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Bitcoin Price

Introduction "Bitcoin Price is volatile in nature" As bitcoin price is volatile and it always keeps on jumping up and down, makes online cryptocurrency trading business an interesting one.The bitcoin price is main factor that increases the trading. Bitcoin Price depends on "Supply and Demand of bitcoins".When the number of traders who sells bitcoin increases then bitcoin price will fall down, and vice versa.

Introduction Thus the fluctuating nature of bitcoin price makes the prediction of bitcoin price as a complex task for even an experienced analysts or traders. In 2017 ,the bitcoin price increased high and it showed a huge demand for bitcoins.But it doesn't continue in this year.Over all the months of 2018 there is no steady and appreciable rise in its price. Bitcoin Price has alternative rise and fall which makes difficult situation for analysts to predict bitcoin price at the end of 2018 and in upcoming year. (2019)

Bitcoin Price-2018 Month


Volume of Trade


$ 13,484.46

$ 1,057,521,524


$ 9,402.26

$ 1,964,308,989


$ 10,770.62

$ 952,472,120

Bitcoin Price-2018 Month


Volume of Trade


$ 6,775.24

$ 889,887,685


$ 9,030.01

$ 669,555,437


$ 7,509.34

$ 458,687,659

Bitcoin Price-2018 Month


Volume of Trade


$ 6,363.92

$ 259,708,491


$ 7,588.01

$ 595,404,849


$ 7,171.60

$ 300,301,833

Bitcoin Price-2018 Month


Volume of Trade


$ 6,601.08

$ 256,959,932


$ 6,365.47

$ 199,861,220


$ 4,145.03

$ 280,927,570

Predictions By Experts Here are some prediction statements of bitcoin price by some of the experts. ❖

Kyle Asman, The CO-Founder of BX3 Capital, says that bitcoin price will hover around $24500 by the 1st of January 2019. Kyle Fournier, Crypto Analyst of CryptoManiaks, predicts that the bitcoin price would be rolled around $10000 by the start of 2019. Collin browns, CO-Founder of Market Protocol, guesses that BTC price would hit $14,000 in 2019.

Conclusion The furnished details about the fluctuation of bitcoin price throughout 2018 , shows that there is no considerable amount of demand of bitcoins in 2018 as compared to 2017.But, it is not the end.As we have days to go in 2018,it may result in demand for bitcoins with a notable amount of rise in its price. The prediction of its price in 2019 is not so easy as bitcoin price has many history and we are not sure what history will be followed in future.

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Bitcoin Price in 2018 - An overview  
Bitcoin Price in 2018 - An overview