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On the Road to Independent Living

Zaban Paradies Center 2017-2018 Annual Report

Message from the Board Dear Friends and Supporters, Since 1984, Zaban Paradies Center has provided shelter, basic necessities and counseling services to couples experiencing homelessness in Metro Atlanta – a traditionally underserved segment of the homeless population. Many homeless shelters offer short-term and long-term housing, but they serve single women, men or families with children. Neither environment, however, is suited for childless couples who experience homelessness and want to stay together. Zaban Paradies Center not only provides shelter specifically for couples – it also offers the services and resources that address the factors that may lead to homelessness. The programs and services give residents the tools they need to get into secure, stable housing and stay there – as a couple. Couples may stay in our 20-room facility from mid-October through the end of April. We offer them year-long programs, including during the summer months, on job readiness, financial literacy, interpersonal relationships and other valuable life skills. These programs help couples address the issues that may have led to their current situation and helps to provide them with the skills to obtain and maintain stable homes. ZPC has just ended another successful year of putting many couples on the road to living successful, independent lives. Among the highlights: • • • • •

We enrolled 39 couples during the season. The average length of stay was 44 days. 74% of all couples enrolled were estimated to move into permanent housing by April 30, 2018. 64% of employable residents found full- or part-time work (including 82% of all Job Readiness enrollees). In addition to those we house, more than 450 people were interviewed and referred elsewhere along with the hundreds of phone referrals made.

These success stories are the result of couples working hard to take control of their lives. They’re helped along the way by dedicated staff and especially incredible volunteers, who cook healthy meals, teach classes, donate clothing and provide other much-needed services to our residents. We offer a helping hand, not a handout. If you want to be a part of future great success stories, visit us at https://www.zabanparadiescenter.org/ to learn how to volunteer or donate. Thank you for your continued support, Anthony Cochran, Board Chair Zaban Paradies Center


Mission and History Mission To reduce homelessness by helping our residents - couples experiencing homelessness: • • •

Obtain employment Find permanent housing Improve critical life skills

About Zaban Paradies Center The goal of The Zaban Paradies Center is to assist couples transitioning from homelessness to resettlement and independence by providing shelter, basic necessities and counseling services. The Center is committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment for residents as they work to become contributing members of our community. The Zaban Paradies Center, originally the Temple Night Shelter, was founded in 1984 as the first and only shelter for couples in Atlanta experiencing homelessness. The Center was completely staffed and managed by volunteers and funded by The Temple, with the support of generous donors, such as Erwin Zaban and his family. In 2008, the Temple created a board of governance, hired a professional executive director and created a separate non-profit. The name was changed to the Zaban Couples Center, and the mission was expanded to provide not just a safe place to eat and sleep, but also programs and services to assist couples as they move from homelessness to independent living. In 2012, the name was changed again to the Zaban Paradies Center to reflect the very generous support of Dan and Rick Paradies, who understood the mission and the work of the Center and provided support so this important work could continue. Today, ZPC operates a facility providing housing between October and April, complete with daily meals, laundry facilities, wellness services and other amenities. Couples staying in the facility participate in year-round programs that offer relationship counseling, job readiness training and other services that give couples the skills they need to secure stable, permanent housing. While ZPC has a small professional staff, volunteer support is still a critical success factor for the Center. People from numerous educational, religious and service-oriented organizations have helped launch new programs for couples, and new volunteers donate their time and resources to keep them going.


Making Couples Feel at Home Zaban Paradies Center takes in married and committed couples 21 and older between October 15 and April 30 of every year. Each couple stays in a private, furnished bedroom with free linens and has access to shared bathroom facilities, free laundry facilities and supplies, a well-stocked clothing closet with outfits available for workdays and job interviews, and free MARTA cards. Couples stay at the center between 6:30pm and 7:00am. When they’re not sleeping or enjoying a home-cooked dinner, they participate in classes and skills training and occasionally get together to have some fun.

Education and Counseling There are many factors that may lead to homelessness that must be addressed before people in shelters can attain permanent stability and independence. Couples take part in job training, counseling, financial management courses and substance abuse recovery programs in order to successfully return to permanent housing.

Couples enjoy a special Valentine's Day dinner prepared by volunteers from the Good Food community.


Success Stories

Mealtime is a special moment in most families; meals at ZPC feel like family time. Residents get a continental breakfast every morning and a bag lunch to take with them. They come back to the facility to enjoy a home-cooked meal prepared and served by volunteers who also dine with them.

Ronald and Kimberly

Special Events Volunteers throw parties throughout the year so couples can have fun on special occasions… or just for the heck of it. Residents attend Super Bowl parties, Valentine’s Day parties (where one lucky couple is crowned King and Queen of the Center), Easter and other special days.

Each year, a couple is crowned King and Queen of Zaban Paradies Center during the week-long Valentine’s Day celebration. Ronald and Kimberly were given that title in 2016-2017, but getting to that point was a long, hard road. Ronald and Kimberly had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for most of their lives. They moved to Atlanta in July 2016 and found their way to Crossroads Community Ministries, a trusted partner of ZPC, which provides access to resources to people experiencing homelessness. Crossroads referred Ronald and Kimberly to ZPC, where they took part in the programs that led them to sobriety and a chance at long-term independence. Still sober and clean after 21 months, Ronald and Kimberly are now in stable housing and run a small business providing cleaning services. As with other couples, they maintain a close family-like relationship with the amazing staff of Zaban Paradies Center.

Students from Pace Academy host a Game Night at ZPC.


The Comfort of a Home-Cooked Meal Thanks to the generosity of volunteers, ZPC is able to offer healthy meals each day to our residents. These meals provide an opportunity for couples to come together and enjoy a home-cooked meal – just like a family. If you want to cook or serve meals for couples, visit www.zabanparadiescenter.org/volunteer/ to sign up.

Lunch Program Lunch for 6000! That’s a big order, but the volunteers at ZPC managed to fill it. For most of the history of ZPC, breakfast and dinner were offered to residents, but not lunch. In fact, the only times residents had lunch was when cold weather kept them indoors or a group of volunteers brought a bag lunch. That all changed when volunteers Sara Franco and Valerie Weitzner developed a bag lunch program. They brought other volunteers together to make and deliver a portable lunch that residents could take when they left the shelter each morning. Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta trustees make lunches for ZPC couples.

At first, their goal was to provide lunch 2-3 days a week. However, volunteer response was so overwhelming that ZPC had to install a dedicated refrigerator to store all the lunches that were being delivered to the shelter.

Dinner Program "Two hots and a cot. "

During the 2017-18 season, Robyn Ripps managed the lunch program, harnessing the generosity of book clubs, card groups, school sports teams and scouting troops and individuals. By the end of the year, 155 lunch delivery dates had been scheduled, each feeding 20 couples. That comes out to 6,200 individual lunches.

That’s an old description of what is usually provided in homeless shelters: two hot meals and a place to sleep. ZPC provides the place to sleep, but the hot, home-cooked meals came courtesy of our dedicated volunteers. Bea Feiman, Sue Lubin and Bobbi Wilson work with congregations, organizations and individuals to schedule the volunteers who will prepare and serve dinner nightly. Dinner is served at the Center each season from October 15 through April 30. Thanks to their hard work, more than 6,000 dinners were served during the 2017-18 season.

Cooking Matters Couples at ZPC enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals while staying at the Center. The new Cooking Matters program, introduced in 2018, helps them build the skills confidence and knowledge needed to prepare these meals for themselves after they leave the Center.

Enrollees in the Cooking Matters class learn to prepare healthy meals.

Cooking Matters is a six-week, hands-on course taught by dietitians and volunteers from Open Hand Atlanta. Couples learn about cooking techniques, food safety, nutrition and food budgeting. Each week, they leave class with recipes, materials, and a prepared meal. 5

Preparing for the Future Financially... Finding a job and a home are only the first steps for couples residing at ZPC. Maintaining stability is a vital next step. Programming at the Center offers guidance as couples move along this path. During their stay at ZPC, couples are required to enroll in classes to learn the skills they need to build a stable financial future. Dedicated volunteers lead classes and provide leads to employment opportunities in the area.

Couples celebrate at ZPC's 2018 Commencement.

Financial Management & Budgeting It is not always easy to manage money. Classes at the Center show couples how to set a simple budget, based on their specific income. They also learn how to live within that budget. Since the goal for each couple is to live independently, they receive guidance that will help them save and invest so they are able manage monthly rent and utility costs, along with their other basic needs.

Job Readiness/Training A job is the first step to independence. Keeping that job is vital. Job readiness classes offer couples training to gain skills needed by employers, tips for creating a resume and preparing for a job interview. The fully stocked closet at ZPC often provides couples the appropriate clothing for an interview and a job! In 2017-18, 82% of all job readiness participants found full-time or part-time employment.


...and Personally Couples that manage financial issues are able to find housing. Those that address health and wellness issues are able to create a home. Homelessness isn’t just the result of a lack of money. It can also stem from health issues that affect physical, emotional and mental well-being and make it difficult to maintain financial stability… and, ultimately, a stable home. ZPC classes help our residents address these issues.

Relationship Counseling Couples come to ZPC because they want to stay together as they find their way to independence, but experiencing homelessness can take a toll on even the strongest relationships. ZPC’s Relationship classes give couples the opportunity to rebuild their bonds. They address the issues that existed in the past and those that arose as a result of their current situation, and they learn the skills that will help them keep their relationship strong through the good times and the bad.

Mental Health Approximately 20 percent of individuals experiencing homelessness are also experiencing mental health challenges.* ZPC’s mental health services puts residents in touch with the resources and services they need to manage their mental health issues, so these issues don’t interfere with their ability to find – and maintain – employment and permanent housing.

Wellness A devastating illness or chronic condition costs a lot to manage and, in many cases, makes gainful employment hard to obtain and maintain. ZPC’s on-site wellness services help residents manage short-term health issues; social services are available for those who need longer-term management of chronic conditions.

Substance Abuse Treatment Substance abuse is a major factor for those experiencing homelessness. As an individual increasingly relies on drugs and alcohol to get through the day, they face the possibility of loss of family, employment and, eventually, their home. ZPC holds Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings at the facility so residents battling substance abuse learn to live clean, sober lives.

*CoC Populations and Subpopulations Report, HUDExchange https://www.hudexchange.info/resource/reportmanagement/published/CoC_PopSub_NatlTerrDC_2017.pdf 7

Celebrate Our Success Stories Volunteers, donors and partner organizations play a huge role in ensuring ZPC continues serving couples experiencing homelessness. However, the most compelling stories come from the couples themselves. Having been through the program, former residents know firsthand what ZPC offers and how it can impact the lives of couples. After leaving ZPC, many couples speak highly of their time here. Some continue working with ZPC to ensure couples are receiving the support and services they need to transition into stable lives.

Chokel and Theresa

Walter and Nyoka

Most of the time, couples come to ZPC as victims of happenstance; they have lost a job, have trouble paying the rent and find themselves in need of help. Often, too, they are struggling with mental health challenges or substance abuse. It’s just one thing, then another, all adding up to a difficult situation.

There is often a perception that the homeless are unemployed and uneducated. That wasn’t the case for Walter and Nyoka Dixon. He was a CFO at Digital Communications Associates and a minister in the community, and she was an assistant facilities manager at Kaiser Permanente.

Such was the case with Chokel and Theresa Taylor. Chokel was a veteran, but he was also an alcoholic when they came to ZPC in 2015. They were struggling financially, had missed their rent payment and had a space heater but no lights. He was just ashamed and had really hit bottom. They were evicted and then referred to ZPC. When they moved into room 305 at the Center, Chokel and Theresa were encouraged – they could see that crazy Georgia Peach from their window and the sunsets were beautiful. The financial counseling and relationship building classes were important for them. They were a ‘couple’, but they weren’t married. Chokel received the support he needed to maintain his sobriety and, as a couple they learned how to help each other. They were eventually married... at ZPC! As if that weren’t enough of a success story, Chokel was referred to a partner agency, HOPE Atlanta, where he received additional support. He was eventually asked to sit on the board of HOPE and provide valuable input that continues to help guide their work.

However, Nyoka lost her job in 2010 amid a series of job cuts at Kaiser Permanente. A few months later, a tax lien was filed against Digital Communications Associates and Walt’s job was gone. The couple figured they were smart and talented and had helped others in the past, so they’d get back on their feet quickly. But they didn't receive the support they expected, and eventually they went through all their savings. They were on their way to becoming homeless and thought about sleeping in their car so they could stay together. Then one day, Nyoka ran into an acquaintance from church, a social worker who knew about the Zaban Couples Center (ZPC’s name at the time) and referred Nyoka and Walter. After entering the facility, they both found part-time jobs at Office Depot. While they earned enough to move into their own home, it wasn’t enough to provide long-term stability. Nyoka loved to bake, so she suggested selling baked goods to supplement their income. The business started slowly, but over time they made enough to buy a new car and start rebuilding their credit. Today, their business supplies sweets to many restaurants around Metro Atlanta. Meanwhile, Walt continues to minister and brings in additional income by trading stocks. Walter and Nyoka know the support they received from the staff, volunteers and couples at ZPC help them return to self-sufficiency. In fact, they believe in the work so much that Walter joined ZPC’s Advisory Board to help shape policy as ZPC tries to reach more people across the community.

Chokel and Theresa stay in touch and return regularly to give back to ZPC; they share their experiences so current couples understand where the ZPC programs and services can lead.


Change the Lives of Couples Experiencing Homelessness The impact ZPC has had on couples experiencing homelessness in Metro Atlanta is thanks to a group of dedicated supporters. Our donors and volunteers have not only supported ZPC’s mission – they’ve shaped the direction of ZPC and introduced a variety of services and resources to address all of the issues that may contribute to homelessness. Even with their hard work, there’s always more to do. That’s why we encourage supporters to give in any way they can. Here are just some of the ways you can support ZPC’s mission

Financial Support By making a contribution, you provide much-needed resources to support the services ZPC provides to couples experiencing homelessness, including basic living necessities, access to public transportation, training in critical life skills and a safe, clean environment. Your donation is 100% tax- deductible and makes a tremendous difference to the couples. Donations can be made online at www.zabanparadiescenter.org/ or mailed to: Zaban Paradies Center 1605 Peachtree St NE, 2nd Floor Atlanta, GA 30309

Hands-on Support ZPC has grown because of amazing volunteers. The time and talents of countless people over more than 30 years has allowed us to provide couples with more than just a bed and meals. ZPC offers volunteer opportunities for those who are interested in preparing meals, teaching life and job skills, organizing special events or participating in health and wellness programs. To find out how to volunteer at Zaban Paradies, visit our website or contact volunteer@zabanparadiescenter.org.

In-kind Donations ZPC relies on the generosity of others to provide the amenities at the Center. You can give to our mission by providing clothing for residents, bagged lunches, home-cooked dinners or supplies for our administrative offices. To learn more about donating goods to ZPC, call us at (404) 817-2475. Student volunteers prepare the Center to welcome new couples.


Audited Financials as of June 30, 2018 Zaban Paradies Center relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers and makes the most of every gift. In 2018, 82% of your gifts went into direct program costs, helped more couples experiencing homelessness achieve stability in their lives. We are proud that our auditors have found no issues since we have had our independent audits for the past five years. If you would like to learn more about our financials, including receiving our independent audited financials, please let us know.

**Includes homeless shelter, administrative office and contributed meals


Board and Staff Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Anthony Cochran - Board Chair

Linda Davis

Mark Light - Board Vice Chair

Walter Dixon

Robyn Ripps - Secretary

Bethani Oppenheimer

Martin Maslia - Treasurer

Scott Rafshoon

Susan Banner

Rachel Spasser

Carol Collard Scott Edlein


Bea Feiman Dr. Karyn Woods, Director of Operations Erin Krinsky Marc Green, Director of Programs

Stephanie Kupor

Dr. Michael Jones, Behavioral Health Specialist

Cindy Lourie

Randy Gorod, Development Coordinator

Becky Mautner

Mary Wesley, Development Associate

Phyllis Owens Francie Schwarz

Resident Managers

Valerie Weitzner

Derwin Davis BJ Burton Lavoughn Thomas Phyllis Clark Christopher Clark Stephanie Lee


2017 and 2018 Contributors Foundations Atlanta Foundation Breman Foundation Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta John and Mary Franklin Foundation John and Polly Sparks Foundation Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation Richard K. Paradies Philanthropic Fund Rooms to Go Foundation, Inc. Thomas H. Pitts Trust The Rich Foundation The Temple Endowment Fund Waterfall Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

Individuals - $5,000 and up Nancy Abrams Matthew and Natalie Bernstein Richard and Linda Davis Larry and Martha Miller The Patty Hertz Reid Foundation, Inc. The James K. Warren Family Fund James M. and Ruth E. Wilder Foundation The Zaban Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999 Eliot Arnovitz and Phyllis Kozarsky Neil Aronson and Wendy Conrad Brian and Susan Banner Janet Ellis Beerman Anthony and Anne Cochran Jay and Ann Davis Ilene Engel Nancy Geller Aaron and Angel Goldman Marc and Caroline Heilweil Lila and Doug Hertz Jack and Ellen Holland Gayle Kauffman Larry, Jami & Vivian Kohn David Leeds Deborah Levinson Martin and Diane Maslia Kenneth and Rebecca Mautner Network for Good Bethani Oppenheimer Stephen and Sharon Paskoff Adam and Rachel Printz Scott and Ellen Rafshoon Robin Rodbell Time Warner Corporate Leo Tucker and Rachel Spasser B. Joy Wasson and Liz Throop Peter and Valerie Weitzner Rick Williams and Janet Lavine Bruce and Anita Wilson Doug and Christine Wolf

Special thanks to Lori Pendleton-Woods for writing and designing this annual report. 12

$500 - $999

$250 - $499

$100 - $249

Ahavath Achim Sisterhood Tom and Spring Asher Marvin and Miriam Botnick Gavin and Beth Brown Marshall and Laura Dinerman Scott Edlein Bud and Bea Feiman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fox Robert and Sara Franco Brad Adam Friedlander Susan Grant Greenberg Trauig, LLP Douglas Kallman Edward and Lisa Katz Sidney and Carolyne Kirschner Allison Koenig Ray and Paula Kuniansky Mark and Lisa Light Bradford and Linda Lipman Adam and Cindy Lourie Bruce Maloy Brian and Kimberly Robbins Beverly and Edwin Robins Maurice and Tricia Rosenbaum Dan and Rebecca Short Walter and Lillian Silben Foundation Paul and Sara Steinfeld George and Helen Steinheimer Temple Chayai Shalom Lee Walker and Dawn McNaught Todd Warshaw J. Paul Whitehead III and Deborah Maslia

Kent and Diane Alexander Larry Auerbach and Janet Bernstein Henry Bauer and Carole Cooney Rabbi Peter and Karen Berg Blue Harbour Group, LP Sam and Sally Coolik Michael and Kimberly Dinerman Robert and Joan Dokson Hank and Reva Ezell Clifford and Lisabeth Feiner Lewis and Ann Freedman Betty Garrett David and Heidi Geller Robert and Micheline Gerson Rhoda and Daniel Glickman Randy and Nancy Gorod Billye Guthrie Margaret Heyer Richard and Leslie Hutchinson Philip and Fredricka Kahn Craig Kaufman Daryl Kimche Faye Kimerling Greg and Lanie Kirsch Michael and Jennifer Leavey Alvin and Sarah Levy Bertram and Barbara Levy Howard and Faith Levy Michael Lipsey and Caren Cook Suzanne Marger Michael and Donna Masinter David Maslia Richard and Marianne Mautner Catherine McLaughlin Michael and Caren Merlin Lester Miller and Judy Zaban Miller Michael and Carol Mittel Cindy Moross Stephen and Shari Naman Phyllis Owens Scott and Robyn Ripps Jeffrey Rubin Allen and Karen Shelton Dale Shields Josh and Marilyn Shubin Julie Stahlman Cathy Stone Edward and Beth Sugarman Marc D. Weinberg Richard and Rebecca Weinman Thomas and Karen White

Ann Uhry Abrams David and Stephanie Aferiat Andy and Ilene Albert Miles and Elaine Alexander Steven Allen Erica Aronin Jeffrey and Amy Asher Lee and Sarah Asher Gary and Cherie Aviv David and Betsy Baker James Ball Ballard Spahr, LLP Susan Banner Bennett Thrasher, LLP Murray and Roberta Berger Jacqueline Berkelhamer Steven Berline Shirley Blaine A. J. Jr. Block Gary Botstein and Stephanie Sansom James Breman Doug and Sally Brown Debra Rhea Butterfield Mark Chastain and Jennifer Buckley Kevin and Carol Cleveland Susan, L.D., Emily & David Coddon Carol Collard The Cooper Foundation Steve Cowen Erin Croom Bobb and Glenda Cucher Margaret Perry Daniel Walter and Nyoka Dixon Andy Dean and Lynne Goldsman Jeffrey Donnell and Susan Liebeskind Jamie Osterman-Drake James and Nancy Dykhouse Frances Dorfman Ted Duncan and Judith Lipshutz Charles and Terry Epstein Michael and Valerie Foxman Barry and Judy Frankel Charles Freedman Rochelle Friedman Susan McCarthy Furman Ronald and Roxann Garber Andrew Ghertner Sander and Marina Gilman Manly Gilmer Jonathan Glass and Janet Gross Barbara Gold James and Barbara Goldberg N. Victor and Elaine Goodman Lisa and Seth Greenberg George and Natalie Greene Scott and Jennifer Greenwald Jim and Lauren Grien


Larry and Marilyn Gross Billie Guthman Helene Halstead Marc and Diane Hamburger Jeff Hamrick Sanford and Deborah Hartman Sara Hene Fred and Amie Herbert Anne Hipp Nancy Hirsch Mark and Karen Holzberg Charles and Beverly Hurt Ed and Stacy Hyken Leslie Irvine Mark and Susan Jacobson Lyons and Gay Joel Walter Jospin and Wendy Shoob Jackie Kanfer Howard Kaplan Gary Kazin and Inez Sydow Susan and Donald Kennicott Todd and Marianna King Jeffrey and Kim Kitzler Margo Kline Ronald and Elaine Koenig C. Douglas Kremer Erin Krinsky Andrew and Carolina Kroger Jason Kurtz Rabbi Loren Lapidus Adam Leaderman Stephen and Carole Legum S. Jarvin Levison Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Levy Jonathan and Linda Lewin Harriet Lewis Louisa Liss Jewelry, LLC Jeff and Bridget Lovinger Jill Marcus Sari Marmur Knox Maslia Harry and Sherry Maziar Larry and Catherine Mendel Mark Merlin Nathan and Carole Metzger David and Kelly Miller Larry and Martha Miller Shel and Irene Miller Michael Mitcham Ruth E. Mitchell Tony and Jackie Montag Neil and Lucie Morrisroe Lori Movsovitz Paul and Carol Muldawer Mark and Barbara Murovitz Len Naftel and Ann Levin Morris, Robin and Natalie Neuman Paul Newman and David Brainard

Herbert and Sharon Oliver David and Debbie Palay Greg and Beth Paradies Virginia K. Parks Allan and Lori Peljovich Marilyn Prevor David Propp Marlene Puca Jo Ann Rau Steven and Julie Rau Lewis and Helen Regenstein Doug and Patty Reid Michael Rice and Heather Freitas Steven Richman Babette Rothschild Owen Samuels and Jody Goldfarb Robert and Lillian Schapiro Eric and Ellen Schwartz Sylvia and Wanda Schwartz Henry and Joyce Schwob Blake and Stephanie Selig Ken Shapiro Susan Shapiro Joel and Brenda Shavin Bruce and Vicky Shecter Irving and Joyce Shlesinger Harold Shumacher Gary and Michelle Simon Robert Silverman Jeff and Victoria Sloan Gary E. Snyder Laura Soshnik John Spangler and Lita Menkin Denise Stein Howard and Cynthia Steinberg Michael and Kimberly Steiner Richard and Susan Stern H. Stockton Steve and Jo Tapper Mark and Judith Taylor Lori Vainer Ronit Walker Paul and Harriet Weinberg Richard and Eileen Westerman Craig and Bobbi Wilson Jacqueline and Dave Wolf Karyn Woods Merrill Wynne Your Cause, Corporate Giving Program


$99 and below Barbara Abend Sandra Adair Karl and Julie Altmann Jonathan and Susan Amsler Steve and Sue Apolinsky Leslie Dee Arias Lana Arms Robert and Amy Arogeti Philip Azar and Jaqueline Haar Curtis and Hillary Baker Teri Baker Karen Balser Stephen and Gale Barnett David and Janice Baylinson Jeff Bernstein and Janet Selig Robert and Brooke Blasberg Diana Bloch Bret and Michelle Block Donald and Joyce Block Jerome and Elaine Blumenthal David and Julie Borenstein Laurie Botstein Tim and Adrienne Boyer Glenn and Jessica Braunstein Richard and Janet Brody Peter and Rebecca Buck David Cape Roberta Carrier Brad and Pamela Carter Diane M. Chereton Elaine Beth Clear David and Rita Cohen Neil and Susan Cohen Seth and Terri Cohen Lawrence and Carol Cooper Stanley and Barbara Cooper David and Stephanie Covall Duane and Sandy Cox Dr. and Mrs. Robert Crow John and Randy Dalbey Tom and Lynne Daly Stanley Daniels Ethel Delman Charles Dima and Melissa Sugarman Andrew and Randi Drake Marci Draluck Richard Ehrenberg and Wendy Kaye Vera Ellmann Suzy Englehard Cynthia Farber Arthur and Peggy Feldman Joseph and Jill Ferst Allen and Vicki Filstein Robert Fine and Marsha Goldstein Stuart and Joanne Finestone Jennifer Fink David and Stacey Fisher

Annamarie Foard Butch and Cookie Frank Fayne Frankel Ruth Freishtat Paul Glickstein Barbara Goodman Nathan and Michel Goodman David and Susan Gordon Lois Greenblott Steve and Ailene Grego Marlene Haber Howard and Lynne Halpern Elaine Harris Gail R. Harris Valerie Hartman Howard Hecker Jean Hendricks and Kimberlynn Weston Reeva K. Hirsch Celeste Holschuh Toby Holzer Hank and Margot Houser Lou and Deborah Jacobs Annette Janowitz David and Catherine Kasriel Jerry and Martha Jo Katz Marice Katz David Kaye Mark and Jan Kelmachter Howard Kelman Beth Ann Kepple Jeff and Candace Kerker Henry and Barbara Kimmel Stephen and Gale Klayman Linda Klein Alan and Elaine Kolodkin Lorna Kuper Jeff and Stephanie Kupor Steve and Lynne Kushner Bonnie Kwatnez John, Ann, Mark, and Jack Lally Rabbi Micah Lapidus Daniel and Sylvia Leland Louis and Amy Lettes Alison Levine Elizabeth Levine Kay Levine Abe Levy Esther Lippman Mr. and Mrs. Bob London Alvin and Sue Lubin Wendy Ludwig Alexander and Ashley Maiola Heidi Marcus

Larry and Ruth Menter Jaqueline Metzel Terry and Nancy Meyer Adam and Jennifer Meyerowitz Barry Miller Lois Millsap Jedd and Shelly Milstein Andrea Morse Robert Moser Stuart and Marcia Naterman Peggy Newfield Larry Oliver Scott and Elizabeth Oliver Dorothy O’Marrinson Debra Patterson Martin and Barbara Pollock Seth and Leslie Price Mancia Propp Taylor and Fran Putney Diane Ratowsky Jack and Annette Rau Stanley and Esther Rawn Jody Reichel Susan Reinach Marcia Rice Penina Richards Anta Romm Mike and Marilyn Rose Peter and Phyllis Rosen Karen Rosenbaum Joan Rosenbluth Peter and Stephanie Ross Ralph and Stella Ross Bill and Brenda Rothschild David and Kathy Rubenstein Edward and Jo Ann Rubin Lynn Saperstein Mindi Sard Milton and Virginia Saul Kelly Schiffer Beth Schlesinger Fred Schuster and Robin Hutchinson Lara Schuster Arthur Jay and Joyce Schwartz Barry and Francie Schwarz Ronald and Joann Schwarz Amy Epstein Selig Kathy Kuranoff Selig Steve and Linda Selig Barbara Seligman Mark and Susie Serra Gerald and Rhoda Shapiro Lauren Shapiro

Gail Shattah Seymour and Amy Shaye Mary Sherman Henry and Maxine Sherry Herb Shessel and Elaine Levin Lenore G. Shottenstein David and Mindy Shoulberg Bob and Jeanne Shulman Arthur and Carla Silver Gary and Sandra Silver Doug and Jill Slavin Adam and Jennifer Slutsky Alan and Barbara Smith James and Marcy Solmson Catherine and Stephanie Solmson John Spitzler Gregg and Lisa Spivack Leslie Stone Linda Stone Edye Summerfield Judith Swedlow Robin Sysler Mike and Sue Tancill Eric and Ronni Udoff Ronnie Van Gelder Albert and Beth Vertino Frederick and Mindy Waitsman Carolyn Wasser Rebekah Wasserman Robert Weintraub and Lorie Burnett Allen Weiss David Weitz Shirley Wender Melinda Wertheim Deanne Whitlock Williams, Benator & Libby, LLP Thomas Willett and Beth Reingold Roslyn Winston Robert and Ann Wiskind Valerie Wolf Herbert and Janice Wolman Connie York Lori Zelony Benjamin and Julie Zox Melanie Zucker Helene W. Zusman

Note: We have tried to list all contributors over the past two years. However, we apologize in advance for any mistakes or omissions we have made. We greatly appreciate all the support we receive. 15

“When I got in here, I didn’t realize that they aren’t just giving you a place to stay – they are also conditioning you and want you to be a better person and a better individual, to where homelessness doesn’t happen anymore.”

1605 Peachtree St NE, 2nd Floor Atlanta, GA 30309 Phone: (404) 872-2915 Fax: (202) 456-1212 Email: info@zabanparadiescenter.org www.zabanparadiescenter.org

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ZPC Annual Report  

ZPC Annual Report