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Danie Cortese Entertainment (DCE) was established in 2001 and is based out in Toronto Canada. It is a highly credited International publicity firm, having worked with over 4500 clients to date. Their global outreach varies up to 75 countries which email & social media database exceeds 1,000,000. DCE is a full service publicity firm. DCE is a networking empire developed & headed by CEO Danie Cortese (Promoter & Publicist). Bringing with her over 35 years of personal industry experience contacts & respect from her global media partners & past clientele. Danie has worn many hats over the years, including that of a touring musician/songwriter, celebrity agent & personal manager. She is an honorary VIP member of The Cambridge Who’s Who headed by Donald Trump Jr. and is credited with a Top 1% most viewed entertainment profile via LinkedIn which places her at celebrity status. DCE works with labels, management firms, film & television companies, “A” list & independent talent of all creative types. She is also servicing an International clientele & massive entertainment media network working with every genre of music.

DCE has been studied & recognized as the leading PR firm trend setter in college education programs all over the world. The DCE name brand is recognized instantaneously by global media partners. Their music specialties include national & international publicity, social media advancement & promotion, obtaining worldwide airplay on both nationally & overseas. Moreover, they also introduce artist music to film & TV supervisors for song placements in films & TV shows, local media promotion re: television appearances & radio interviews in your home town/city and also garnering global interviews, write ups, music reviews & television appearances. Additionally, they build notoriety & brand awareness, increase fan bases & thus increasing online sales, introduce acts to booking agents & festival organizers, establish acts in order to secure longevity in the business and consultation with artists/bands so they can set up to earn income from different music avenues. “We work with those just starting out & those who are already established, including: Grammy, Emmy & People’s Choice Award recipients, everyone is welcome. We Build Names.� says Danie Cortese For more info visit

Danie Cortese Entertainment  

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