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With praise and gratitude to Hashem Yisborach We take great pleasure in inviting you to join us in celebrating the Marriage of our dear children 5



Yerachmiel 8:15 8.30

on Tuesday June 17th 2014 19th Sivan 5774 Chuppah will take place at 6.30p.m.(before Shki’ah) at the “Armonot Chen” Hall (formally L’Chaim) Mercaz Sapir, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem. Yitzchak & Yisca Grunwald

17.06.14 6:30

Kalman & Chaya Levine. 52,55,75,74,64,67,33

‫מזל טוב‬

‫י“ט בסיון תשע“ד‬


‫¦‪¬¢¦®ž¥‬‬ ‫·¶¯‪ ‬‬ ‫«¶‪¬¦¢©·¤±‬‬ ‫‪¬Ÿ¦¢ž©­¦³´ ¤µ‬‬ ‫¡‪ª¦©¶¢µ¦°¢­µ‬‬

‫«¶‪ ©¢¢­¦µŸ·¤±‬‬ ‫‪¬«­¡¨žµ¡ ¤µ‬‬ ‫‪ª¦©¶¢µ¦¡«©¶·«µ‬‬

‫סטודיו גרף ‪052-7676063 :‬‬

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