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Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing


NovaSeis is a new and independent seismic solutions company that provides high quality acquisition services for seismic land projects around the globe. NovaSeis was established in 2011 in order to acquire its onshore seismic data at lower cost, with the flexibility to optimize acquisition parameters in difficult landscape areas. NovaSeis, with its headquarters in Warsaw, is a unique seismic service provider, which has not only expanded its operations in Europe, but also successfully competed on international markets. Our strategy is to be part of all aspects of seismic cycle - planning, acquisition and processing. And our main objective is to be a highly valued resource to our clients in every area of seismic operations on international scene. NovaSeis is equipped with the latest cable less recording system, which enables us to: perform at higher rates than traditional methods in seismic acquisition provide the benefits of new cable less seismic techniques minimize environmental impact in seismic surveys acquire quality and efficient data in difficult terrain simplify and modify programs as situations changes

Mission, Team, Worldwide NovaSeis’ key to success is its commitment to high quality standards, well-chosen strategy of development, as well as dynamic management to ensure good relationships with clients. This mission can be accomplished only by honouring well-defined values.

Employees with international experience. With international teams of employees that apply world class, innovative and often proprietary technology, we perform to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

The importance of service quality, acquire seismic data at lower cost and client satisfaction differentiates NovaSeis from its competitors.

Our loyal and highly motivated workforce places strong emphasis on maintaining high ethical standards in all of our business activities. Our people are encouraged both to develop as individuals and to co-operate for the greater good of the business as a team, sharing information and resources. It is a team effort where autonomy and personal responsibility are encouraged – all ideas and decisions matter, because they play a key role in our future success.

Our aim is to lead in every market in which we operate, and at the same time provide high quality data and a return on investment. NovaSeis achieves this mission through: • • • •

customer focus the provision of high-quality, innovative services professional, specialized international team advanced, unique technologies and systems

The personnel plays an important part in achieving our goals; from managers planning and supervising operations, to workers following the procedures input. Our core attributes are Safety, Environment and HighQuality Data Recording. Our crew is experienced with working in changing environments, and constantly improving our seismic techniques. Our company provides advanced acquisition equipment, software, planning, and seismic processing services to the global oil and gas industry.

NovaSeis can achieve its goals only having skilled employees and being all the time concerned about their future. Knowledge and experience of our international team of specialists allows us to offer services at the highest level with ensuring respect for the environment and safety. Highest quality, flexibility, innovation and reliability. The company’s strategy is focused around flexibility and provision of services worldwide. We think global and act local. We investigate thoroughly the internal needs of our clients as well as the market demands. NovaSeis strives to achieve strong market positioning based on technologies, high-value services and a strong international and regional presence. This will improve the focus on key national and multinational clients and execution of large, multi-disciplinary and cross-divisional projects.

SERVICES Technology, wide International knowledge and essential operational support are crucial to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency in onshore seismic operations. The scope of services: • SEISMIC DATA ACQUISITION • SEISMIC DATA PROCESSING NovaSeis offers solutions specific to client’s expectations. The nature of its high-value services means that the company is involved in complex projects. These projects often require a combination of activities and services in order to achieve the optimum result for our clients. We are a technology-based seismic services company, and through active innovation in developing those technologies, we increase the value of seismic data delivery.

Seismic data acquisition Oil, gas and geothermal exploration in each area. NovaSeis performs all phases of seismic work in the fields of: • planning and design work • surveying and mapping • 2D/3D seismic data acquisition • field QC data processing • project supervision


Seismic operations are conducting in all terrain and include: • deserts • forests and jungles • transition zones and swamps • uplands and mountains • urban areas • environmentally protected area NovaSeis takes into consideration all client’s needs as well as all of the operational, environmental and regulatory factors involved, before any project is commenced. Services are mostly provided locally and are supported by a global knowledge base and resource pool of experienced personnel. The services are often offered as a combination in order to achieve the optimum results for the clients. NovaSeis has been developing cutting-edge technologies that stand up to the rigors of seismic acquisition, even in the most challenging operating conditions. Our spirit of innovation continues today as we adapt and develop land seismic technologies through our latest cable-less recording system. These technologies enable us to: • • • •

acquire high-quality seismic data increase productivity reduce acquisition costs reduce HSE risk

We also guarantee high client satisfaction whilst respecting the properties of local people and surrounding environment. Additionally, we offer services in seismic processing areas.


Seismic data processing Having 10 years experience in operations and performing seismic data processing our team delivers high-quality, onshore and offshore, 2D and 3D seismic processing. For the last two years NovaSeis successfully processed nearly 4000 km 2D (9 projects) and 650 km² 3D (4 projects). Many of those projects required a comprehensive approach to solve complicated geological tasks, remove substantial amount of noise and complex statics-velocity issues. For the highest quality time domain seismic data processing we utilize latest software and algorithms. As an addition to these services, we also offer full client support and consultation. Such approach has been successfully implemented during the last few years of cooperation with San Leon Energy. Software packages used by our team of experts are as follows: ProMax/ SeisSpace 2D/3D Landmark software Seismic Studio Sigma Cube software Surfer 10 We have over 80TB of disc space including 12TB ultra fast SSD. Dell Precision T7500 workstations (12 core and 96GB RAM each) 64-bit.

We offer 2D and 3D seismic data processing services including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Geometry control of seismic data Complex Static solutions to compensate for the Low Velocity Layers (LVL) Surface Consistent residual statics Utilization of the latest algorithms for noise attenuation and removal Hybrid domains both in 2D and 3D for noise subtraction Surface Consistent Deconvolution Surface Consistent Scaling Trace Interpolation 2D, 3D, 5D Interactive Velocity Analysis Multiple subtractions DMO Post-stack Time Migration Pre-stack Time Migration Post-stack data enhancement CRS stack AVO Attributes

SERVICES Refraction Static Correction: Creation of good model for Low Velocity Layers and static correction calculation are very crucial for the final result of processed seismic data. For that purpose we utilize Seismic Studio software, which provides tools for: • • • • •

First break picking QC the data based on first breaks Complex approach to static calculations based on different LVL models 3D approach to 2D data, which provides coherent static solution for the whole survey Seismic Tomography

RESOURCES High-level data quality, safety, minimizing environmental impact, efficient acquisition. Drawing upon an innovation and practical operating experience, NovaSeis develops its capacities that enable to conduct the seismic service with efficiently designed and executed complex seismic acquisition programs. NovaSeis resources: • • • •

cable-less recording systems energy source and source control products surveying equipment field processing and QC system

Our commitment to world-class services includes significant investment in configuring our crews with the most technically advanced data acquisition equipment. It is our aim to implement new operational approaches for imaging subsurface reservoirs, manage equipment and processes to keep costs down, and attain maximum productivity. Leading-edge seismic recording technology provides high acquisition efficiency and timely delivery of quality data to our customers, even when conditions are challenging.

Vibrators Reliability, Quality Data, Productivity, Safety. NovaSeis uses Nomad 65, energy source to improve the data quality and save time and cost with fewer sweeps and less time at each source point. The newest Nomad vibrators supplied with Caterpillar 15 engine have state of the art Quality Controlled (QC) techniques. These Nomads are the highest Mass/Base plate ratio in the 60,000+lbs category and operate in all terrain conditions. Specialized vehicle tires minimize impact on agricultural lands.

RESOURCES Vibrator Control System NovaSeis’ source driven electronic system comprises of Seismic Source Universal Encoder (UE2) at the recorder and with Seismic Source Force II electrics on each vibrator. Positions on each of the Vibrators are calculated with a Novatel ProPack V3 OmniStar DGPS receiver, which is providing decimeter accuracy. The whole system is capable to operate as a hand-free source driven recording system, which provides higher daily production than a traditional source controlled systems.

Vibrator QC The vibrator crew utilizes Seismic Source BirdDog II Vibrator QC System as a tool to manage /QC vibrator output. NovaSeis provides a variety of configurations and a comprehensive selection of source energy to accommodate any terrain. The use of multiple energy sources and receiver types minimizes environmental impact on complex projects.


Recording system Cable-free Technology. The latest wireless OYO Geospace Seismic Recorder (GSR) system. GSR is the unique system for high-quality, precision to capture 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic data in a variety of environments and terrains in order to attain high production rates and deliver premier image results. Cable-free acquisition technology provides access in areas where cable-based systems are unworkable. System specification in brief: • • • •

unlimited channel capabilities designed for autonomous seismic data recording each GSR unit includes 1 channel of 24-bit digitization and is capable of up to 30 days of continuous recording with standard 2ms sample rate, and a high-speed data port for data downloading. The units are kept in a sealed case, with input connector, extended life battery connector/data port connector the line equipment is checked daily (quality control) via handheld Trimble Yuma units, which wirelessly acquires and downloads the tests. Anything outside limitation threshold is indicated and rectified compatible with explosive, vibratory and impulsive energy sources

Our recent recording operations proved that acquisition rates are greatly improved comparing to traditional methods. This maximizes our exploration budgets whilst keeping high quality of data best practice. NovaSeis has been set-up to provide a state of the art acquisition system in all sorts of terrain, thus achieving cost effective and minimal environmental impact on projects.

RESOURCES Field processing QC system is capable to provide the best quality data management, prior to delivery to any processing center. Management of the recording data system is achieved through OYO Geo-merge software, which is reliable for the standard Seg-D recording output that combines raw field data on the individual GSR boxes. The auxiliary channels of each of the vibrator electronics are recorded by the SDRs and the UE’s channels and transmitted to GSI in the observing truck. Each field record is quality checked and controlled by source and receiver’s position according to OmniStar system accuracy. The field processing system use GEDCO Vista 2D-3D Seismic Processing software and Omni 3D seismic survey designing software for any kind of processing request. The processing and downloading servers contain 30 GB RAM, 3 Intel® Xeon® CPUs; each of them with 4 cores and 8 threads. NovaSeis data downloading and processing servers have two (2) 40 Terabyte RAID systems with uninterrupted power supply to give a high level data protection against any hardware issues. NovaSeis has a purpose built processing, downloading, and battery-charging containers for ease of equipment transportation and data transfer.

RESOURCES Surveying NovaSeis has created a complete Geodetic Department incorporating all aspects of surveying, mapping and spatial analysis. Our Survey/Recording Department is equipped, but not limited to, with the following hardware: • • • • •

Trimble dual-frequency GPS GLNSS receivers capable of working in all survey modes (RTK, DGPS, Kinematic, Static, GSM NTrip) Novatel ProPak V3 DGPS receivers utilizing OmniStar network Trimble M3 Total Station Field Tablets (Trimble Yuma, Tablets, Toughbooks) incorporating GIS technology Numerous handheld field Garmin 62’s

The Surveying data is part of the whole acquisition procedure where all Geographical Information System (GIS) is not only used to simplify field operations, but maximized in obtaining highly accurate post data assurances. NovaSeis surveying oversees all areas in spatial collection including: • • • • • • •

Initial preplanning – Layout design terrain dependent Permitting database – Highlighting importance of land ownership Survey Control – Confirmation of acquisition design Line Stakeout – GPS or Conventional methodology Vibrator guidance – DGPS or Real-Time Seismic crew – Field tablets, mapping QC Survey data processing

All of this data is incorporated into various databases (via ArcGis, GPSeismic) for all quality control of job specific information and for future archiving.

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