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Hello ! I am Booky

My house

My house is big and beautiful. It has got a red roof, a black chimney, two windows and the black front door.

Look ! how many rooms !

This is my kitchen. There are some cupboards and a cooker. I love cooking. My favourite food is pizza.

This is my bedroom. My bed, two night lamps and a carpet. I like sleeping.

I like my bathroom

These are my favourite things in my house: my chair, my TV and my table.

I like playing computer games. This is my computer and my desk.

There are flowers in my garden.

We worked hard to make this book for you Enjoy it!

Rysunki wykonali uczniowie Szkoły Podstawowej nr 30 im. Marii Zientary-Malewskiej w Olsztynie, Polska

My house  
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