 377. Now it has to show whether it can behave responsibly,” says Ashok Row Kavi, India’s leading gay rights activist, who was at Jantar Mantar. Prior to the ruckus, the evening had its fair share of cheering, singing and dancing, in good fun. Men kissed men. Women hugged women. And cops watched with amused expressions. Some participants were wearing t-shirts bearing provocative images (two London

Bring it on Deepika: Saina

Navdeep Kaur Marwah

Bollywood stars are devastated after Brazil’s shocking ouster from the FIFA World Cup

The gay community’s celebrations at Jantar Mantar marred by troublemakers

The party spoilers at Jantar Mantar


N EW D E L H I , S U N DAY J U LY 04 , 2 0 1 0 , 14 PA G ES w w w. h i n d u s t a n t i m e s . c o m



f all goes well, tennis ace Saina Nehwal may soon be serving against actress Deepika Padukone in a oneof-its-kind badminton match. When Saina won her third Super Series title in a row, actress Deepika Padukone, a former state-level badminton champion, not only congratulated her, but invited the 20year-old to play a match with her. Talking to HT City, Saina said, “It will be fun to play a match with Deepika. Though I’ve met her once in Delhi, I’m sure it would great to meet her again, this time on the badminton court.” “Let’s play a game when ur in mumbai next. been a while since I played,” Deepika had written on Twitter, after Saina’s win. Incidentally, Deepika is the daughter of veteran badminton player Prakash Padukone, whom Saina admires.

I will love to play a match with Deepika. It would be great to meet her on the court —Saina Nehwal

bobbies kissing), or words (‘Unf**k the world’). There was quite a congregation of curious bystanders who, used to seeing hunger related protests at Jantar Mantar, were probably watching something of this sort for the first time ever. “We have to go a very long way to convince the mainstream society that we are equal citizens with equal rights,” said Kavi. “Like all oppressed people, we must learn how to use our rights sensibly.” FOR MORE TURN TO PAGE 10


nbelievable!”, “Don’t feel like watching football anymore”, “I’m shattered”... Bollywood’s biggest stars could not get over their disappointment on Friday night, when their favourite team — Brazil — was thrown out of the FIFA World Cup in a shocking defeat to the Netherlands. “Can’t believe what’s happening, it’s unbelievable,” wrote actor Sanjay Dutt on Twitter. “Federer out from Wimbledon, Brazil from World Cup … Don’t feel like watching any more football! Brazil out!

Oh! heartbreaking,” wrote Amitabh Bachchan, who had been rooting for Brazil and Argentina. Abhishek Bachchan, a hardcore Brazil fan, was shattered. “Still SHATTERED!!!!! but MUST give the Netherlands their due. They played their hearts out...Brazil got robbed,” tweeted Abhishek. “Shocked at Brazil’s defeat! This world cup is truly outrageously shocking,” posted Jiah Khan. “Brazil out???????!!!!!!!,” posted filmmaker Kunal Kohli. “Omggg did you ever imagine this?Unbelievable,”

posted actress Sameera Reddy. “That’s a HUGE upset,” said Lara Dutta. Cricketer Zaheer Khan was also devastated. “Can’t believe Brazil is out after being 1-0 in the first half!”, he said. Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi wrote, “In South Africa, What an upset. Great game. Brazil crashes.” The only person who seemed happy was actress Neha Dhupia who wrote, “Wow! Soccer... the way I like it! Happy cause it gets easier for Argentina to pick up the cup!!!” MINAKSHI SAINI

ter’s entry. Usage — Producer to director, ‘Sir, har dus minute koi na koi highlight nikalni hi chahiye. Kya hain na ki, audience ko pakadke rakhna hai.’ Interval point: No, it’s not the halfway point of the film. It’s the point of the film where the tension must rachet up, leaving the audience gasping for more. Usage — Director narrating the script to Superstar, ‘aur jaise hi aap mudke ke apne judwe bhai ko pehli baar dekhte ho… interval point!!’ ETMBA: Every Title Must Be Abbreviated. KKK, HAHK, you get the point. Coming soon, WTF. Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s Woh Thi Fataaka. Usage — Director to journalist, ‘Making OMG was a challenge for me because there are no songs!’ Item: Ah, you thought you knew this one, huh? Nice try, but it’s not ‘item’ as in ‘item number’. It’s a sequence that has nothing to do with the narrative of the film but will have the audience whistling, throwing coins at the screen. Usage — Assistant director to director, ‘Lekin sir,

iss point pe hero haathi ke saath sword fighting kyon karta hain?’ Director pats AD’s head paternally while his chamchas laugh, ‘Tu samjhega nahin, darling. Yeh item hain, item. Isi ko dekhne public dubaara ayenge.’ Next week we play — What They Mean When They Say. E.g. what does a director mean when he says to his hero after a shot, ‘Vicky, ek aur baar try karte hain. Kya hain na, mazaa nahin aaya.’ He means - ‘Stop this naturalistic, underplaying acting, you’ll sink my film. Give me something big, or atleast one of your four famous expressions. What the hell am I paying you for?’

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