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DPL’S? November 2012

By: Zack Kessler


There has been a lot of commotion at Proctor Academy regarding the new Dorm Peer Leader (DPL) policies. Up until this year DPL’s were a major part of the community and for no apparent reason the program has become obsolete. This student leader position became a voice to the dorm parents, they were a mediator who kept the peace. Why did the DPL program disappear, and will it ever be revived? Dean of Students Drew Donaldson provided details of what

happened to the DPL program. “The reason the DPL program is inactive at the moment is not because of lack of desire, but because we do not have someone to monitor the DPL group.” Stated Drew. Two years ago each dorm had a DPL, and Melanie Maness, Kyle Tremblay and Kate Jones were the supervisors. However, Mel was put in charge of Project Period, Kyle had a full load in Learning Skills, and Kate had twins. Drew stated,


“The default person was me and I could not get the selection process going. The DPL program has been under my job title since I was the Assistant Dean of Students. Now that I am the Dean of Students I have too much on my plate and the DPL’s are the ones who suffer.” Annie MacKenzie the dorm parent of MLS believes that DPL’s should make a comeback into Proctor’s community. She recognized, “I have always enjoyed having DPL’s, as they help our dorm run more smoothly.” There are many different people involved with Proctor, whether they are faculty or students, that believe DPL’s are very important to the essence of the school. There are many issues that form in high school which have a great impact on the psyche of the student, these issues are enhanced while living in a dorm with fifteen other boys or girls. Many problems that arise are

personal issues between roommates or dorm mates, hazing of younger students. Each of which are difficult resolve and/or prevent because of a lack of respect or difficulty to connect to the dorm parents. Teenagers are very rebellious, they do not respect what adults have to say, however, they will listen to a peer who they respect. Drew stated that, “[DPL’s] are an absolutely critical part of school. It is a humungous shortcoming that we don’t have them. DPL’s can make or break a community, having that in-between person students can go to or someone for the dorm parents which is crucial to dorm life.” Many people throughout the community hope to have DPL’s back sometime in the short future. Annie MacKenzie declared that, “DPL’s are vital to dorm life, if we (dorm parents) were able to choose a DPL that is respected by the


students and by us the dorms would be much more stable.” There is not much needed to be done in order to get official DPL’s back into the community. Drew stated, “In order for there to be DPL’s there must be a supervisor who can meet with the group on a weekly basis, run the selection process, and have the time and energy for training. It is all based upon trust and I need someone to work with.” Now is the time to get started and bring back DPL’s it is the key to successful dorm life. I am calling out to whoever will listen. Whoever is up for it should join me in convincing the administration to reinstate the DPL program.

What Happened to the DPL's?  

This an article discussing why the DPL's are no longer a part of Proctor Academy's community.