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May is For Mothers


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We would like to give the month of May to show our appreciation of our Mothers

Photography By Ethel Martin­Miller By Ethel Martin­Miller Mother’s Day history began with a mother named Anna Jarvis nearly 150 years ago. Anna Jarvis, an Appalachian homemaker, organized a day to raise awareness of poor health conditions in her community, a cause she believed would be best advocated by mothers. She called it “Mother’s Work Day.” In 1905 Anna Jarvis died and her daughter, also named Anna, began a campaign to memorialize the life work of her mother. Legend has it that young Anna remembered a Sunday school lesson that her mother gave in which she said, “I hope and pray that someone sometime will have a memorial mother’s day. There are many days for men, but none for mothers.” After much lobbying involving prominent businessmen and Presidents such

as Taft and Roosevelt to support her campaign, she was able to get the bill passed. Anna’s hard work paid off when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Mother’s Day as a national holiday in 1914. Anna Jarvis had her own way of thinking how Mother’s Day should be celebrated, but Mother’s Day is celebrated by attending church, writing letters to mothers, sending cards, presents, and flowers. Mother’s Day has flourished in the United States. In fact, the second Sunday of May has become the most popular day of the year to dine out, and telephone lines record their highest traffic as sons and daughters everywhere take advantage of this day to honor and to express appreciation to their mothers. What an honor to celebrate mothers in the month of May!

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Yes We Can Newspaper will honor mothers for the entire month of May. Mothers come in all sorts of categories: mothers, grandmothers, God­mothers, aunts, sisters, and mentors. There is no limit to a mother’s nature or character. A survey was taken of many mothers and we asked this question, ”What does being a mother mean to you?” These mothers we surveyed were from all walks of life, such as professionials, homemakers, the young, and the old. We share with our readers some of the answers that were given to our question. “A wonderful experience; it’s great to be a mother.” “Being a mother is happiness to me;” “The most wonderful gift;” “Beautiful and I give praises to God;” “One of the most rewarding jobs a woman can have;” “Love and growth;”

“Unconditional love that one would never imagine until experienced;” “Loving my children;” “Many sleepless nights.” One mother’s answer was, “Being a mother means having faith that all we do is not always right ­ having strength and being weak when needed; loving, caring, understanding, patience and most of all loving unconditionally.” Another mother stated, “I’ve been called a lot of things: sister, friend, daughter, auntie, cousin, mentor, teacher. But the name I’m most proud to be called is Mom. I never knew love like this before.” It’s springtime and there are many beautiful flowers growing in your yards; it would be

nice to pick some and give them to your mother. Run her bath water, prepare her lunch, dinner or a snack. It would also be wonderful to call her throughout the month of May. The list is endless of what you can do. Those of us who do not have our mothers with us can reflect on the good times and beautiful moments that we shared with them. Take time to do something thoughtful in the month of May for your mothers.

Announcement for Couples:

Th u m bs u p for M arri ag e

Future Plans are in progress for Marriage Couples to enjoy week­end getaways, out for the evening, fun nights out with others couples and more. If you would like to be a part of these events contact us at: Yes We Can Newspaper (909)278­7046 Ethel Martin­Miller


May 2011


Pros and Cons of Linux. Is it Right for your Business? By Jeremy Gislason What is Linux? Linux is an operating system, like Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Unix. It was created as a hobby by Linus Torvalds, a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. What most people don’t know about Linux is that its source code is available to anyone. The Linux source code is called the kernel and it is the base of the Linux operating system. Because the source code or kernel is free, it has enabled

been embraced and supported by a number of operating systems and software programs. For example, IBM, Hewlett­ Packard and other giants of the computing world have embraced Linux and support its ongoing development and and Mozilla run on Linux. US retailing giant Wal­Mart began selling Linux systems back in 2002 ­ if Wal­Mart isn’t mainstream, nothing is. What are the benefits of Linux? Many people fear that Linux is going to

Linux doesn’t require top of the line hardware though many recommend you have at least 256 MB of RAM and at least 4 GB of space in your hard drive. Linux is considered to be extremely stable and doesn’t need to be rebooted periodically to maintain performance levels. Think about the last time you sat at your computer and it froze. Not fun, right? That doesn’t happen with Linux if it is configured correctly. Linux isn’t going to be replaced anytime

computer. (You’ll have to partition them on your hard drive and you can only boot them one at a time.) Drawbacks of Linux There is no 1­800 customer service number to call. However, most distributions offer a support number or email to call if you find a bug. They also generally come with installation instructions. You cannot run applications for MS windows on Linux. However, there are Linux emulators or applications that

hundreds of companies and individuals to release their own operating systems based on the Linux system. These operating systems or formats are often referred to as Linux distributions. Each distribution has its own set of features and functionality that makes it unique. While Linux is generally considered free­ware and people associate that with no cost, that is not always the case. Some distributions are available for download for free and others are available on CD or floppy disk and have a small charge associated with them. You can find a list of distributions at and a list of applications at Because if the adaptability of Linux it has

be difficult to work with or that it will be difficult to find software that will run on Linux however Linux is a very standard operating system, compatible with just about any software you need. Beyond being a standard operating system, Linux supports open source software which makes it a very economical operating system, especially if you program your own software. It offers many free or low cost applications which include, basic desktop applications like web browsers, email programs, word processing programs, spreadsheets, graphics programs, and file managers. Linux can easily operate as a central server for your business. With Linux, you can serve your own web pages up for public consumption and handle your own email.

soon and when bugs are found in the system, a developer are quickly on the job and often times a solution is offered within a matter of hours, not months or years like many other operating systems. Linux is also fast and can handle a number of tasks at the same time. Linux also claims to be one of the most secure operating systems isn’t plagued with the viruses that other operating systems generally deal with. Linux is free from having to upgrade it or deal with proprietary file formats and licensing fees. You don’t have to register it due to its open source format. You can have both Linux and windows on your

enable you to run some windows applications on your Linux system. They operate like a translator. Some of these

‘translation or emulator’ products are free and others are available for a price. Linux is not able to run some advanced financial applications or reproduce some proprietary multimedia formats. Tips and Advice: Choose a popular distribution has a large developer community. A large developer community means that you’ll find the programs that you need easily and you will be able to install them with the same ease. The more well­known distributions have prepared programs in ‘packages’ that are easy to install. On top of this, there are tools designed especially for a particular distribution to manage these packages to make sure that programs run correctly right away. The website maintains a comprehensive list of the most popular distributions. Get the latest version of your chosen distribution. The newer the Linux distribution version, the better the hardware support. The number of glitches you’ll get in the installation process decreases with the newness of the version of Linux you choose. Consider paying for your Linux distribution. It is true that you can get a full­featured Linux operating system free of charge by downloading it from any number of sources. This is an excellent alternative to an operating system like Windows, which either comes pre­loaded with a newly purchased computer (which gets figured into the cost), is bought separately or copied ‘illegally’. In most people’s experience, the popular Linux distributions are easy to install. However, if you do run into some glitch (normally hardware related), you may have a frustrating experience. Although there are a number of excellent Linux support forums out there, personalized advice on your particular problem may be hard to find. Use an appropriate computer. if you want to use Linux to do the same things that you would with Windows XP or Mac OS X, then you’ll need the newest computer you can get your hands on. Avoiding ‘elite’ video cards and new, exotic hardware will also work in your favor because you won’t have to deal with hardware support which may be inferior to hardware support from other operating systems. Bottom Line: Linux is a fantastic and powerful operating system that can handle most or all of your operating needs. It is secure, fast, reliable, and generally extremely cost effective. When purchased or obtained through a reliable distributor and installed and configured correctly there are virtually no drawbacks to running Linux. Additionally, you don’t have to give up your windows if you don’t want to.

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By Ethel Martin­Miller

Important Stuff It’s Good To Know About The Art of Rationalization Back in my old life…the one before the divorce…I was going on and on about all the reasons why it did not make any sense to get a divorce. By my calculations, at that time, my married life was at least 85 percent positive. That only left 15% that needed improvement. My husband was a good provider, he came home every night, and he didn’t beat me. Every weekend he worked in the yard and kept all the sprinklers working. He didn’t get drunk. He didn’t lazy around. He was really quite a good guy. I even loved him. I felt I had made a good choice, and by golly, I was going to stick with it! This was a conversation that seemed to be taking place more and more frequently. Eventually, one day, my friend interrupted me and said “Oh, you just rationalize everything, so you can be happy!” Well, DUH? I looked at him and replied “And this is a problem…WHY?”

Over the years that conversation has played over and over in my head because he was absolutely correct. All my life I’ve put a great deal of effort into perfecting the “Art of Rationalization So I Could Be Happy”. I believe I am the Queen of Rationalization and it’s something I have become immensely proud of. After all, I managed to stay close to 85% happily married until my kids were almost grown! If I was going to stay married, what’s wrong with being as happy as possible? What could be wrong with rationalizing something IF, once we perfect that particular rationalization, we end up HAPPY? I think rationalization gets a bad rap. I don’t care what the dictionary definitions say…any word that starts with RATIONAL cannot be all bad. I’m suggesting that in a situation where we have a choice to either think the best or the worst, we are

more likely to end up happy, when we choose to think the best. For instance, the next time you feel a store clerk is treating you rudely, consider for a moment that their behavior likely has noting to do with you. “Rationalize” that they must just be having a bad day. (You didn’t poke them in the eye, did you?) Other people’s behavior usually has nothing to do with us. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Try it out on family members too! Sometimes we can rationalize our way to happiness! May the rest of your life be the best of your life! FREE email consultation. Decision making techniques, designed to help YOU make your OWN Good Life Choices. Everything in life is a choice, sometimes it helps to have a coach. Send Email to LIFE COACHING is a forward looking, positive approach, which includes easily learned

Don’t let this economy get you down! Many people are unemployed today and that has made life miserable, because the obligation to pay bills has stopped. But I want to encourage you since almost everyone has something they can do to earn money to help make up what they have lost. First, pull yourself up and start looking for a job. Keep your faith in yourself; don’t let anyone or any job take away that faith. Second, don’t just look for a job once a week. Look everyday. Looking for a job should become your job. I can remember some years ago when I looked for employment. I put so many applications out there that when they started calling me I didn’t know which one I wanted to take. I also remember years ago when I was not able to get a response from my efforts. I didn’t let that get me down; I looked at all the experience and talent that I had and I said to myself, “I can sew, I love arts and crafts, I play the piano, I love kids, and I am not lazy.” This was in the 80’s, and I made good income using what I had. I started a home based business called “The Art N Me”. My point is, while looking for employment use what experiences or

talent you already have. There are many people that have no computer knowledge, especially older people and would love to learn the computer, Internet, and don’t forget Face Book. If you have patience to teach, go for it. If you know how to build websites, there are many small businesses that need them. If you have the Yellow Page, call small businesses and asked if they need a website. If you are good with the computer, turn your knowledge and experience into a business. If you are good with arts and crafts, start making what you are good at and go to the swap meets or vendor your products at different events. If you love children, make yourself available for babysitting within your family, friends, and neighborhood. I know many of you have a talent to draw; put it to use. I don’t want to forget about all the wonderful cooks or chefs out there. What a wonderful service to provide! The list is endless of businesses that you can start. You can start a home­based business with the knowledge and experience you have. Every county has information available to people desiring to start a business. Do some research on starting your own business because it might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

MILLION MOTHER’S MARCH KENNEDY AUSTIN WELLNESS FOUNDATION (Million Mother’s Memorable Celebrating Life March-a-Thon)

Saturday, May 21, 2011 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM 2.0 mile March from Pomona Civic Center, to Ganesha Park. (1575 N. White Ave. Pomona, California)

Balloon send off

Join our 5th annual march as we take back our Children, This annual March is dedicated to Mother’s who have lost children, and close family members, all women and men are welcome to participate. This is a call to mothers, expecting mothers, adopted mothers, bereaved mothers, mother’s with HIV, Mother’s who aborted children, fathers, children, and ALL with a voice to be heard. March into positive new beginnings as we cry out for the lives, well-being, and strength of our families. For more Information or to give a donation contact Ethel Gardner at (714-471-2300) or Check website ( Vendors Welcome

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May 2011


Business Cards; Useful or Worthless?

By Klaudh Galessami Business cards are everywhere, especially in professional circles but did you know that this small piece of card might be the key to networking successfully and promoting your business? This little 3 ½ by 2 inch piece of cardboard should be the

answer to all your networking needs. The importance of business cards Business cards are one of the most fundamental advertising and marketing products you can have for your business. Glance around the room at any professional function you attend and you will see people

By Linda Devis

Below are important key ingredients of Organizational Culture: It focuses attention on the human side of organizational life, and finds significance and learning in even its most ordinary aspects. It clarifies the importance of creating appropriate systems of shared meaning to help people work together toward desired outcomes. It requires members especially leaders, to acknowledge the impact of their behavior on the organization's culture. It encourages the view that the perceived relationship between an organization and its environment is also affected by the organization's basic assumptions. Organizational culture is possibly the most critical factor determining an organization's capacity, effectiveness, and longevity. It also contributes significantly to the organization's brand image and brand promise. Organizational Culture creates energy and momentum. The energy will permeate the organization and create a new momentum for success. The above­mentioned relevance of organizational culture supports the proposition that, in this competitive and globalized corporate scenario, there is huge need of organizational development strategy at various workforce departments, as this can improve the company's culture. Thus, to fulfill organizations development needs, Organizational Culture Center is the better option! With its outstanding services, OCC provides meaningful responses to the company's wants, needs and

exchanging business cards. Visit professional institutions and organizations and the majority of staff members will have a business card to provide you. Why, I hear you ask? Because business cards contain all the necessary and fundamental info about your business in one convenient package; name, position, telephone number, email, website, fax number, company – it's all there for the receiver. Why you need a business card If you want a successful business, no matter what it is you do, a business card is a must. Think about how many business cards you have seen and collected over the years. From customer service attendants to electricians, to bank managers to party planners – anyone who is sincere about their business has a business card. Why? They're easy and small. Which would you favour to

receive – a large flier or brochure will every bit of information about the person you are networking with or a small, handy card that tells you the fundamental things you need to know. Business cards put the info straight into your hand. There's no need to search for the name or telephone number or email address. Everything you need is at your fingertips. But importantly and conveniently, business cards are easy to carry and pass out to potential customers or clients. How to use your business card One of the finest things about business cards is that you can provide them out to anyone, anywhere, anytime. And these days they are very cheap to produce, whether you do it yourself or seek the services of a professional printer. For your business card to be a success, you

values. Its services range from Workshop, Speaking to Consulting and Coaching. OCC, Workshop and Speaking service teach cultural enhancement programs to the attendees to improve their cultural effectiveness. It educates current and emerging leaders on issues related to organizational culture. Besides, its associates work parallel with leaders at every level of the organization by engaging and training them to understand workplace culture and to assume their responsibilities as the cultural leaders of their own

individual subcultures. Organizational Culture Center's thirty years of experience of building culture, combined with VisionLink process, provides a complete guideline of six critical elements of workplace cultural effectiveness with the power of strategic mapping and the balanced scorecard. This proven and highly effective leadership concept brings about a direct linkage between the activities and measurements of every associate at every level of the organization with the vision and strategy of the enterprise as a whole.

need to carry a few with you at all times. You never know when you'll meet a potential client or the friend of a potential client. Whether you're at a dinner party, the gym, the deli or a professional function, a business card lets you to hand over the necessary info about your business to your potential client. It's an easy way to network and promote yourself and your business. Opportunity is everything when it comes to networking. And in today's society you truly don't know when that opportunity might arise. If you are sincere about your business, get yourself a few business cards. There are numerous packages out in the market to do­it­yourself and by keeping them handy whenever you leave the house or office, you'll be ready when that stranger asks "So what do you do?"

Organizational Culture and Its Importance The contemporary definition of Organizational Culture includes what is valued; the leadership style, the language and symbols, the procedures and routines, and the definitions of success that characterizes an organization. It is a specific collection of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organization and that control the way they interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the organization. Here, organizational values are beliefs and ideas, about, what kinds of goals members of an organization should pursue and the appropriate kinds or standards of behavior organizational members should use to achieve these goals. From organizational values develops organizational norms, guidelines or expectations that prescribe appropriate kinds of behavior by employees in particular situations and control the behavior of organizational members towards one another. In the past 25 years, the concept of organizational culture has gained wide acceptance as a way to understand human systems. From an open system perspective, each aspect of organizational culture can be seen as an important environmental condition affecting the system and its subsystem. Increased competition, globalization, mergers, acquisitions, alliances, and various workforce departments have created a greater need for organizational culture. Thus, it has become an important pattern for the organization's development.

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May 2011


Nursing Cover Letter: Guides Nurses To Standout And Get The Job By Mario Churchill

listed in the advertisement, make a call to the organization to ask who One of the most sought after jobs will be the addressee of your letter. today are related to medical Moreover, the employer will first professions such as nurses. However, meet you in your cover letter together it is a fact that competitions are so tight. So, to standout among the rest, nurses are advised to write a good nursing cover letter when applying for a nursing post. Remember, every time you are passing your resume; make sure that it is accompanied with a good cover letter. The cover letter will help the employer to focus on reading your credentials. It will give you the opportunity to explain the reasons why you are applying for that position. Likewise, it must also indicate your interests in their organization. The cover letter should target specific aspects in your resume that will correspond to the employer's specific needs. It is important that you are knowledgeable about the person and the organization. In this manner, you will be able to focus on the things that will give genuine interests to the employer. It is a with your resume. It is advisable topri mortal sin when writing a cover nt it on a high quality bond paper which just addresses "Dear Sir" or using the standard business format. "Dear Madame". Address your letter Always check for grammatical errors to a specific person. In case it was not and misspelled words. Make sure that

you use the same paper in printing both your resume and cover letter. There are four main areas of a nursing cover letter that should be given an adequate attention by

nurses. 1.Introduction. It explains the reasons why you are applying for the position. Be specific. The organization and the position should

be always mentioned. State how or where you learned about the job opening. Never forget to write about your present status. Take for instance; you are going to finish your masteral degree in nursing and you learned about the hiring. The introduction should say something about considering your application. If you learned the hiring from a friend or acquaintance, then mention his or her name. 2.Highlighting your educational background and work­ related experiences. It should stress your potential that will make you qualified for the applied position. Never repeat what is written in your resume. Just select the aspects that will interest your employer. Give direct emphasis on important medical and professional accomplishments. Mention your strengths and

acquired skills related to the position. Also include the time when you have work, important promotions, specific responsibilities, and what have you contributed in the institutions you have worked for. 3.Briefly explain the reasons which tackle about your interests in the applied position, organization, and qualifications. It is very important to an employer that he will read something about your enthusiasm in applying for a certain nursing position and why you chose their medical institution. You should put much weight on the things that you can offer to your employer and his organization rather than what you could obtain from him as an employee. 4.Structuring your final paragraph. You should mention how you are going to make follow­ups. Indicate your eagerness for an interview. If possible maintain your control over the matter. Take your initiative by making phone calls so that you could be scheduled for an interview, just be polite about it. Nurses should allow their personalities to come out in their cover letters. Make it creative but never jeopardize professional presentation of the qualifications.

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By Vivian Lee


May 2011

Pray, No Time To Loose Hard, Pray

These past few months has revealed devastation's such as never been seen. Today’s technology allows us to see the destructions of an earthquake and tsunami in Japan as it was occurring. These frightening scenes will forever be etched in our minds. The agony that we all feel for their great loss, moving us to prepare ourselves spiritually and naturally. Luke 18:1 give the mandate “Men ought always pray and not loose heart (faint, quit, stop). We must continue

to pray earnestly for our world in our special place of prayer. I’m reminded of Jesus, who had the weight of the world on His shoulders. He had a need for going into His quiet place to pray; in the Garden for which He had often gone alone to pray, I imagine it possibly, a quiet, pleasant, peaceful place, beautiful flowers and trees. That day in the garden He was experiencing a much greater weight, Its not the regular time of prayer as usual. This Garden was called Gethsemane which means “Oil Press:, an enclosed olive

orchard which includes a press for crushing oil from olives. In His humanity he was feeling the pressures of what was to come. Scripture records He took three of His close friends to pray and wait with Him in prayer. We must remember that friends can only go so far in our most critical times of crises. After the third encounter of their inability to be consistent with Him in prayer. Luke 22:43­45 records an angel appeared to Him from heaven, strengthening Him. Being in agony He prayed more earnestly, His sweat

became great drops of blood falling to the ground. oday we are experiencing difficulties from all directions, homes, families , uncontrolled lives of our children and their safety and loss of jobs. These are times that demands our earnest and fervent prayers for empowerment to stand the pressures and to stand in the gap praying for revival and restoration. Jesus prayed until He made contact with heaven. Pushing past all human insecurities to reach His father in Heaven to which He

possessed an unconditional Father, son relationships. He left the garden being assure that all is well, He had overcame the world and it complexities. This tells us that we too can overcome life’s tribulations through our earnest prayer. For this reason “men should always pray and not faint, or loose heart or hope. God’s purpose in our lives will be accomplished by the preparation of the heart by the Holy Spirit.

Open Arms Make A Difference

By Geraldine Reaves

I grew up in South Carolina. In order to provide for the family my mother and father decided that they needed to go to Florida where there was work. I was about 11 years old when they left me with my grandmother. Many times we cried because we missed our parents or other times because we had to go to bed hungry and cold. When my parents finally returned they planted a garden and it produced an abundance of food. As a family we would go out and give food to people round us who were in less fortunate. We would have cookouts and invite people. If they were not able to come we would still take them a meal. We know how it feels to lose everything, to struggle, to be hungry and cold. These experiences have always stuck with me. Helping people became a passion for me. As a child we always looked for ways to help other people. If we could not help them we would find someone who could. There is so much joy in being able to give someone something or help others who need it. As a foster parent, this was one way to help people. At the beginning we really did not know how to handle all the needs of the children. Many classes were taken; I was determined to get it right! At first the children would sneak food and take it to bed

with them, over time we gained their trust and they saw that I cared for them so they did not need to sneak anymore. As a foster parent for about 35 years, over the years we adopted some of the children. Another job that made me feel more compassionate towards people was that of a caretaker in an elderly care facility. The elderly people captured my heart. I noticed some of the other employees were very unkind. This gave me the opportunity to show them kindness and make sure they were cared for in a loving way. Currently, working as an outreach coordinator for a mentor program has brought much joy to me helping change the lives of young people. This program matches children with incarcerated parents with a mentor. The mentor would provide moral support for the children and a positive role model to help redirect children and give them a better chance on life. Having the chance to set up events to raise awareness and to recruit volunteers to become mentors in the program helped the program grow and opened up new opportunities for the program to help others. It really is a privilege to be a part of the program such as this one. Throughout my life it has been a struggle, and I have seen others struggle. While working as an outreach coordinator, finding out how

many parents went to prison as a result of trying to provide for their families, but going about it the wrong way touched my heart. Then the children are left behind to overcome unfortunate circumstances. My dream for Open Arms Make A Difference program is to help those in our community who are in need, and

those who are willing to accept our help and make a difference in someones life. We provide to tools and encouragement to those in need to help them progress in a independent lifestyle. We will achieve our mission by reaching out to the community through donations, holding

fundraisers and applying for grants. Will you help us? “If we can change one life today together we can change the world” Contact Geraldine Reaves at 5196 Benito Street Ste 12 Montclair, California 91763 or call (909) 781­4617

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The American Cancer Society Encourages All California Communities to Take Action to Save Opportunities to Volunteer while Providing Free Information and Services to all Californians in Need

By Sheri D. Neely

LOS ANGELES –The American Cancer Society invites all communities to join in creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays. The Society wants to help diverse communities reduce the impact of cancer by providing free resources, information and support services; funding groundbreaking research; and fighting back through public policy and community mobilization. Resources such as 1.800.227.2345, a 24­hour, multilingual, toll­free number is answered by Cancer Information Specialists, can help answer any question about cancer and provide information and referral to resources for free or low cost cancer screenings. Multicultural populations throughout California and across the country can access services provided by the American Cancer Society to assist those who have been diagnosed with cancer, such as free transportation to and from treatment, counseling groups, and free lodging for patients who have to travel far distances to receive treatment. “The American Cancer Society wants to empower all communities in the fight against cancer by providing information that

can help prevent cancer,” American Cancer Society volunteer Felix Aguilar, MD, said. “We encourage all Californians to join the American Cancer Society and make changes that will benefit them in the long run and save lives, including regularly scheduled screenings, eating healthy meals and exercising frequently. We also want California’s diverse communities to know that we have resources available to them if they are facing a cancer diagnosis.” Nearly two­thirds of all cancer deaths can be prevented through regularly scheduled screenings, healthy eating, regular physical activity and quitting tobacco use. However, multicultural populations continue to have lower screening rates; report less than the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity on five or more days per week; and eat fewer fruits, vegetables and whole grains. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, ethnically diverse populations constitute nearly 60% of the state’s population, making California one of the most multicultural states in the country. The Society would like to raise awareness of cancer prevention and early detection among these many communities that are the face of California. In 2011, approximately 144,035

Californians will be diagnosed with cancer. Of every four deaths in California, one is from cancer – the second leading cause of death. Now more than ever, volunteers are needed to save lives and create a world with more birthdays. The American Cancer Society offers many ways to volunteer through multiple events, programs and advocacy efforts including: Relay For Life®, a 24­hour

community event to raise awareness and funds for the local fight against cancer; Making Strides Against Breast Cancer®, a 3­5K community walk to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer; free support programs where dedicated Society volunteers provide direct assistance and service to cancer patients and caregivers; and legislative advocacy where the Society’s advocacy affiliate, the American Cancer Society Cancer

Action Network, has a grassroots volunteer network of hundreds of thousands of volunteers who successfully work to fight against cancer and send strong messages to lawmakers about issues that matter to people touched by cancer. For more information on how to join the estimated 300,000 Californians who volunteer with the American Cancer Society or for free information or to request support services, go to

A Burning Headache And Some Of Its Causes By Anne Marier Many people suffer from this common nuisance called burning headache every day, in some cases which can even last for days. Burning headache is not a medically recognized term if you were to look around in medical journals and clinical documents, but it's pretty much commonly used. There are many different causes of burning headache, and different people have different parts of the head which aches. Besides, there are also many different causes of this headache, some of which we will be looking at today. Different Parts of the Head In many instances, burning headache is related to sinusitis. In that case, the pain is usually on the frontal part of the head, on the forehead, upper cheeks, and sometimes can even travel around the whole face. In other cases, this burning headache can be caused by fever. In this, the pain is usually on both sides of the forehead, which are the weakest points of sensitivity in our head. Causes As we have already known, the common reasons for burning headache would be fever, flu, and sinusitis. In these cases, the pain is constant, and can be stinging and tingling, and not to mention burning. It can originate from any side of the head, but usually after a while it will travel to other areas as well. Some people tend to

get thrusts of extreme pains. Although medically there is no proof as to what causes this sudden uprising in the burning headache symptoms, it is believed to be caused by pulsating nerves due to tension. Burning headache can also be caused by certain other reasons besides the above listed. These are more serious cases such as tumors or growth in the head. In such cases, the pain is not constant like the ones listed above, but comes on and off. The pain is usually violent, far stronger than the ones you get for fever, and not to forget; it pulsates often. It is also believed that toxins and chemicals can also cause acute or burning headache. This is pretty common to many people, especially those who are not so favorable of newly painted houses, chemical labs, and so on. On top of these, even certain edible toxins and foods can cause burning headache, such as alcohol, caffeine, and so on. Alcohol and caffeine especially, are believed to be causes of many serious headaches that can cause the whole head to ache severely, with the nerves being extremely tensed. About the Author Ann Marier has written articles on general health issues providing helpful tips and advice. Read all about her latest articles on types of headache and how to stop headaches

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May 2011

Youth Poster Contest Winners Announced Students Receive $100 Savings Bond for Creativity and Understanding of Financial Concepts By Sheri Stuart Riverside, CA ­ April 26, 2011 –Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management is pleased to announce the winners of its fifth annual “Be Money Wise” Youth Financial Literacy Poster Contest. Understanding that an early start to financial education is fundamental to raising money wise children, Springboard offers students from 3rd through 12th grade an opportunity to participate in a nationwide poster contest. The theme of this year’s annual youth poster contest was “Be a Super Hero – Save Money”. The annual contest offers an excellent opportunity to work with and educate teachers, students and parents on the importance of wise money management. For students, it is a wonderful opportunity to express their creativity along with their knowledge and understanding of money management that will follow

contest winners: 9th grade student Sarah Castro of Etiwanda High, Fontana 6th grade student Michelle Mejia of Village Elementary, Victorville 4th grade student Romel Bragg of Village Elementary, Victorville Twelfth grade student Simote L. Vave, Jr. of Summit High School in Fontana was the recipient of this year’s Chairman Award. The winning entries may be viewed by visiting Springboard’s website and clicking on the following link, allery/10PosterContest. Serving the community as Springboard’s Youth Financial Literacy Poster Contest distinguished panel of judges were: Raúl Bustillos, Bank of America Marcelino Serna, San Bernardino City Unified School District Suzie Arthur, US Bank Michael Castillejos, US Bank

Edward Diggins, Summit Branch Library, Fontana Lizette Navarette, Mayor’s Office, City of Riverside Juan Garcia, La Prensa Maribel Macias, Community Action Partnership Hon. Mitchel R. Goldberg, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Central District of CA (ret.) Springboard is encouraged to empower students with the knowledge they need to make good decisions about money management, saving, and budgeting, as these are critical to helping them build secure financial futures. “Springboard’s 2010 Youth Poster Contest winners serve as examples to their peers about the importance of financial education,” said Opperman.

average class member's claim. interests of all plaintiffs belonging to any action to join a class action Adequacy – The plaintiffs chosen to the class. lawsuit. If you qualify as part of the represent the entire class must be Joining a Class Action Lawsuit class action, you will automatically be included in the lawsuit unless you opt out. If you decided to opt out, then you have the right to pursue your own claim against the defendant. If you choose to join the class action, you will forfeit your right to pursue separate legal action, and you may be bound by the terms of the verdict or settlement agreement.

in the class informing them of the legal action being taken as well as any actions they must take in order to participate or opt out. Damages in a Class Action Lawsuit There are two types of damages awarded in class action lawsuits – punitive and compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are awarded to address the injuries suffered by the plaintiffs. This may include: Property damage Medical bills Loss of life Pain and suffering Punitive damages are assessed to punish the defendant for actions that demonstrate a gross disregard for the health, safety, and emotional well being of the injured victims. Punitive damages are also assessed when the defendant knowingly committed illegal acts which resulted in an injury to the plaintiff class. The compensation will not necessary be distributed equally to all members of the plaintiff class. It may be apportioned according to the amount of damage suffered by each class member.

them through adulthood. “We’re extremely proud of all the students that participated in this year’s contest,” said Melinda Opperman, Springboard’s senior vice president of community outreach and industry relations. “Teaching children financial concepts such as budgeting, saving for a rainy day and using credit wisely are important lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime,” said Opperman. The purpose of the contest is to introduce young people to the concept of financial literacy, and allow them to express their understanding of it through art. Springboard received more than 115 entries this year from students enrolled in schools in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. A panel of community stakeholders representing financial institutions, the public school system and local media selected one winner from each

of the three grade specific categories. Posters were judged on expression of theme, artwork, style, content and overall creativity. The winning grade­specific entries were sent to be judged at the national level by the National Foundation for Consumer Credit Counseling. Additionally, Springboard recognized one standout entry as its Chairman’s Award winner. As April is officially recognized in the United States as National Financial Literacy Month, Springboard’s Youth Financial Literacy Poster Contest winners were recognized at a luncheon held in their honor at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside. Each winner was awarded a trophy, certificate of achievement and $100 savings bond, and was recognized by Springboard CEO and President Todd Emerson, who presided over the awards luncheon. Springboard congratulates this year’s

What Constitutes a Class Action Lawsuit

By Sara Goldstein A class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of a large group of people who have all been injured as a result of the actions or negligence of the defendant. Generally, a small group of the class will file the lawsuit and serve as representatives for the entire class during any proceedings. Damages awarded in a class action lawsuit will be used to compensate all members of the class for any injuries suffered. Criteria to Receive Class Action Status The following criteria must be met in order for a claim to move forward as a class action lawsuit: Numerosity – There is a large number of people who have suffered similar injuries due to the actions of the defendant, making the handling of these claims more efficient as one lawsuit than as many. Commonality – The claims all possess common factual issues and questions of law. Typicality – The plaintiffs chosen to represent the entire class must have claims that are reflective of the






When the class action lawsuit is initiated, a You will generally not have to take notice will be sent to all individuals



May 2011

H el p f u l T i p s F o r E v er y d a y L i v i n g : - )

Escaping The 'rut' By Roy Stuart Heeley

In my previous article I mentioned that “Thoughts become Things” and in order for you to get the things that you really want and desire you need to make sure that there is little or no contamination of your subconscious. Well that is easier said than done, as we all have baggage in our subcon­ scious minds to some extent. The thing is we need to make a definite decision to clean up our mental act. If we don’t we are constantly attracting things that we don’t want. Thoughts become things whether those things are positive or not. So in order to achieve our goals and attain that which we desire we have to make sure that anything that might keep us back is eliminated. One of the things keeping you back from within your subconscious might be “Life Sentences”, as written about in my recent book “Freeing Your Mind!” If you have not read the book as yet, and still have no idea what a “Life Sentence” is I will give you the exact wording that I used in the book to explain the concept:“Life Sentences are sentences that you have heard or thought, and accepted as truth. It can be any sentence, a cliché, it could be something that was said frequently to you by your parents for example, or a once­off sentence spoken to you or by you or even only thought by you. You said it, or heard it and accepted it as truth in your life”. These Life Sentences as the book explains keep us in bondage from achieving all that we want to

How To Get Out Of That Funk

achieve, subconsciously often attracts negative elements into our lives and prevents us from reaching our goals. In actual fact they often keep you from even setting your goals in the first place. The trick is first to start seeing the possibilities of these negative elements or “Life Sentences” in your subconscious. That’s really what this blog and my daily motivational and Power Lists are about. You see although each of us is unique in our own way, our minds work very much the same and in that way you are absolutely no different from me or anyone. One tends to look at people who succeed or achieve great things with some kind of awe. You might think they must have done something special, that they are more deserving than you, had more opportunities or we attribute some other misguided perceptions to them. You are not alone in that type of reasoning and that’s the problem. The vast majority of the world thinks like that and that’s simply not true. We somehow think that we are not worthy, and that we were destined to live average lives. In these blog articles I often talk about getting out of the “rut” and I thought perhaps I should clarify what a “rut” is. Well you are in a rut if you do the same (similar) thing every day, not because you are happy, but because you did it yesterday, the day before, and the day before that and because other people as well as yourself have come to expect it of you. You also do it because it feels easier to just keep

doing what you are doing than any possible alternative. You don’t necessarily have to be unhappy (although many people are) but you are not really over the moon either. Getting out of the rut does not necessarily mean a complete change of lifestyle. You could still be doing the majority of what you are doing now, you would be just be doing it for the right reasons and you could add some spark and some enthusiasm and some peace of mind to the mix. You have all you need to be great right there within you! All it takes initially is for you to make that decision. It’s almost like saying that you must peer through the mind numbing clouds of average, lift your focus above the foggy fetters of mediocrity and glimpse the bright shiny diamond of hope. I am offering to you, right here and now, a hand up. Imagine you are in a deep ditch and I am reaching down offering you a hand to pull you up out of it. You have been keeping an eye out for that hand otherwise you would not have been reading this. So reach up in your mind’s­eye right now as I am reaching down in my own mind to you! Grab hold of my hand and I will pull you out of that rut! Say out loud; “I can do this! I will do this! I owe it to myself to do this.” Stand up walk around a bit. Breathe in deeply, and feel the energy, the rush and waves of a new beginning come over you. And that is the start! You are on the brink of success. Is there some hard work to do? Sure! Are there some habits to break? No

doubt! But the decision is made – average is not an option anymore! The next step is to start working on your self­image, as often this is the reason we got stuck in the rut in the first place. I have mentioned this in prior articles as well. A good way of doing this is by getting a journal! You might think that writing stuff down is stupid, or not necessary but in actual fact writing things down in black and white (same as with goals) helps you to understand and visualise any problems you need to overcome, it helps to imprint positive images in your mind and it also helps you to track and see your own self­growth. I personally use an A4 hardcover school exercise book, but don’t specifically wait till you have one of those. Open up a page in your MSWord or even Notepad or find a piece of black paper. Put a big heading on one page stating “I will overcome ...” and write down some of the things you are struggling with in your own mind about yourself underneath it so that you will know and acknowledge the fact that they are things that need to be dealt with and know that soon you will have conquered them. There is much truth in the old saying "face your fears". Open another page by writing down some positive things about yourself. “I am alive” “I am able to write” “I can think” “I deserve to succeed”. This is only the start of building a good self­image. You also need to start reading and listening to good stuff. In a way feed your mind some “good food”. After all

we are what we eat, and the same goes for our minds. Clutter it up and stuff your mind with junk food and negativity and negative thoughts will fatten it up. My book “Freeing Your Mind” is an excellent easy read and a definite first step to helping you on your new course of action. It will also help you to lose some “mind weight” by targeting some of those negative elements in your subconscious to help rid you of them. I will revisit “Life Sentences” in the next article to tell you a bit more about it but if you can’t wait for the next article or if you want the full picture behind it as the blog articles will only touch on the basics anyway due to the length, then buy the book and get out of your rut today. Also this blog contains some good filler material, so read back into prior articles or search the internet for related material. There is plenty of other stuff to support you out there. Sign up for my daily motivation, if you need a little support and encouragement every day. Write to me and tell me of your decision and your plans. I would love to hear from you. You can do this and I will be glad to help! Remember Henry Ford’s saying: “If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right". I think you can and now you need to think and know you can too ... all that’s left is that you are now going to think you can also!

Educators must change in order to teach and help our children to learn, provide them with skills and protect them from harm. Everyone will need to learn new techniques which will help children assimilate,

control mean choices. Let’s take an example of a two year old. It is very difficult to force a child to eat, especially a two year old. If we try to threaten, cajole or force, meal time becomes difficult, a trying experience

week, Davis posits that children will choose healthy, nourishing foods. Our bodies have an uncanny way of knowing what is good for us, if we but listen. As the child develops self control and is able to make choices,

accommodate, and adapt to a new and different world. Part of this change is to rediscover values that are everlasting which will help us deal with ethnological advances that are rapidly developing. As children grow they learn what events they can control. Control does not mean manipulation in this case

for both parents and child and a power battle will probably ensure. The foundation becomes set for meal time stress and perhaps a life time of problems eating. If a two year old can make choices of when, what, and how much is eaten, self control is being explored. If presented with a balanced diet over a period of one

in order to control the events concerning food in his/her life the child gains control over the environment which leads to self discipline. The opposite of self­ discipline is self­indulgence. The child thus is conditioned to pursue self­discipline or become indulgent. Individual conditioning

does make a difference. Adults may condition children without adequately weighing the consequences. Such conditioning becomes a habit; is internalized, and unless the habit critically examined and evaluate may last a life­time. The variables include how emotional the experience was and the parent’s choice of reinforcer. When I was in graduate school I met a woman in her early forties. I Noticed that in every class session, she would take off her coat and fold it in the same manner and then place it on a chair. In one class session we were discussing Montessori Education and she said that when she had attended a Montessori school at a very early age. One of the lessons that stuck by her was how she was taught to fold her coat. If she wore a coat and took it off unless she folded it the exact same way she learned at this early age she became anxious. So she just chooses to follow the instructions and fold her coat that way. One basic assumption is that one way a child can learn how to love is to grow in a loving environment. The child needs at least one person who loves him/her unconditionally as best as possible. This means that the adult in the environment sets obtainable values and follow their precepts. These values must lead to a child’s feeling loving and being loved and that the child lives in a world that he/she can deal with, change when indicated and accept when necessary. There can be no love without rules that lead to an environment that nurtures everyone and brings peace.

Loving Yourself and the Importance of Identifying Obtainable Goals

By Jo Anna Payne­Jones Ph.D

Adults who live with children must learn and teach new techniques, ideas and use new activities which will help children cope with a new and different world. There are many questions that have to be asked and researched. “What knowledge should children have in order to survive in this technological century: How does TV, computers, I pods, game boys, Wii, calculators and all other electronic devices fit into the classroom? Perhaps, such devices are not conducive to education. How can early childhood education afford such innovations? Our children are our greatest resources, however without the world’s natural resources water, clean air, fertile ground for growing food, materials for shelter and means to clothe themselves they cannot survive. What kind of world will today’s children inherit? How can they lead a successful, productive happy life? What should be taught and what kind of experiences should we provide? Who should make the decisions as to what is to be taught? How can we use and integrate the technological revolution into the classroom? Meri Morgan­Smith wrote a Parenting book, Parenting through Rhyme. Dr Morgan­Smith maintains that there are three fundamental responsibilities for parents: 1. to teach, 2. to provide and 3. to protect. Morgan­Smith uses her own poems to emphasize the parenting process. She provides new insight into the job of parenting. If civilization is to survive in the new century, teachers and parents must develop the skills necessary to live in a changing society.

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In this months issue: Appreciation of Mothers for the month of May, Pros and Cons of using Linux for your business, Business Cards are they...

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