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Youth Work Ireland Cork / Gurranabraher Autumn Newsletter 2013 Teen Art Club

About the Youth Council It is a mix of young people age from 7-‐18yrs from all the groups in the centre. It first started last year as a way to help young people talk to the Board of Directors. We have met 5 times this year, one meeting was held in the Lord Mayors Office! We put this newsletter together, this is our first one. We hope you like it and will also like us on facebook. Thanks!

We worked  on  a  puppet   show  from  before  Christmas   til  summer.    We  made  the  puppets  out   of  latex  and  their  clothes  and  hair  out   of  wool  and  fabrics.  We  also  wrote  the   storyline  and  made  the  set.  There  were   5  people  in  our  group.  We  performed  3   shows,  1  in  the  centre  and  2  at  the  Fun   Day  in  the  park.  It  was  really  fun  and   everyone  really  enjoyed  it.  

ARTS 4  ALL  ......  

BRAINTEASERS 1.What music  do     balloons  hate?     2.Take off my skin and I ZRQ·WFU\EXW\RXZLOO What am I ?

CALLING MUSICIANS!!   We  have  a  band  rehearsal  space  located   in  the  Parochial  Hall,  Churchfield.     Available  -­  UHDVRQDEOHUDWH¼SHU hour.  For  More  info  check  our  face-­ book  page  or  call  Ricky  on     087  9711721    

CONTACT US  ON:   021  4399862  

In the  MUSIC  PROJECT,  we  go  to  the  hut  every   Tuesday,  we  write  lyrics  and  songs  and  record  our     music.  Check  us  out  on  or  or  find  out  more  @  the  HUT     The  Diction  by  Gavin  Bracken    (15)   Work on your diction. Pronun-‐ ciation needs fixing. Fixing your diction is not a hard mis-‐ sion. Cuz your voice is going down and your not making it FOHDU,FDQ·WOLVWHQZKLOH\RXU spitting but I wanna hear.   Run  Away  Hide  Away...and  you  can   run  away  and  hide  away.  I  found   VRPHERG\QRZWKHUH¶VQXWWLQOHIWX Emma  Casey    (15)  

Mind Your  Head  is  a    resource  for     Do you want to keep exploring  mental  health  issues  with  young   people.  This  was    compiled  by  Youth  Work   Join us for Teen Gym! Ireland  Cork/HSE.  This  year  we    launched  a     DVD  of  short  films  made  with  TY  students   ,WÙVIXQDQGJRRGIRU\RX in  the  North  Mon  School.  We  also  delivered   Leisureworld in Churchfield an  experiential  training  day  on  the  MYH  re-­ Wednesday @ 2.45×4pm source  to  youth  workers  and  teachers  from   13-19 yr olds Cork  city  &  county.  For  more  information   Cost only ¼1 on  the  MYH  see  

fit ?

Teen Boys Soccer age 15-18yrs Wednesdays    5-­‐6pm  Boys  soccer  @  Sam  Allen  All   Weather  pitches.     New  members  welcome   Cost ‘Ž›̀ͳ   Teen  Girls  Group  Mon  7-­9pm   There are 10 of us. We talk about school, bullying, drugs & alcohol & everything! We do projects, drink tea, volunteer for community events and go on trips!! In the pic-‐ WXUHQH[WWRWKLVZH·UHZRUNLQJRQ   our stencil graffiti project. Check it out in Youth Centre!!


Friday  Night  Girls  Group  7-­9  

There  are  5  in  the  group.  We  talk  about   what  we  did  in  the  week.  We  have  tea  &   do  projects  and  we  learnt  guitar.  We  are   going  to  Dublin  for  a  trip.  We  worked  on   the  mural  for  months!  Check  it  out  @   Churchfield  Leisure  World!  

Cool  Art  Club  -­  Mon  &  Wed   In  art  we  make  and  do  lots  of  stuff.  Last  Christmas  we   made  cribs.  One  group  did  an  animal  crib  and  the  other  did   a  Spongebob  crib.  Check  us  out  below!  

Our Youth Group @ Dragon of Shandon Halloween Parade SCARY!!

EeVvEeNnTtSs TtHhIiSs YyEeAaRr

The Youth Council: Met @ /RUG0D\RU¡V&KDPEHUV Friendship Week: We all wore friendship bracelets and raised Ÿ300 for Amnesty International Music project: Performed @ lifelong learning festival & went busking in Cork City! Annual Quiz: A great success. Thanks to Gurranabraher Credit Union for sponsorship! GLOW: We set off 50 Sky lanterns in the Jerry Gurranabraher/ChurchfieldCommunity  Drugs   2¡6XOOLYDQSDUNWRFHOHEUDWHYouth Week Project  is  a  community  based  service  that  is  here   Anti Bullying Puppet Show: Puppets and show to  help  individuals,  and  families  that  may  be   struggling  because  of  alcohol  or  drug  misuse.   created by Padre Pio 6th class art group Teen art Puppet Showœ&KHHVH &UDFNHUV¡EULOOLDQW There  are  three  project  workers:   3DW2œ&RQQHOO7KHUHVH6SLOODQH -RKQ/DQH   show and set had the audience in stitches!! Community Fun Day: We were busy with Hole in the The  Project  offers:   x Basic  Assessment  &  referral  to  treatment   Head photos, Face-SDLQWLQJ0XVLFDQGœ&KHHVH  x Family  Support   &UDFNHUV¡SXSSHWVKRZ:RQGHUIXOVXQQ\VXFFHVV x Addiction  Counseling   Summer Scheme was the best ever & it was actually x Concerned  person's  support   sunny! group   x x

Aftercare  Group   Acu-­detox  &  relaxation  group  

 ,I\RXœUHZRUULHGDERXW\RXUVHOIDIULHQGRU family  member,  contact  us  in  complete   confidentially    

087-­6294784  .    

Homework Group   Brainteaser The  homework  club  is  somewhere  you   Answers: come  after  school  to  do  your  homework.   1.  Pop   We  eat  fruit  and  have  juice.  There  is     2.  An  onion   Josephine  &  college  students  who  help  us.   This  is  some  of  us  wearing  friendship   bracelets  for  friendship  week.  

Mixed Teen  Drop±In  Group   Thursdays  7-­9pm   The  Drop-­In  Group  is  fun.  We  play  pool,  we   go  on  computers.  We  do  art,  we  cook  some-­ times.  We  chat,  play  games,  hang  out.  I  made   QHZIULHQGV,W¶VVRPHZKHUHWRJR,UHDOO\OLNH it.  This  is  some  of  us  on  a  summer  fishing  trip   to  Ballyhass  Lakes  &  another  photo  of  us  at   the  centre.  

Drama Group   7KHGUDPDJURXSLVVXSHUIXQ,W¶VIXOORIJUHDW acting  exercises  which  are  all  in  the  form  of   games  and  we  can  never  seem  to  get  through  a   FODVVZLWKRXWJHWWLQJLQWRVWLWFKHV,W¶VIXOORI great  energy  and  a  really  friendly  atmosphere.   Even  though  I  have  only  known  them  for  a   few  weeks,  I  feel  we  know  each  other  for   Summer  Scheme  2013     HYHU7KHUH¶VORWVRIODXJKVHVSHFLDOO\ZLWK Fionn  (the  instructor).  3  words   describe  this  group  :     No1  BEST  No.2  CLUB  No.3  

EVER.   <:,&25.UHFHLYHGDQDZDUGIRUµ4XDOLW\<RXWK 6HUYLFH¶:HUHFHLYHGRXUDZDUGIURP0LQLVWHUIRU Children  &  Youth  Affairs  Francis  Fitzgerald.  Below   are  photos  from  the  celebration  last  summer!!.    

GLOW Preparations  

YWI Cork Newsletter  
YWI Cork Newsletter  

YWI Cork's Youth Council have produced their first ever Newsletter.